Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Ok as many officials are scrambling to maintain your current economic infrastructure erected just for show, while others are running to the hills trying to escape shame by greed.

While our countries economy imploded as of Tuesday, all seems well and nicely calm (mainstream media at its best ). Well that, that is it is not and that, that isn't it is so.
Your question should be, 'who do I believe? '.

Well I now know that silence holds the key to your future email, that we are closer than yesterday and even today.  Are the bankers ready, is the gold in, are the paymasters around the exchange area, is security in place, did the representatives go in, did they do there incomended duties and are we set to go? 

That answer is in the affirmative for all to witness and finally digest. See while you all are still looking for the start of things, I have been looking for the end of things.

And another thing some are asking if the last message was from me? Answer to that it could of been for security reasons. Let us declare this puppy in God Jehová's name.

Na'maste Bluwolf

​p.s. your neck of the woods is in for a complete overhaul and that is a done deal.

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