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Intel Highlights From “The Big Call” Tuesday Night 4-5-16, 6 APRIL

Intel Highlights From “The Big Call” Tuesday Night 4-5-16

PinkRoses:  Bruce call starting

Bruce call: Bruce: Numbers keep going up each call. Nice to have new listeners, welcome all of you.

Bruce call: Bruce: On the call tonight Kent, Sue, Bob, Robert (may not be on yet, hope to come in soon who will help with intel)

Bruce call: Praise reports, then prayer requests, then intro Bob, then to Robert and Bruce with intel, then Sue for how to be prepared, call an hour and half.

Bruce call: Robert: There has been some things that have needed to be done, those things coming to pass more and more everyday. I believe so wholeheartedly we are end of this ride and will see the end very shortly.

ruce call: Bruce: I know that we know people been called in and done exchanges today. We know certain things been done from China perspective, with currency some have traded these currencies with new rates. What I am hearing from certain bank sources very high percentage almost 100% this going down very shortly.

Bruce: Anything else could compromise us.

Bruce call: Q and A now

Bruce A: read 800 numbers going to come out in email, your thoughts? Bruce: I think 800 numbers going to come out I understand some in the community will get them. If we are allowed and suppose to put on website we will do that.

Bruce: WE heard of a post that 800 numbers come out then disappear not by the web. They want the community to have them but not go outside our community for us who have studied. They will not come from email from us. But private groups will do their own comminications by email and phone calls.

Bruce: What we are talking about that is larger designed for the internet group itself.

Bruce Q: Prosperity program? Bruce: WE do know that there are principles, donors, people that have people on their list to take care of. I understand all those prosperity packages have been delivered to those donors.
Bruce: they been delivered, and those guys send to beneficiary when that suppose to occur.

Robert: Agrees

Bruce A: Passport and DRs. license Bruce: those the two best ones for ID. A very good source of ID for you. Driv license next best source. Govt, student ID, sams card, etc. all help and work.

Bruce Q: I have someone given currency that is out of town, how do you advise that person go to the exchange process just become known of this.

Bruce: they will set own appt and exchange, they just new at it. If copy of gift letter take it with them, dont produce it unless asked for it. They go in, escorted in, a little bit of time before appt a brief overview maybe given to people.

Robert: Dont to anything unless you are asked for it. Bruce: Maybe they will ask a few questions. Just go and sit down with exchange person. Maybe new person go alone or go with the person who gifted. Bank people will be helpful whether they are new as a gift recipeient

Bruce Q: All 2008 AA Zim notes be accepted? Bruce: 2008 AA and 2008 AB good. All trillion, 6 zeros off, billion all good with 3 zeros off, million good and thousands with no zeros removed.

Bruce Q: how can early exchanges taken place if button not pushed yet?

Bruce: In a very real way they have pushed the button. They just havent released to US and few countries. Some have seen this, and some banks called in their clients to exchanged. You had to be an invitee at this stage.

Robert: It is a very slow roll out.

Robert: A certain status, each person doing it h as a certain status of financial ability. Bruce: where they already had a relationship with the bank, acknowledged by the bank and further continueous of that relationship

Bruce Q: Irrivacable trust and beneficiary both? BRuce: trust attorney question. My opinion, my general understanding most trust cases cant play both a trustee and beneficiary role. You pick one or the other. Set trust up accordingly. GEt with your trust attorney at time of exchange.

Bruce Q: how do we negotiate when we walk into our appt.

Bruce: You going to have some options, some ability to negotiate some rates. NOt talking about rates on call, talk around it.

Sue: You going to be walking in, in your possesion something very valuable, own that. Acting and standing there as a representative for humanitarian. You will sit down and know you have the power because you knew about this opportunity

Bruce: When you go in and acknowledge you have the power because of what you have learned over the years, you smile, bit excited that is okay. Let the person on other side of desk be your friend. You are partnering with them.

Bruce: SAy Mr Banker I have heard amazing things about these rates with these currencies. I understand some of the rates really amazing. What I plan to do and go into your plans to work with ministry, humanitary, veterans, jobs, etc.

Bruce: For me to accomplish those things i just said, I will need a rate that will help be do these plans. I wish to have the highest available rate so I can perform this plan.

Robert: be educated on the rates. they will give you what you ask for. You dont need plan in writing, but need plan in your head. The bank what you to know what you are talking bout.

Robert: Dress nice.

Bruce: Come in as dressed for Church or a wedding.

Bruce: Go in with good attitude, happy, smile. When I smile when i first meet someone I am treated completely differently.

Sue: If you project a positive attitude, it leads the other person into a positive state. Bruce: This is what we want to do. WE want to lead them into a positive experience with us. We light them up.

Robert: You are expecting these people to entrust you with these high rates, you better know what you are talking about when you go in there.

Bruce: WE cant indentify rates. If you have paid attention, guys, ask for what your heart tells you to ask for. You should be treated very fairly.

