Saturday, March 19, 2016



Tank : : This much I know, exchange centers are definitely expecting us today. There's a bunch of time frames out there as usual, such as the 22nd, and whatever other dates that seem to be pressing.

However, I've been told that group leaders have been notified, even some from the wells fargo group, and they have information that is to be emailed out at the appropriate time. Some historic bonds are being funded. And, I know there was kind of a weird post from ZAP on Wednesday, but Landa seems to be doing something paying off people's homes in foreclosure. (strange for having no funds)

LawnMan: Frankly all.... Tank is spot on with the Intel ... His info is real good...Everyone needs to understand the situation is fluid and no one has the actual time to a science...It is a process that is working and as one item on the checklist is done it flows...We all wait but from my contacts we are very very very close.

BIGFISH: JUST WAS TOLD that it is IMPERATIVE FOR THE BANKS AND THE MARKETS that this GOES this WEEKEND. come Monday will be a much Different story LET'S PRAY IT GOES!

RamblingRobert: I went to a WF and asked to the WM turns out the guy I gave my info to was the bank manager. He didn't pass it on. last Sat evening I got a call from the WM at that bank. He apologized for the way I was treated and told me just watch for the #800 number. he gave me his personal cell number…. and he called me from offsite after hours.

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