Friday, March 25, 2016



Catallina wrote: Facts: 1.) Markets closed today, EU markets closed Monday.

2.) Historic meeting Saturday: IMF (Legarde) UN (Ki-moon), and the Iran president.

3.) General Dunford tells press 5,000 US troops in Iraq and troop numbers will increase soon!

4.) Exchange Centers on high alert.

5.) Price changes for Iraqi services and merchandise effective Monday.

6.) IKO believes there’s too much sensitive info being disseminated.

Sequoia: Catalina, World Bank reps will also be present at Iraq's Parliament. Quite the delegation

BIG DADDY WAR BUCKS : OK guys spoke to my friend from UN this morning you will see it by Tuesday, he said to enjoy the holiday maybe something Sunday night.

Please do not get mad at some of the Intel people like Yosef and Tank and others, that is the info they are getting at the time they pass it on because i am receiving the same info please have a great holiday.
Also Wells Fargo has been training their people for the last 8 months for this to happen

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