Tuesday, March 1, 2016


WSOMN: Western States Open Minded Network

Late Monday Night:

Brigantine : Greeks dumped Euro for Drachma and Saudis dumped US dollar peg to join AIIB

TBirdd:  Brig... woww!

Brigantine:  As I said, that came from Kaper and was confirmed on Gerry's call.

Dusty S.:  You forgot to mention that Japan is in the process of depegging also !!

Tbirdd:  Dusty... more good news! thanks! woww..

Blackeyedpea:  The US had to give major concessions to China for all the BS..China is in.control.behind the scenes..y'all just pray the US can't start a war..seriously

WSOMN Cont…….

Early Tuesday Morning

Shellbell:  My contemplations today; March 3rd has to have an international traded currency. This should be the backwall date. International means visible, not on back screens only. So our slow roll out of a few more weeks does not jive with me for this reason. So i am anticipating groups today for two days and then public Thursday.

Kaper:  If saudi arabia depegged from the dollar thats the final death blow to the usd

Humanbeing:  Last night someone said the hold up previous day was 2 more countries had to depeg from USD. Greece and hmmmm can't remember

Kaper:  Human saudi arabia

TBirdd:  Human .. greece & saudi arabia...also said turkey was in process..

WolfEyes:  From Special Caller on GM call yesterday.. Notes up on Forum  by

Camdoc--There was a couple of countries still had to de-peg from the dollar and get away from the Euro, and I understand that that was done yesterday. Saudi Arabia and Japan have already done so, and joined the BRICS AIIB.

Beamer:  J Lew ">>U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Tuesday that he doesn't expect an all-out global currency war anytime soon. Such risks are now "greatly, greatly reduced" after discussions held at a summit of G20 central bank and finance ministers over the weekend in Shanghai, Lew told a news briefing in Hong Kong "   

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