Wednesday, April 6, 2016


4-6-2016   Newshound Guru Islandg1211   Frank [Guru Frank26] and teams got this right: "Article 140 is effective because of the recent financial budget which granted it."  Go Budget! Go HCL! Go RV! Go April 2016!

4-6-2016   Newshound Guru Millionday
  Quote:  "Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Government Bachirvh form a special joint committee and the exchange of foreign currencies Baerakip."  SO AS WE SEE --- BARZANI HAS FORMED A COMMITTEE IN --- KURDISTAN --- FOR THE >>EXCHANGE PROCESS OF THE IRAQI DINAR...WHOOOPOW.

4-6-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   ...the CBI is ready to announce Dr Shabibi because they were given his resume...and you are about find out...IOO that Allak says he resigns...the RI we have been experiencing for...about 8 months now...the RV...IMO...is next and it is going to start the moment that Dr. Shabibi proclaims who he is, what he is, and what he’s doing...he needs for them to LAUNCH the Monetary ReformThis is like a fire cracker…when you light the fuse...that was the RI...it is the big bang...the explosion that comes afterward that is the explosion of the rate...that is the RV.  We believe IOO that once Dr. Shabibi talks to you that it will be 10 days to 3 weeks to finish things. It was the IMF who announced the “plan” for Iraq by the middle of 2016….they have the child by the ear. We believe the IMF will not lie to us…this is good news.   [post 2 of 2]

4-6-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   Dr. Shabibi will be giving a press conference very quickly...the only way it can go out with what he needs to tell you is if he is the governor of the CBI...then he can proclaim any change in rate of their countries currency...we needed SECURITY...we got it...we needed our banks...we got them...we needed Dr. Shabibi back...he’s coming...we need something that was moved electronically to be moved physically...but we really don’t need it...Abadi got EVERYTHING he needed.  15 cabinet members have been given to Abadi as a GO...they are ready to go in the GOI...   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-6-2016   Newshound Guru Millionday   Quote:  "...the IMF was "on alert, not alarm," Lagarde said, urging major powers to accelerate structural reform, maintain accommodative monetary policies and invest in infrastructure."  THIS WAS CL [CHRISTINE LAGARDE]  FROM IMF ACCORDING TO REPORT.  NOTE -- THE IMF IS >>>ON ALERT...NOT ALARM -- ALERT -- WHOOPOW.  ASKING TO SPEED UP REFORM -- OBVIOUSLY FOR ECONOMIC STABILITY FOR THE GLOBE  BY THIS DATE PLEASE >>> "She urged "decisive action" ahead of a meeting of leading advanced and emerging economies in Washington on April 14 and 15." 

4-6-2016   Intel Guru Bruce  What I am hearing from certain bank sources very high percentage almost 100% this going down very shortly.   WE are very close...It is a process...It looks like we are at the end...now we see what happens.

4-6-2016   Intel Guru Delta   It is the IMF that is in charge and...they will be making the decision on the CBI governor,  [ I ] feel it will be Dr. Shabibi... he will in all likeliness come back to finish what he started...and then he may desire to retire...as he does the work he needs to finish things don’t forget he will have the IMF helping along, due to the contract they have with Iraq until the end of 2016.

4-6-2016   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   [Are we confident that the new plan is a float?...]   The dinar is currently pegged.  They are not moving to a peg.  What they will do is move to a float to allow the dinar to rise based on supply and demand.  Whether that is a free float or some form of basket is yet to be determined. 

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