Friday, April 8, 2016

Full text of Blackeyedpea in Wingit Chat late Thursday night, 8 APRIL


Andy777:  Full text of Blackeyedpea in Wingit Chat late Thursday night:
 All I know is IF some exchanged WE ALL WILL EXCHANGE!

 NO sense in complaining..Ive told you all on more than one occasion you have NOT been waiting that long as far as when this reallly could have gone! 7-8 months tops


 By right we should have exchanged a few weeks ago!

 Put it like this! THEY HAVE TO BRING IT TO US..and when they do..WE WILL BE WAITING

 Q: BEP do u still feel that we will exchange this weekend?   YES!

Where are all these arrest we are hearing about? Did anyone see anything on the news?
 Q: BEP whales still exchanging or they are done?

I thought they were done..this week should have been our week from everything we were getting

 Q: BEP Have you heard intel of any of the larger groups in Reno?

HAvent heard

 Q: BEP- We heard a well respected intel provider has exchanged, did you hear that?
I heard that! I wonder whom? hmmmm

I was told 800s would be leaked out..I didnt have intel on some email.
I know EXchange centers and call centers should be PI**** BY NOW!

I know it would be wise for them to do this before the bonds are else it will be a MESS
Admiral will go with everyone else at this point
Q: BEP- These exchanges that has taken place recently have nothin to do with 800# distribution, only special client connections only?


I Dont think anyone has 800s yet..If they leak it to one it will spread all over.
Q: BEP any idea what is the hold up UST, IMF, Iraq, China?

I heard earlier this week it was THE UST..then i heard that we will not be using the new USNs yet

WHo knows at this point. I know we have been getting a lot of disinfo..some claim its to catch the bad guys but we never hear of arrest on MSM

Then some are saying O wants it for his legacy,,well if thats the case he is sure waiting until the last minute
If you exchange before the public you will sign an NDA period.

First of all they are not happy we all found out about this..so yes NDAs will be the order of business
IF not every news source in America will jump on this. Guaranteed
VEry True! We have been saying that for years!
We hear so much! O wants it for his legacy then O doesnt want it on his watch...sometimes we just shake our head.
Malaki isnt the issue..
Q: Bep is it true that extraordinary rates on ZIM will be available only for 5 days?

..I think 50 cents is extraordinary on the zim..so we will see what we can get.

Whenever you get down understand the people of Iraq are just as pi****

Its amazing OLD men start wars that young men die in..Also Old men manipulate systems that young men have to slave in
At the end of the day THEY HAVE TO BRING IT and when they do WE WILL BE WAITING!
God has ordained this for US and NO DEVIL or his human imps will keep this foolishness up

Let me say this..yes there are those who still do [not] want us to have this BUT IT IS TOOO LATE! The train is rolling and smoking! ALL intel providers are saying ITS TIME! THe Banks are ready ! We ARE READY! JUst need 800s!

 Good night all!


SweetPea:  BEP said things will get real messed up if this isn't done before the bonds. I don't know exactly what that means.

Kaper:   Millionday: NOTE -- IN MY OPINION ---- IT WOULD BE ECONOMIC SUICIDE FOR A BOND TO BE ISSUED AND THE SECURITY MARKET TO RAISE IN VALUE A LOT SMILE Millionday: ( Declaration ) of the Central Bank of Iraq will launch national bonds ( nominal ) in Iraqi dinars ( on behalf of the Ministry of Finance) in nominal terms on 2016 / 3 / 15 and ending in 2016 / 4 /14 Bosaddarah of five categories

RamblingRobert:  Can anyone clear this up? Does Irag push the so called button or the USA. I ask because if Irag pushes it than it will happen at night or eary morning if its the USA they can hold it up as long as they like.

Brigantine: RamblingRobert, as I understand it, the Iraqi RV is lumped into a Global Reset. This global reset btw was being talked about before we even invaded Iraq. Bottom line, everyone goes together. So, if Iraq isn't ready, we don't go. If USA is holding things up, we don't go. 192? Countries have to be ready to go and willing to ping back when this happens
Striker:  The RV is FAR to complicated to ever be thought of as a button being pushed!

Beams:   In a monetary reset, gold will be the chips that are used to play a game of poker. Russians, Chinese and even the Iranians are stock piling gold because of this fear>>http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1460044410.php

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