Sunday, March 20, 2016


MiracleMan: Miracle here..Farewell HELP....Have overview your exchange procedures..MUST READ..timeline

First of All..Sorry,,been helping in background and awful 4 letter word back to WORK...
IT IS NOW..spring..March 20, 2016..12.28 AM....8-8-8...Spring is GREEN...
FIRST MUST thank ALL WSOMN STAFF for there TIME..PATIENCE..to help educate us at these late stages in this Blessing
Must also thank TNT TONY and whole Staff for keeping us in the GAME, and calm as the PTB NEVER GAVE UP, till January 2016
TO MEMBERS, I am one..UNBELIVABLE DEDICATION of new INTEL PROVIDERS...TANk..STARMAn..etc..etc..I am blessed to know many personally, as we put the last pieces into place THIS LAST WEEK

I k now for FACT, exactly how these PRIVATE EXCHANGES will go. It will be Simple, Fast,straightforward to get YOU IN and OUT in 30 minutes or less
You will be given 4 OPTIONS on Rates and NDA's..SIMPLE A B C D ..like a test..Pick one...best fits you
AGAIN I have said for 4 YEARS...Gen 64/Individual Internet group/Humanitarian groups..MUST SIGN NDA for these 4 options
Street rate...might be 30-60day NDA...Dong street rate .47....Lets go with DONG option C $10-15...Your choice...Slight difference..LOL
THATS IT FOLKS...AWESOME procedure UST came up with...I say 10 minutes make up your mind/got 20 set up accounts
my LAST WINDOW...which WILL SHUT...NOW till 9AM est Tuesday 22nd..PLEASE..LOOK OUT before morning though..just saying.God Bless


MiracleMan: ROOMIEs..question to me .What is my experience..My friend converse 3 times daily...talks to HUGE redemption center..HEAD GUY....see

Wizofog14: MM is it true rial is live in front screens. Exchange it tomorrow

MiracleMan: Wiz….everything live coded/process held up last few days..NOTHING ELSE..they and WE are ready..NOW

Wizofog14:  MM on scale 1-10 is the really the 10. High alert tonight?

MiracleMan: WIZ...10..9Am tuesday...give me 90% by the time you wake up/REMEMBER ALL banks around the globe LIVE 24/7 Tuesday-thursday every week

Blessed2bablessing:  Miracleman, do you mean that we are on a 10 for high alert tonight? or Tuesday?

MiracleMan: Bless..give me a 9 for monday AM..10 for tuesday AM

MiracleMan: ROOMIES..please focus on most important thing..WE HELP HUMANITY/RV...less than 1% will get our rates....REPUBLIc Bonus for our country and world..WHENEVER

Gnosis: MM can we exchange some currency at initial exchange and the rest a few days later with a wealth manager?

MiracleMan: GNOISIs.No..NO...NO...first exchange..first 72 hours CRITICAl..TAKE ALL YOUR CURRENCY IN...the pick 1 of 4 options..SIMPLe

Bluiey: MM Why is 72 hours critical?

MiracleMan: ROOMIES...72 hour question..FOLKS..they want all 2 Million of us DONE in 72 hours..over 50,000 centers now ..they can do it..RATES DROP like a ROCK quickly..HOWEVER get appt..YOUR OPTIONS WILL BE THERE

MrsGib: miracle....is there anything new on taxes

MiracleMan:  ROOMIES..TAXES QUESTION...1...1-1/2 % only..good chance..2 Gen 64..11% long/22% short...3None at all possible..4) normal taxes..unlikely..I LIKE #1

BoxTurtle:  They can change the tax laws for 2016 up till 12/31/16. Just plan for 50% aside like we have been told for years.

MiracleMan: BOX..FROM INNER circle here..want our TAX money in 90 days..BELIEVE ME..we will be happy to pay PALTRY RATE..LOL..few prayers too… i am betting on 11/2 % off top..or Nothing..   we are just EXCHANGING CURRENCY...

Ssman: MM - NDA for street rate 30days or no NDA?

MiracleMan: ssman..stret rate told like 30 -60 days..or NONE...

Wildfire:  Mm, you said what happened 8 days ago?

MiracleMAn:  WILD....last signings last saturday night..since then..our INNER CIRCLE,,crazy people/SKR/exchanging ..whales..AT LOW RATES..

