Thursday, March 24, 2016

TZX Intelligence Report 3/24/2016 10:26:00 AM, 24 MARCH

TZX Intelligence Report 3/24/2016 10:26:00 AM

Today, March 24th, marks the day of the liberation of Mosul. The outskirts of Mosul have already been successfully and swiftly liberated by Iraqi forces.

The Mosque is completely packed with people, time stamp: 6:44 PM, Baghdad.https://alkafeel.net/live/index.php?live=5&lang=ar
Iraqi Politics

Over a decade has gone by and economic reform has still not completed. Real progress in the Iraqi government only started when Abadi took office. The previous Prime Minister, Maliki -- was one corrupted individual. The entire government had been infested and still suffers from Maliki's corruption.

    The corruption originated from nobody else but the Cabal. After the invasion occurred, the country was left in complete ruins internally. Ex-Prime Minister Maliki was only one of their puppets in their failed "democracies". Thus, he was free to infest the Iraqi government with corruption. In 2014, Abadi assumed office as Prime Minister. This time, an independent Prime Minister (with more influence from the benevolent powers-that-be than the Cabal) had taken office. This marks the beginning for progress in Iraq.

    2016, the people of Iraq are fed up with corruption and are anxious for economic reform.

PM Abadi was forced to clear the cabinet and is about to announce the new cabinet members. If the corruption in Iraq doesn't end soon, civil unrest will consume the country.

    Before you take it as bad news, consider it to be good news. This is a sign of the on-going battle behind the scenes. Trust in and have faith in the benevolent PTB's influence over PM Abadi that he will complete economic reform before civil unrest occurs.

In our last report, we've mentioned that there is a secret war occurring at this very moment. A war against the Khazarian Empire otherwise known as the Cabal. The end of this war is approaching as the Khazarian Empire take their last stand.

Where does Iraq fit in?

Iraq is only fragment of the war against the Khazarian Empire. Iraq has been a victim, conquered by the Empire. What you are seeing in Iraq, is part of the slow and steady liberation of Earth.

The Empire are in failure to impede the liberation with their deteriorating proxy force, the Islamic State. The people of Iraq have had enough of corruption, this is in-fact a sign of the global awakening process for unified consciousness.


Iraq is nearing the boiling point. PM Abadi is being pressured by the people to clean out the corruption and ultimately pass economic reform.

Does this mean the RV/GCR grows near?

Yes, it does. Why? The benevolent PTB will not allow Iraq to fall. Because Iraq is currently one of the strongholds for the liberation of Earth. News coming out of Iraq is all a political play tasked to keep you grounded to this current "reality".

The true reality is that the BRICS, Resistance Movements Continue to watch Iraq.

Only progress can be sighted ahead. Do not forget that what comes out of Iraq is not the entire truth. Always remember that the behind the scenes of the current geo-political situation, the BRICS and Resistance Movements are fighting for our freedom and prosperity.

This has been TZX Intelligence, ending report.

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