Saturday, March 19, 2016



TANK;  So listen, there is no hold ups, no delays. There is a furious influx of solid intel and all I'm gonna say about it is this, right now! This is the time to get your stuff ironed, court your currency one last time, make sure your people have their gift letters, but most importantly, RIGHT NOW! Make sure you're mentally prepared to move past this mess. You may have been focused so much on NOT being poor, that you haven't thought about really being rich, or more importantly, how rich you already are.

TERP1 wrote: to the forum: some of you know me and some are new. Those that know me know that I have not posted in 10 days there is a reason for that. But I will share - the rv happened last night at 2 and the TRN's are live WE WILL NOW START

Wizofog14: Guys terp is the real deal. He doesn't put stuff out unless he's very very confident. We should be excited and ready.

Deepeecash:  Hey guys, I just got a text from Tank. He said he concurs 100% with what TERP1 said. He told me to feel free to post. Oh yeah, He also said"We Go Now"!

Judi: From wingit tweet -Monday could be a big day in the markets and could be good for us. Contracts were due Friday and did get paid. HMMMMM Show me the money - end of tweet

Nursedeedeezee : If I can add something from a personal source? I know first hand bank information is true …I have to agree with Tank ....things are happening ….They are not preparing banks for no reason...


LawnMan: This came from the same source....Yesterday (3/18/16) they walked into a WF bank located the Currency Manager of the bank walked up to the woman and asked if we, that is the US was on the gold standard and though she would not say yes she nodded a yes....

She then asked if this bank would be exchanging the currencies we all luv and behold....And this person said not as of yet but called these currencies exotic currencies saying WF has set up remote exchange centers were you will at some point be able too....

A very True story


Tank :Good evening everyone, So I've had intel pouring in all day ,literally from around the world. I don't feel that anything Im going to share can disrupt the process at this time.
However, I'm going to use my best judgement on what I share and make sure to give you exactly what I KNOW to be true

Most importantly, I have received two confirmations on the information that was shared by TERP1. I count him as a third confirmation as I KNOW his intel to be unbiased and accurate.

 I also took note that he was missing for some time and suspected he had moved past this part of the process.

Secondly, I've received word from groups about being called into Reno for their actual appointments, rumors from Humanitarian groups saying the Historical bonds that fund their projects are about to be hydrated

I CAN CONFIRM that the RV took place this morning at 2AM, and that WE! GO! NOW

I Expect it at any moment

If anyone thinks they are part of some greater hierarchy and have all the facts amd thus cannot be corrected when.it comes to this process, I would say this, even the highest officials in this process only have part of the story, each executing their part as it comes together harmoniously.

THIS PROCESS has been in.motion for three weeks ad we've had amazing, factual intel TO believe that it would go. Today, IS different. And, as I've already clarified, Im putting the pieces together, reporting them to you and I genuinely believe they're coming to life as we speak. :)


Wolfy: We have run a long and hard and discouraging race, but its finished--Now for the next little while until we go to the banks--Enjoy each other, love one another, help one another because our days together in this chat room are limited--Post RV we will all be out with our PIF projects and most will be much too busy to come and hang out in here so. Please know we are all but done--all but done

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