Monday, April 4, 2016


04/03/2016 ANONYMOUS POST 1
Hearing from 2 different groups that I am associated with, (and XXX) that some kind of bonds, or XXX bonds, have been approved, but not funded.  (I wish I had the email in front of me). 

It appears from one "guy" that  there are a couple markers, so to speak, that need to be completed.  These have been expected for weeks but no go yet.
Wait, I found the email.  It appears that thousands of these bonds have been tendered, authenticated, and validation is complete, but payments are on hold. I truly think some variation of this may likely be the hump that needs to be resolved prior to any RV / GCR / or private exchange.

04/03/2016 ANONYMOUS POST 2
For your information to handle as you see fit. A retired general let me know cards are live in Iraq at 4.24

and celebrations have begun. WM friend called side they have been told to be fully staffed at 10:00 MST

tonight. Fingers crossed Maybe this is it 

Adjustment to last text. 

WM just called Said they had a video conference. Staffed XXXXX but 800#s to be released XXX XXXX 

This is first time he has ever said 800#s   Appt to start at XXXX

04/03/2016 ANONYMOUS POST 3
 A long time friend (thru business) came into our office yesterday afternoon.  He is from Iraq.

Talked about the RV a couple of times prior to yesterday, but not in detail.  Yesterday my husband asked detailed questions about what we had learned recently and his reply was YES  he listened to the Parliament pass the budget himself and YES Iraq and Iran had agreed to go together and YES Maliki is now a non issue   Just a little confirmation I wanted to share   Got excited !!  Thank you for all your time and attempts to keep things real  VERY much appreciated
04/03/2016 ANONYMOUS POST 4
 At this point I believe what we are seeing in Iraq is pure show. I have received 4 separate reports that confirm significant movement in the bond markets over the past 48 hours with 2 reports stating certain bonds have been "funded". News is also filtering in that the "XXXXXX" gave the XXXXXXXX controlled banking system an ultimatum to join in or be left out completely.

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