Tuesday, March 1, 2016


WSOMN (Western States Open Minded Network)

Numan:  ZAP says another 48-72 hours for funds to hit their account. Bankers was holding out till end of month for their own gain….. Until bankers closed out for February.

Snickers:  So zap is saying another 2-3 days. We'll see.

Wiz:  ZAP's funding release is separate from- yet, imo, connected to, the GCR. His timeline does not necessarily equate to ours. But personally, I'm looking at his receipt of funds as a harbinger for us all. To date, he's been 'expecting' them for over 2 weeks now since he stated the Trust released the funds.


Catalina:  Let's recap what we do know or have heard from our Intel sources: (1) WTO deadline Thurs (2) Chinese and other bonds moving in Asia, Switzerland, etc. (3) Humanitarian funding promised today, tonight (3) Bank meetings schedule today (4) hyper activity seen at several bank locations (5) Tariff law may go into effect Wednesday. Am I missing anything?

Sabickford:  Catalina,  China reduced the value of the yuan this morning too

Catalina:  sabickford: That is very interesting when a statement came out out of the G-20 that the yuan would be stable and not DEVALUE. Someone is not happy...

Scotchie:  Catalina, I think the tariffs have started, look at this...."Customs fiscal revenue doubled after the application of the tariff latest news The Director General of the General Administration of Customs professor Kazem Ali Abdullah income earned from the border outlets doubled after the application of customs tariff law

Catalina:  scotchie...that is icing on the cake...wouldn't you agree?  Tony and DC were always looking for tariffs to get the RV party started...

Kaper:  Frank saying maliki is on the run, went back to his home town and his goons in goi resigned on sat because federal court act past which is part of amnesty law

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