Thursday, April 28, 2016


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      07:38 PM Apr 28, 2016

    Bruce- we will be starting just as soon as we can.... as soon as Bob comes in to moderate the call
    Bruce- we have had a busy, really good day today.... celebration music now. 'celebration
    bruce- its going to be a good night tonight..... going to celebrate tonight
    greetings to all on the call
    bruce--don't know if RObert is in yet tonight... he will come on when he can
    Bruce guess speakers Bob, Sue, Zane
    Bruce - team all here- welcome everyone to Big Call
    bruce-welcome to the big call thrusday april 28th.
    bruce-leading in prayer and then teaching... then prayer request, after which we listen to Bod on a little information, then we will do intel
    bruce-- teaching is still going
    bruce- praise reports and prayers requests are now taking place
    bruce--still prayer requests and prayers
    bruce--prayer is over now... chit chatting
    bruce- Bob is gong to introduce a new product...
    bruce--- intel yet to come..
    Bruce - Bob talking about emergency products, intel yet to come
    bruce--- still talking product
    bruce--intel now
    bruce-- a little in general on intel
    bruce- a little discussion between bruce and Robert
    bruce-- hearing -with confirmation- made an annoucement, abadi, saying that the iraq is a gold backed currency... and that this was the start of the reset
    Bruce- hearing Iraq not everything in global reset, may have made announcement in mass about the currency being gold back, that was the start of the global currency reset, like Iraq coming asset back
    Bruce- Robert not only did it make Iraq gold back, but every country gold back, history has been
    bruce- Robert.... that announcement made history.... all countries went to gold backed at that announcement.... and this is a process,
    redemptoin centers are ready to go.... beyond ready. a lot of activity. previous exchange folks have been hidrated in the past few days
    bruce-we don't talk about cities in the western states... but we see movement there.
    bruce-- Robert.... if your not ready, you had better get ready... you are down to minutes....
    bruce-- your time is up!! game over
    bruce-- I am jacked up, and excited.
    Sue-- we have eight questions... that will be addressed
    Sue-- advice for NDA--bruce- we don;t believe that the nda will be required for normal international ratesbruce- question-- mulitple banks doing zim?
    bruce answer-- wf -the lead bank, working with HSBC, and AIIB bank.... is the only bank that we know of that is exchanging the zim...
    bruce--rates for all currencies will be high for initial 6-7 days then back to normal rates
    Bruce - rates will be high for appx 6-7 days
    question--structured payout... after the 500Million or all of it?
    bruce--- structured payout is set at 2 billion of dinar and 5 bilion on dong
    bruce--security expert should be answering this question... middle school and high school protection.
    reduce social media.... and make sure children understand that they must stay completely quiet..... not an expert, just imagining if I was in that role
    bruce- still speaking on security
    Bruce -Sue-interview security people, most important don't let your children feel the fear. They pick it up quickly
    bruce- nda provide for any recourse if the nda is broken> bruce-- that is a great question, but one for an attorney
    bruce--read artcles about china's currency being gold backed... and the US will not....> bruce-- that question is now invalid due to the annoucement that was made today in Iraq. Dollar is now gold backed
    Robert confirmed..... we are in a completely different paradigm.....
    bruce-- the new system will make most of our concerns obsolete
    Bruce - seriousness of nda-someone I gifted to breaks nda-will this come back on me- jmo Bruce- don't think so, it will be on them
    bruce--question- if the currency is gifted, or on your team.. and they break NDA will come back on me? bruce-- No I think both questions will have the same answer. NO.....
    Bruce - willing to speak of structure, like trust name, rather than our own names- holding trust might be different than skeleton trust
    bruce-- would you address the thought of a holding trust and naming it another name in order to keep it private.> bruce-- yes you would be able to do that
    bruce question-- who would be the trustee of the trust> bruce-- when you give the power of trusteeship over, you may loose the ability to be flexible. My answer is to get an attorney involved to help you in this matter
    bruce--even in this temporary trust they need to have a few names.... and at least on trustee if not two, and at least one if not two benefitciary
    bruce-- end of question and answer time
    Sue is now chit chatting with Pastor Zane
    Bruce - remember what ever amount of money comes out of this, it won't replace loving someone
     Bruce-- end of the call.... all information we have is very very positive. all that we heard that happend in Iraq is very positive. be at peace, calm, nice, serene... and making this new transition in your lives
    Bruce-- looking to get this exchange done and we will be with you hopefully on tuesday. thank you all tonight..

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