Saturday, April 23, 2016


BGG: (Reposted)   It appears, last Tuesday, for about 3 hours – the Investing.com  trading platform was showing an increased value to around 8 1/2 cents…only for about 3 hours, but still…very exciting. 

It is reflecting 11.8 Dinars per 1 USD. To figure the value – since it is in divisions of 1 USD… take 1 (USD) divided by 11.8 = .08475 (ish)… or about 8 1/2 cents.

Is this where I think it will end? NO. Is this where I think it will start? It may already have.

Are trading platforms “quirky”? Yes, notoriously…However, this shows up a number of different ways, and not just in one instance… though it doesn’t show up on all of their templates, this goes hand – in – hand with the recent vein of news that Iraq is “readying” themselves for some “major integration” with the world markets. 

I am neither predicting nor proclaiming… I am simply sharing and commenting on what is readily available. Very exciting times…

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