Sunday, March 13, 2016



Beamer:  Wolfy. re: Codes. These are transaction codes, are they not? And . these transactions can take minutes to days.. is that true? Most of the time when we've heard codes.. we have also heard they are good for 3 days? right?

Wolfy:  Beamer--some codes yes but the right code no

Stillokrocks:  WOLFY I would guess the banks have a certain time in mind?


Wolfy:  CO--yes the codes at the bank that are release codes are the right codes

Nursedeedeeze: Here's a tip...,bank rates are on screen on Admin hold....won't come off Admin hold without proper code and release of funds....just saying...

Wolfy:  NURSEDEE--you just nailed it perfectly ty :)

Shellbell:    Wolfy - so codes are referring to remove the Admin hold?

Wolfy:  I am saying the rates are on the screen but cant be released without the RELEASE CODES and the RELEASE CODES are now at the banks

Shellbell:  Today would be a good day for 800 numbers, then set appts for tomorrow!
Star: best time for a present is the present

Beamer: I've been looking at sometime this week.. for quite some time now.. which is why I can't jump on the today/tonight bandwagon everyday.. and now that we've "heard" codes.. I still feel sometime this week is the most probably scenario.

TnMan:  My common sense is trying to come into play. I think they would not release the "release codes" unless they were planning on proceeding promptly. As we know so well, something can come along that puts them on hold for an indefinite time. I think we will see this pronto. That's my opinion.

Nursedeedeeze:  This is beyond Iraq...Iraq is not paying us China is...doesn't matter if Iraq is international China is getting oil credits for dinar...dinar gets turned in for oil....Iraq isn't putting out money so it doesn't really matter if they are international because oil is paid in Yuan or Ruble

Wolfy:  Ok people dont hold your breath but do be happy because we just inched a little closer

Beamer;  There are only 3 days of the week .. when all banks around the world are Open.. and that is Tues/Wed/Thursday.. .. things that make ya think

Joyng:  Well, we were told that banks would open (or at least exchange centers) on the weekend if necessary. I'm sure the rest of the world would do the same for this event. JMO
Nursedeedeeze: I hate to say it but they've been sitting on the screens for a long time...it's the release of the funds that we need....banks have been ready but funds not available

Epiphroditus:  Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true. Author Unknown

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