Monday, April 18, 2016


BLUWOLF:  4/18/16 UPDATE; listen up - do to political nonsense from the west and the lost of value to the dollar, I was informed that what we are expecting is now delayed till the end of June, 2016. 

The current ptb are doing with what is left of there powers to stop that which is now imminent.  If I get any changes whatsoever,  I will be back and inform you so.

Sorry for the bad news but let me say my final two cents, there is somebody out there talking so much crap that he or she is putting all things and the people behind them at risk.  If I find out who you are I can personally guarantee you that you will be looking at doing some time in jail for this disservice to your country and its people. 

Now do not test the unknown for it is not healthy.  Do not call me for I will not be handling any calls.   Be blessed  Blu

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