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Mick:  Ok folks. Your Final. Final Timeline update This WILL happen before April 1 Friday for US. Internet. Reno group People. Direct. Direct Contact. With super banking source Oh yea by the way. One of our intel providers exchanged. Today. Don't Ask Tonight. Wednesday. Night. Hottest nights Trust me. Again. Working 10-12 hrs a day Do not respond till evening Stay tuned

Mick: that was yesterday if nobody saw it


The Big Call   CC Tuesday 3/29/16 @ 9:00 pm EDT
(Notes by FancyFree in the Wingit Room)
Featuring: Bruce, Sue, Bob
Bruce:  We are so close.  We thought that we might start yesterday, right after Easter, and some people have exchanged, and some people are exchanging.
 Prayers & Praise
Bruce:  In general where we are...  is very interesting.  In the last day or so we were in a great place of expectation, and we are still there.  I was looking for something last night in the night between midnight and 3:00 am.  Something important did happen.  Certain individuals that have been in charge of our system have acquiesced.  They have accepted that the new paradigm is here.
The GCR has happened in the past day or so.  We are now looking for an acknowledgement of our new system.  However that occurs, once it does it should trigger the actual button-pusher here in the US to GO.  Behind the scenes, rates are elevating & moving in the direction we want.  Rates are not going to be an issue for us.
The ride we've been on is slowing down.  We have already ridden the roller coaster and have glided into home.  We await the bar that holds us in the ride to lift. 
People with previous bank relationships are successfully exchanging.  SKR's are being made liquid.  These are meaningful precursors.  We are in high expectation of not having to wait much longer.
Q:  How sure are you about the Zim & Dong being exchangeable?
Bruce:  Extremely sure.  We know may folks who have exchanged them. 
Q:  Will there be debt relief for this who don't know about this?
Bruce:  There is, and it's not too far off.  Eventually, everyone will have relief from it.  Under 3 months, from what I've heard.
Q:  How do I know if my money is really insured over $250,000 USD?
Bruce:  We understand that unlimited insurance has been reinstated.  It's going to be a whole new world and a new banking paradigm.
Q:  What is the status of Dinar Corps?
Bruce:  I don't know.
Q:  Won't we violate our NDA if we give info to our professional team?
Bruce:  There is probably allowance in the NDA for such circumstances.  Ask at your exchange. 
Q's:  (Questions on trusts, using funds, percentages, structured payouts, etc.)
Bruce:  Each case is different.  Use your professional team to best fulfill your needs.
Q:  What is the best bank to exchange in France / Europe?
Bruce:  If possible, I would exchange at HSBC.  Perhaps call the US 800# when it's released and ask them.
Q:  Are we safe at getting to our exchange?  Should my husband carry a firearm to our exchange?
Bruce:  The redemption Centers are safe.  You cannot take a firearm into the redemption center.  You could hire someone, but only to escort you to the door.  If you get to the parking lot, you should be fine.  It's up to you.
Q:  I am concerned about the structured payout.  Will they allow for my age?
Bruce:  We've heard discussions of structured payouts, BUT we won't know until we go to our redemption appointments.  Talk to them at your exchange.  There are options.
Q:  (On getting to the best location to exchange)
Bruce:  Give the zipped of where you are and where you want to exchange if that helps your situation to be more clear for the call center.
Sue:  There are beautiful pieces from Yosef on Dinar Chronicles including the newest - "If You Want Peace..." for understanding what we are going through on a personal and global scale. 
Q:  Who will exchange the Zim?
Bruce:  WF, HSBC, Bank of China, AIIB
 Helpful, caring, lovely discussion from Sue, Bob & Bruce on how we are feeling now, and how we can best deal with our thoughts, emotions and bodies through the process.
Bruce:  Prays us out.  Thanking God for Resurrection, Ascension and our Blessing that will change the world one persona at a time.  Let us go forward with ruth, confidence and love.

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