Saturday, March 5, 2016



Martha:  yes the soverigns should be done.The Admiral's group is just about done then we are next. There are so many more people then noted in the last years

Beamer:  They are not done in REno.. I know a paymaster.. and he hasn't even been called in yet ….. They haven't even started the groups yet .. at all

Martha:  Beamer is right, they are working thru it right now. Most do not have to go since deposits were already done

LasVegas:  I also know a Paymaster working for a Reno group thru WF and they are still on high alert to go..but not there yet. But yes so many Tiers to the groups.

Wiz:  Beamer- agree- high end groups are not done. PRIVATE exchanges are occurring - people with previous relationships

Martha:  everyone just be positive that we can start sooner than later…. There is a major reason for us to be in asap with implementation of other events to come

Beamer:  The Tiers have changed.. so I won't comment on that

Beamer:  When the Private Placement groups get called to go exchange.. you will see many just disappear.. that is the best clue we'll get

Darkman:  I’LL SAY THIS. WHEN I WAS FIRST PUT ON TO THIS, I LAUGHED BUT GOT IN IT ANYWAY. AS OF LAST NIGHT 11:47pm I truly know for a fact that this is 100% real and happening. I did not exchange but a family member did and she just left to go car shopping

Beamer:  I know people who exchanged in Oct 2012.. they have skrs.. and will be the first to go liquid.. as of now.. they are waiting just like the rest of us

Chief53 : If people would be more connected to life and learn to use decernment, they would know "in their bones" that this thing is about to domino
wolfy : Chief and the first domino has been pushed over

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