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Subject: Exchange Info, Especially ZIM Notes" - Anonymous Guest Post

Exchange Info, Especially ZIM Notes" - Anonymous Guest Post

4/09/2016 04:45:00 AM Bank Info, Emailed, Intel, Thoughts:

From a very good source.

Ok got this from Tank and some other sources These are my notes:

1. If you have over 3- 100 trillion Zim notes you need to tell them that at your first call to set up your appointment. They, PTB, want the zim notes off the street quickly.

You will have no more than 5 days to exchange Zim notes at a high rate, After that rates will start declining.

Also, any one that holds over 3- 100 Trillion Zim notes will go to a different Location.

We thought that .65 cents per Zim would be huge, folks are now saying you could be offered over $100 USD per zim. Guess we will see.

2. If you earn over 500 million USD from exchange of the Zim notes you will be offered a structured pay out. If you are over 60 years of age you need to tell them that at exchange.
If you have to take a structured payout you will get from 2 to 5 years , nothing more.

(I strongly suggest you have or get a trust set up). They want you to use your money in your lifetime. If you are UNDER 60 years of age there may be longer structured payouts for amounts over 500 million earned in exchange of Zim.

Remember: if you gift to anyone, zim notes, etc, IT MUST, MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO RV, OR CHANGE IN RATES! I AM SERIOUS ABOUT THIS!

3. A family office will be offered to you at the bank if you get from exchange over 1 million, (amount could vary). A family office is where the bank does stuff for your
family, like a concierge service. You can take it and then adjust it or whatever after you review it at your second appointment.

I am not sure I would have a trust set up by the bank. Not alot of flexibility in that trust from banks. Look into other sources of trusts with your own trustees, etc.

Everyone seems to think it will go sometime this weekend based on alot of factors they have seen, ie: Laguard doing a speech about reform, and other stuff. Hope this is it and
we are done.

Remember: When you get the number to call into to set your appointment, you will need to have the zip code for where you live or what to exchange and the exact amount of each
type of currency you hold.

Any questions on this, ask them now! Feel free to pass this on.

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