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DIZZYBear/Nancy OM Notes from 4/23/16, 23 APRIL


DPChamp:  DIZZYBear/Nancy OM Notes from 4/23/16
DizzyBear and Nancy started the call early (about 5 minutes prior to my starting taking notes)…if he returns to the call later in the evening, I will add those notes…

DB: My projections are based on what we can do.  Based on what has happened earlier this week.  Based on the bonds.  I can’t see it going past 5/3, 5/4.  I think, as far as probabilities, it will be over by 5/1…10% chance till 5/10…based on what I have in front of me.
Caller: We have the understand WF will be investing the $.  IOO, what would we look for, to say we are on the doorstep?  What would be the next thing to know they are going to release it?

DB: They are doing that right now.  If we look at the dynamics, the lack of liquidity, we are not even looking at derivatives.  I am talking at 5-10 days.  Setting the tempo.  Bc we are going to gold-backed currency.  Looking at Cantrell to do that…24-48 hours to be in the bank

Caller: Is there something specific he is waiting for?

DB: There is a safety condition they are waiting for…a coordination thing they are waiting for…probably 48-72 hours.
Caller: I have heard, only today, 15 different people vying for control for the situation to set this in motion…

DB: What are they trying to do?

Caller: To put this in motion a different way

DB: No, this set in motion in 1 way. 

Caller: And that Reno is not valid

DB: I am aware of that and I am not at liberty to discuss…
Caller: I really appreciate what you are doing and watching the whole SA situation going…I got into this about 5 years ago trying to help others thru Proponix and someone handing me some currency and help others.  I appreciate you because you are a clear voice.  I really appreciate it.

DB: You are welcome.  Thank you.
Caller: I want to help educate people long-term.  Start that over a year…or 2 years?

DB: Probably, get other people like-minded and weigh out your plans first; however, bring together other like-minded people, bring about a good education system.  We used to have a better education system…that when we got out of high school, you had some skills…we don’t do that any more.  We need to have a better-rounded education system.  Get some like-minded educators.  Get a battle plan and move on. 

Caller: My grandfather had a 5th grade education and was in an apprentice program and I want to work with than.  I want to house them…people live in their cars and put them through school.  When is a good time to start?

DB: Figure about 1 year after this happens…make some adjustments…look at other programs that may pop up.
Caller: I hear the banks are only going to take the 100T zim?  True?

DB: No, I don’t think so

Caller: What is going on with SA?

DB: It is comical…get your popcorn and beer and watch
Caller: For years, people have been thinking things simple, if you have a million $3.71, they would have 3.71 million…would go up 300%. 

DB: 1.2 dollars dinar because they have so much gold…should be close to parity.  You million dollars gold-backed is going to go a long way.  When people say 5, 6, 7 dinar…that is fiat.  Bank screens are showing fiat…the dollar will be gold-backed…all currencies will have to be adjusted…according to parity.  If we adjusted now, we would probably get $5-6/dinar.
Caller: But we will still be getting bread for $1

DB: No, we will get bread for 30¢

Caller: Employment…if I produce something…some of the property taxes may go down; sales taxes may go up.  Which things may go up…like for vets?
DB: When we have parity with everything, all our manufacturing has moved offshore.  A lot will be cottage industries because of 3-D printing…centering, extrusion (ceramics and plastics), and ________

Remember when Mailboxes Plus (full service copying and office stores)came out?  I see a similar concept of 3-D printing offices that will available.

Caller: Is that a case where organic printing will be available.

DB: Yes.
Caller: What was mentioned before I came in that mentioned 7 days?

DB: What about actions?  I expect, business days, 7 days to complete.

Caller: Us?  Going in in 7 days?

DB: Yes.  Other events, that I cannot mention, parallel with this. 
Caller: Last night, you were talking about don’t buy a house or a car…

DB: When we go into asset-backed, individuals selling houses and cars, it will take a while to acquiesce into gold standard and have mortgages written down, etc. 

Caller: So, when we start to build a home and have a contract,

DB: Contract with bank or builder…depends on scruples of builder…
Caller: Have you heard about the shelf trust that the banks are supposed to have?

DB: Do your own diligence and get your own…don’t get what the bank is doing?

Caller: Why?

DB: You just exchanged money…

N: Taxes are higher if exchanged into a trust than if you use your own name

Caller: What best advice to you have for us?

DB: Be calm…easy peasy…it’s going to be fine
Caller: I dinar, 25K I still have fiat debt?

DB: No.  Your debt will be written down to be parity with asset-backed.

Caller: That will take a period of time. 

DB: Debt owed to a bank? 

Caller: Private company

DB: Not that I know of

Caller: For services, prior, now come due…still owe that $100K

DB: On this debt…is it contract…any kind of security…mortgage…

Caller: Not mortgage, private, promissory note, owed to individual.  Receive 25K gold-backed $

DB: Is the debt secured by anything?  I need you to be realistic

Caller: It is unsecured promissory note

DB: You have a problem

Caller: If we exchanged in fiat, I would have enough

DB: There will be mechanisms in Court to write this down.

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