Robert: Do not take this blessing lightly. Do the right thing.

Bruce Q: Please advise what we should do when we get 800 numbers and have a group we have gifted that not paid attention. Should we go in first?

Bruce: Say you have gifted 20 people and got 800 numbers. You call and set your appt. Say you have 24 hours or bit longer before appt. Instead of going in and exchanging and then call them. Call them and give them number to call so they can set their appt.

Bruce: You go in at your time, and they go in at their time. Most likely you will sign an nda and then you have to talk them about all before you go in. If under nda you cant help them.

Bruce Q: The following posted by TAnk.... Tanks post...email will have a link to give you 800 numbers.......you will be able to email the numbers or text them to people who may have missed them. It maybe hard to get a screen shot, what you know about this?

Bruce: I have heard some truth to part of it, but not truth to all of that. This is coming from Tank who people have respect for. This is one we not know for sure you going to get email from currency dealers. I not really expecting that.

Bruce: I dont know if it benefits dealers to send you 800 numbers when you going to bank to exchange.

Bruce call: Bruce: We would put 800 numbers on our site under banking tab, click on it, see bank names and phone numbers 800 numers of each bank listed. no rates. If we get them we will post them.

Bruce CALL Bruce: It will occur, Kent will receive them at the bigcall.net Kent would give me a quick call that he got them. Then we would post them within minutes at that web site.
Bruce Q: They said last week this would go in hours, still not happened. how much closer we are now?

Bruce: 5 days closer. WE are very close, cant call it, not our job to call it. It is just not responsible for us to put out anything out except what we are hearing.

Bruce: It is a process Robert: It is a mechanical process. Bruce: It looks like we are at the end. WE expecting good info here shortly. WE apologize that we put anything out that it would happen and it didnt. now we see what happens.

Bruce Call Sue: Looks like you are in the runners ready pose.

Robert: Be ready so you not have to get ready.

Robert: A hard process, if cant deal with this process, put it in drawer and deal with it later.

Bruce call: Dong and Zim rates crazy in Canada as USA rates? Dong srates same as in Usa? Bruce: Dong rates close in Canada as USA, overall yes.

Bruce: Zim crazy rates, I think it be interesting, that could be very well similar as rates in CAnada as here in USA.

BruceQ: Why roll out change so many times, security? BRuce: The roll out has not changed. Robert: nothing changed. Bruce: we just dont have the entire plan. It is rolling out to a master plan. When it seems something to stop it. WE are in a roll out.

Robert: Problem is we only know 50% what is going on. That is part of the plan.

Bruce: Sue: WE forget this is a system. a finance, banking, security, diplomacy, worldwide system reboot.

Robert; 206 countries, biggest financial occurance in the world. Bruce: Becuase of those 206 0r 209 countries, alot of moving parts, it coming together. stay patient with it.

Bruce call: Sue: Emotionally we trying to tell everybody listening, like coming into a new shopping complex you cant see all being built, but we try to do to bring you it is very close. the shopping center is going to open, short time frame, close enough to know how things being built, you can trust us with this.

Bruce Q: still running to catch a banker game? Bruce: I dont knwo if they ever get over that. REcently bankers, traders, maybe more, security issues always concern. Robert: always finding someone hands in cookie jar.

Bruce: I think we at the end with that.

BruceQ: Bruce: I think the design of this have certain people in charge of it when they receive the opporutnity to take the charge it. the baton be passed to the us, the treasury to iraq, to china, back to us, banks ready, govts ready for most part, security issue ready, I think in hands of lead bank and someone in charge of security of whole process.

Robert: I would agree with you, perfect.

Bruce q and A done

Bruce call: Sue: I want to join all and say just like you each of us on the call we have dreams, I want to see it come to completion. Do your homework, in your life and energize by the RV. I get excited, then get centered.

Sue: I think being centered important. Stay energized

Bruce Call: Robert: Keep eye on ball, just remember we are so lucky to be part of this, chosen to be part of this. this is not about us. it is about saving the world. do the right thing.
Bruce call: Bob: I been enjoying the last two calls. about mindset, getting ready for biggest event of our lives.

Bruce call: Kent: Be ready, so you not have to get ready, dust off your plans, revise them with new info we have learned.   have script ready so you can confidently and boldy go in there and know what to say.

Bruce call: Bruce: It is a good idea to practice with family member role play getting ready to go into the bank. ONe be the banker and one exchanger. Practice and feel more comfortable when you go in there. It is going to be a cool process, 30 to 40 mins. tops.

Bruce: go in with a smile, still in control of emotions, in control of what you say. When you want to make a point, slow down a little bit. That is how I do it, slow it down. Enjoy experience, own it, do the right thing with the money as we have talked about. Future calls info will come, stay tuned. Appreciate your faithfulness.

Bruce: Kent taking call out in prayer.

Bruce call Ending.

The big call Bruce: Replay line: #605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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