Jet:  Miracle man any rates on the ZIM?

Miracleman : JET..ZIM has 4 options....all the way to the

ROOMIES..NO WITH RATEs..you will have 4 options...higher rates/longer NDA..SIMPLE SIMPLe..multiple choice question..THAT EASY

Nursedeedeez:  Did someone say why O had to be out of the country?

MiracleMan: Nurse..i have been told that for years..when goes live.O out of country..HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

MSBSD:  Clinton was out of the country as well when Kuwait reinstated

LawnMan: MM do we have to seperate Dinar

MiraceMan: Lawn..YES seperate dinar..I AM doing 3 accounts to start.DINAR DONG/Rupiah..MONSTER ZIM

MissKitty:  MM will all currencies be asset backed when we exchange?

MiracleMan: MISS..Great question..ANSWER AS of TONIGHT..100%%YES

MrsGib:  miracle....so when we leave a percentage in the bank for projects, do we not have control over those funds just the bank?

MiracleMan: ROOMIEs..MRS great question do we have control..100% yes thru TRUSt..Get principle INSURED..they will

NurseDeeDeez: Just wondering Easter is next week....will banks be open?

GS13:  NURSE my guess is… we will be finished by Easter so they will be closed then public on Monday

DustyS: Nurse you should be in & out before then--thats the plan

Bluiey:  MM Is leaving the money at WF a requirement to exchange with them?

MiracleMan: BLUe..no for higher rates/awesome perks..PARK at least 50% there..going to blow you away

Mangelo: MM I have to thank you with all this information,,,,but how did you get it.....from some one that exchanged?

MiracleMan: MANGELO..INNER WSOMN team..talk privately DIRECTLy to sources..Awesome team here..NO BS

MiracleMan:  Re. NDA:..again simple..4 options..HIGHER RATEs/LONGER NDA..simple..Govt got it right..ONE TIME..LOL


MiracleMan: Co..no read post.(see above) ..awesome how EASY this will be,,BACK TO SCHOOL..multiple choice..IMPORTANt take INSTITUTIONs and PROJECTs with you..Top rates must have them AWESOME GIVE away money rest of our lives...WOW

MiracleMn: ROOMIES..wrap up my UPDATE..go to school again..PICK AN OPTION..rate/length NDA...done less 30 minutes...GO help humanity… exchangers got to get 2M of us in 72 hours the goal...

Briona: 2 Million people in 5500 locations operating 24/7 would handle 363 people per location, divided by 3 days = 121 people per day or 5 per hour.

Chief53:  MIRACLEMAN SUMMARY 1) Will try to get 2 million people exchanged in 72 hours. 2) Appointments could start very shortly after 800 numbers released. 3) 30 minutes total for exchange, 10 minutes to choose rate and 20 minutes to set up accounts. 4) Will only have four options, A,B,C, or D. Each with a higher rate and longer NDA. 5) Must have your list of Humanitarian projects. 6) 90% chance we start by tomorrow AM, 100% we start by Tuesday AM.

Rnbfred:  Hey folks, Iran has said that it will wait for Iraq. These two are trading partners. If one goes without the other it messes things up. Iraq has to go first and then within hours Iran. So if the rial is going tomorrow then we should be going tonight. Iraq has to go first from what I have heard

Also if one looks at the UN's operational rate form nothing has changed yet for either of them to go. They will have to update that soon. last update was on 15th of this month. We are getting close.

Iraq and Iran are twin brothers, they are both guning to be apart of the WTO by June. IMF has said that Iraq will be apart of the WTO by the end of the first half of this year. That is by June 30th(?). In order to do that they have to have an tradeable currency prior to that for 90 days. Some of that can be done quitely but has to be done for a full 0 days.

We are approaching very quickly the end of that window that allows them to do it this year or we wait a year

Blackeyepea:  The chinese thought about letting the dong out first because of the idiocy of the US..but decided against it..Iran will wait for Iraq!

The Blackbird: Imf does not control. IQD is linchpin though. Elders will release to public first and only when the whole plan is fully implemented. Stay grounded.

Camdoc:  From a friend who used to live in Iraq: MF: Fyi Iran is right this minute for 5 days celebrating Nowrus which started as the Zorastrian New Year many centuries ago.. It starts today ! Not the first day of Spring From what Ive read so is Iraq. That is why Parliament is closed

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