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Notes by Camdoc……Facts & Opinions  call. 

We will continue this call until it RVs, probably by end of month.

Dizzy will be here on Thursdays and Fridays.

This info was on Google already today.

DB: China is not gold backed yet, but we expect it at any moment.  The announcement will be when they change the rate on the yuan.

Today they opened up Yuan bond trading in London.

They cannot just have one currency backed by gold, that would cause a catastrophic failure of the markets.  The plan is to convert the markets, not collapse them.
Everything will go asset backed at the same time, which will be when the RV happens.
Banks that are Basel III compliant will be strong. 

CDN will be back up to parity.  Euro, DM also.
Barring any further resistance, which it does  not appear they can do, they cannot do Fiat exchange.  99% sure that it will be asset backed.

Parity will be to the value of gold, not 1:1.

Standardization of the value of gold.  Similar to USD: Canada.
Regardless of what you hold, it will be similar to 1:1 exchange with he dollar, and each currency will have 5-6 times as much purchasing power.
If you could buy RMB now, it could benefit you, but you don’t have to .  Having USD after conversion, everyone will be on gold standard, and currency prices will be at parity.
3 different scenarios on Tuesday: 

1.  Just gold fixed with value of Yuan
2.   Another one was to come out with gold backed yuan, and refuse to accept USD to exchange into RMB.  That would hyper inflate the USD.  Would necessitate uf to buy Rubles, Yuan.  This is gone, with RMB bonds out of London today.
Some people grabbed that scenario, scared many people, but that did not happen.
We have to get into the gold treaty to understand this.

Group of people centered on what is happening in Iraq. Like saying that the canary in the gold mind killed the miners, not the gas.
We do not have to worry about hyperinflation now, because with gold being pegged to yuan, now we have direct correlation of value of yuan and USD.  Based on gold.
Last 2 days the Chinese stock markets declined, back to real value of currency.  Chinese got rid of excess dollars.
Western stock markets went up.  Commodities also.  Because dollars migrating out of Asia, thru Europe, to here.  We have only 20% of dollars in the world.  Natural migration coming out of Asia into Europe, into USD, on Monday night.  This is organized, functional, without a major collapse.  Would have happened with a gold – backed yuan.
Plunge Protection Teams—don’t know how much money they have left. That will set the time line for when this is over.  We could go a week or two longer, but not much more.
A week ago, there was a new bond market.  Large debt.  No one is bringing any real cash into the market.  Bringing credit cards that can’t be cashed.  Need to make a gradual change into the asset backed currency system.
BIS has lists of derivative amounts for major bank.  Deutsche bank had more derivatives than the entire US economy!  Have to let that amount of debt down.
China does not want to crash US.  We are biggest trade partner.
We are going back to 1970s when we were gold backed and had prosperity. Not a bad thing.
DB: I would do my own trust, because then I know it is done the way that I want, by my lawyers, not to the bank’s advantage.
N: A lady was at the bank, and she was told that they were only taking the 10Trillion Zim notes at 13 cents.  That was before revaluation.  Could that be the only note they will take before RV?
DB: We really do not know the rates until you are sitting in front of the banker.  Take that with a grain of salt.  There should be a happy medium for the rate.
C:  I heard that on open mike.  She had 100 T notes, and the bank would only take 10 of them.
N: We have been told that the Zim are historical bonds and they will be exchanged.
C:  RE new currency notes, will it have FRN on it?

DB:  It will be only treasury dollars.  You will exchange what you have, bank will convert it over to US Treasury dollars.

In 1963 we had silver certificates, converted over to FRNs and no one noticed.
DB: Iraq is the canary in the coal mine.  China is the gas.  Iraq just shows us what is going on.  It is a great distraction. A really small part of this.  [China?] has done a lot of heavy lifting over the last 5 days.

If you focus on Iraq, you miss the big pieces falling into place.
Don’t worry about not getting into the bank with the Zim.  Within 5 days.
Big Fish:  New 100 bill with gold on it
DB:  People not paying attention.  UST giving lots of hints.  Need to avoid rebellion.  100 note was transition. 

The new notes have been around for 15 years.  When they come out, there will be no doubt that they are US Treasury dollars.  Like the red sealed 1935 (gold) certificates, says US Treasury Dollars on the face [actually says Gold Certificate, US Treasury]
DB: rates will not hold when we switch to gold backed.  You still will be filthy rich.
Banks will give you a good rate because they want to have good currency in their banks.  They will not screw you by giving you a bad rate, not on Asset backed.
Don’t count on contract rates.  Probably will be rolled into an international rate, very generous.
I avoid rates.  We have to let gold prices settle.  Rates will be determined in the market.
They fixed the price of gold in Yuan, 50-80 dollars more valuable per ounce than as priced in dollars.
That caused dollars to leave asia.
Western gold price must settle compared to dollar.
They don’ want to start a panic or a run.

This is an organized, calm, structured return to the gold standard. 

