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Intel Highlights From The Big Call Thursday Night 4-14-16, 15 APRIL

Intel Highlights From The Big Call Thursday Night 4-14-16

Artneto:  Bruce - welcoming everyone to Big Call. Prayers

Bruce - says that he has good news tonight! Kent, Sue and Robert are on the Big Call

Bruce - intel ...

Bruce call - Robert - his intel says that we are in the exact moment / end of the ride

Bruce / Robert - a lot happened yesterday that they cannot discuss. A lot of funds were moved into place. It's a huge number of funding from East to West

Bruce / Robert - GCR was announced late last night in Hong Kong! just a matter of follow through

Bruce ?Robert CL said today that USA is in best shape that it has ever been in and that all countries will RV by tomorrow - this happened on CNBC and other mainstream news

Bruce - Euroclear is where European markets trade and they are lined up and ready to go tomorrow

ruce - everything is lined and and ready to go! We are where we need to be

Bruce - Sue - we are close.

Bruce/Robert - said all that they need to say about the overview. We are right in the place where we need to be. Q&A time

BruceQ - now $50K IQD available. Is it better than ??? - Bruce - says not for us, it is for major transactions between banks and wealthy individuals.

Pinkroses:  Bruce intel: Everything I know, we are in the exact moment. A lot has occurred since yesterday. What Robert and I know, a lot of funds were moved into place so much so we cant even talk about it. A huge number. The funding that took place from east to west was incredible. The positioning now things can take place that couldn’t have before. Let just say it that way.

Bruce Intel: Announcements taken place. The GCR is itself was announced late last night in Hong Kong. It been announced just the matter of the follow through.

Bruce Intel: Christine Legard said today the US been in the best shape it ever been in. All countries must RV by tomorrow. This was announced on CNBC and other networks.

Bruce intel: I like that. Something to this the EuroClr (spelling wrong sorry) platform,

European markets trade legally, that is lined up and ready to go as early as tomorrow.

Bruce Intel: So guys what Robert and we talking about everything lining up for the final solution for this. The final things to take place for this to go.

Bruce Intel: . WE are exactly where we need to be. In a place where we right where we need to be. We are pulling in the station it seems like.


Artneto:  Bruce Q - Taxes? - Bruce - he has an opinion, but he cannot say what will/not happen. He heard that not a taxable event, but cannot say for sure. File an extension and wait for government to tell us for sure. That's NOT Bruce's advice, but what he will do personally. He is not telling people to follow his ways

BruceQ - what's difference between wealth manager vs. private banker - bruce - WM is the PB at Wells Fargo. Terms are interchangeable.

Bruce Q - Last night Robert said USPS form 120 at post office. He went to Post Office but they did not know about the form. Bruce A - Robert speaking - in certain areas they do not know. Have to go to major cities. Some may not recognize 120 form, just tell them what you want - I want POBox as a physical address

Bruce/Robert - allows post office to collect your packages, as well as mail - can do same at a Mail Box Etc., or UPS store, etc. Purpose is to avoid mail to come to your physical address, where you live. Tehn use this address on SS, DL, IRS, etc.

I really recommend JJ Luna's book on How to Be Invisible. I started the process years ago and keeps you off the internet –

BruceQ - dont' understand Q, sorry - Bruce A is that GCR was announcement late, last night in Hong Kong and CL made announcement about USA

BruceQ - group member leaving for DC for a week. If RV happens in this time, how to exchange Zim within 5 days. Should he bring all, or some? Concerned about confiscation at air port, plus he lives in Florida (no state income tax) BruceA - exchange in N. Virginia, not in DC, do not wait 10 days. IF flying, take currency in carry-on

BruceQ - china will no longer accept USD for Yuan -

Bruce A - Believes that money you have in bank digital is gold backed and you can have WM buy Yuan

BruceQ - if in group and sign NDA, can he then go with additional currency, outside group and sign a second NDA, which NDA do we follow?

BruceA - He does not know! But let banker know that you already exchanged with a group, and ask if he can still exchange with a contract rate. Bruce believes that this option may only be available for a few days, before contract rates are no longer an option. But don't get into conflicting NDA

BruceQ - CAller is concerned that no guru sites have posted all day. Wonders if they have 800# and not sharing with us!! - RobertA - Bruce nor Robert have 800#, cannot speak about others

Bruce says that good sign that everyone is quiet and indicates where we are. Nothing else to talk about. Time to perform

BruceQ - retired military, true believer, however, losing hope that it will ever happen. Tell me something to give me a light at end of tunnel. Robert A - if understand history, you know why it has taken a long time. Just hang on, we are at the end.

BruceA - events that happened in last 2 days have proven that we are at end. Especially the China announcement. NOt just about one country. This is a change in human history that will never happen again.

Bruce - history and prophesy that will never happen again.

Bruce says that he has intel that he cannot divulge on the call because it is sensitive. But all is good/positive that we are at the end.

Sue says that our brain wants to know how much longer - like a run. Fi coach says run, you want to know if you will be running a mile, or 2 miles. But with RV, we don't have that, so people lose hope

Robert says that nothing worth having is easy. Bruce says this is God led, God directed, and that has sustained his faith

Glodev: Everything is very positive for our timing right now. We have to be sensitive to the process.

 People need to feel comfort that we are very close

We have been entrusted to be part of this event. Have a plan; keep your eye on the ball.

Artneto:  Bruce, Sue Robert talking in general about keeping faith about RV

Glodev:  Bruce says: We are in the season…. Prepare to be ready mentally and emotionally
Call is ending –

Artneto:  Bruce Call - Yosef joined the call and is reading a poem

Clemsonfan:  Yosef....A spiritual transition from a 45 minute transaction....WOW

Bruce call ending with prayer

The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456

From more TNT Members :

AzGirl:  About 4 hours ago 9 BALL wrote: I just received this in an email from my Dr. friend that supposedly has high contacts. Text received last night came from IMF From Historic Bond Official: Last signature required from Banking side is done.

Chinese agree to all ---3:00AM text from Hong Kong GCR Announcement was given in Hong Kong -- it was confirmed--Announcement that RV has allready been made in China and Iraq Money moving from SE,Asia and Banks/Redemption Centers are ready and on stand by….. Lines up with Bruce

Pollysue:  I read that the China is talking about a GCR and should come out next Tues this was in the news

Glurenivwgtieark :  CL said on CNBC about the USA: "THE U.S. ECONOMY IS FARING BETTER​." This is what Bruce referred to.

No way US economy could fare b​etter unless a GCR/RV was in process now  imo



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