Thursday, March 3, 2016



BIGFISH:  GOOD MORNING EVERY ONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT Lose Hope in what still can Happen Today we already know certain things HAVE OCCURRED its like i said to some people last night that shared with me their DOUBT

We are watching a chess Game being played from 300 yards away and from that distance you cannot see the pieces being moved to know the plays being done sooo Lets HANG IN THERE SEE HOW THIS DAY ROLLS OUT THANK YOU,

Bigdog :  The last mile over every marathon is the hardest and requires the most faith you'll finish. There are thousands of people behind the curtain working very hard to make this process safe and pleasant for you.

With such a massive undertaking you must be prepared to cross the finish line. One thing I can assure you of is that no one is moving the line. Stay positive and finish strong!

Wolfy: Good Morning rich people---The very first email I just opened was from my best contact saying--Things are progressing great and it WILL be here any hour any minute now.. It was said it is done--and it is :)

Wolfy :  one of my contacts is a currency dealer/trader in Cali--his email late last night was he had to shut down until further notice :)

Fathertime :We must remember too that selling currencies is their business , they won't be closed for long in my opinion.

Shellbell:  This will happen as a "suddenly". People just hang in there. This investment is NOT for the weary at heart!

Wolfy:  Mass confusion--The closer we get the more confusion we will have--As we go along we are learning more and more and the PTB dont want us to. so they continually put out false hope and confusion. Decoys are being put up to have us looking in the wrong places and turning on one another--But its coming and they cant stop it.. We are almost there :)


WSOMN: JUST THE FACTS Wed. night CC Replay


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