Need to unwind the value done snce 1971.  Will want you to exchange as quickly as you can.  Will be able to handle most of this in the first 7-10 days.
If Zimbabwe had bought in enough money to build up their reserves, they could say in 3 days we will stop the exchanges.  But you will have enough time to get in.
There may be a name called the IRS, but it will be a very different animal.  I would not worry about it.
C: how do you get 401K out of stocks?
DB: Consider money markets.  Stock market is way to volatile to be safe.  You will get hit one way or the other.  Dangerous time to be in stocks.  It will make a big pullback.  Not so much a crash.
New rainbow currency is already printed.  Announcing new design for $20 bill today, due in 2020.  We have gone thru 3 different designs on the penny in 20 years.  Same as new design in UST currency.  New currency appearance is a secret.  We reneged on the gold treaty, but the currencies printed will still be useful.  Some of the regional banks already have them.  If people new about the new currency, it might make them question the FRNs they have in their pockets.
I knew the men who worked for the armored car companies who distributed the new currency from the Denver Mint.
DB:  I gave 3 scenarios last week.
2.       Revaluation fiat to fiat.  Would go buy the other currencies. 
But they have the mechanism to convert asset backed to asset backed.
Bonds took more pressure off that.  It seems to be a very small chance of going into fiat-fiat exchange, or collapse.  Should be asset-asset now.
I am trying to calm people now. Rumors were scaring people.  Not necessary to be worried.  Just like any other transaction.
C: I do not trust the monsters.
DB: look at Iceland who put the bankers into prison.  It will be more like that, banker will not be running the system anymore.
David Rosthschild was indicted for fraud.  A lot more of that will happen.
Mr. B:  Yuan is not the linchpin.  Could be UAE refusing USD, or could be IQD.
A month ago I said 22nd was a big deal, so I am waiting for that.
C: Banks will become facilitators of commerce, instead of the crooks they are now.
C: Is Iraq basically a distraction now?  Is the Yuan the lynchpin, not the iqd?
DB: It always has been.
Perpetuity was created by  Rothschilds.  Had to be a currency/country not part of that.  China was not.  And Hong Kong was a separate territory, kept separate.  Western central bankers are in HK.  Says there are 2 currencyies [but they are not the yuan and the won, as he says,  maybe RMB and HK dollar]. 
We are given all sorts of incorrect info.  Blind us to the truth.  Snowden gave us the truth, and we did not look at what he said.  We called him a traitor!
We swear to uphold the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Most of the enemies are domestic.
They make us think that our allegiance is to the flag, and to the monolithic government.  But it should be to the constitution.
When I define patriotism, it has nothing to do with my emotions, my military service,  it has to do with my loyalty to other Americans.
Banks will be treated as a utility, a licensed and highly regulated service.  Providing what we need to grow crops or businesses.
I was told in 1991 that there would be at least a million bankers incarcerated for fraud and defrauding the American people. I did not believe that at the time, but I do now.
My favorite banker suicide was a guy who shot himself in the head with a nail gun 19 times. 
“suicides” who went in front of trains, fall from buildings,seems to be involved with market rigging, Libor, banking.
Q: DO we have to be completely off of petrodollar before RV?
DB: that will be a result of the process.  Manipulation of markets due to abcense of asset backing with fiat is going away.
So much success over last 5-6 business days, I don’t think we will go beyond May 1.  I don’t know how much plunge fund money is left.
There was 57 Trillion of the dinar that was counterfeit.  I believe that it was recovered, so the circulating dinar is legitimate.
This will not be private only.  This is a global event.
China has to bring up dong so that their jobs are not all exported to Viet Nam.
Reserves in USD are  vulnerable, because it directly affects the price of oil.  So there is a push to get the currencies on the gold standard.
Most currencies can delay their exchange.  But Zim is being treated as a historical bond.  Maybe less than 2 weeks to exchange.  Will not be like Black Monday running into Wallmart.  China will be backing them as they go over into a gold backed dollar.
Every country will eventually issue new currency.2-3 years.
Tony had a lot of compassion for the people he gave info to. When I understood then that Tony was being handled, I did tell people about it.  A desperate woman called in, I decided that people need to know the truth. But the handlers were not willing to tell people the truth, they were willing to throw tony under the bus.  So that is the reason I stepped forward.

Legal system will have a major change.  They will have to comb thru precedent and take out all that does not fit the constitution.  Certainly, for example, Civil Forfeiture is against the constitution.  At US Code level and state level.  I am sure that there will be a consortium or tribunal to take out these precedents.  Will take a lot of time.
Here is the problem.  Subordinate agencies base their authority on the constitution, but they are denying the constitution by their being.
Even one item, like the Miranda ruling, may take 30 years.
Very few law schools actually taught constitutional law.  Mine did.
Will need purging of the US Code, and he precedents.  Some may be done by overruling or overturning on a case by case basis.  Need to rule on criminal side, civil, contacts, etc.
Monsanto, Bayer, all have links to the 3rd Reich.  They will go to prison.
I may write a book called Historical Forensic Accounting. Tracing the money back.  And he true reason for the concentration camps.
Hawaii did not want to be part of US.  They just conquered it!
Govt is not monolithic.  There are good guys trying to do the good thing.

I heard a conversation about the currency which occurred in 1958 in Kathmandu.  That is never been recorded.

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