Thursday, March 24, 2016

TNT:Chat with elmerf123456, 24 MARCH

    • calgoldy said
      02:45 PM Mar 24, 2016
    elmerf123456wrote moments ago There it is, confirmation that Fayadh Hassan Nima will serve as acting Minister of Oil #Iraq
    elmerf123456wrote 29s ago Iraq Retakes ISIS-Held Villages Outside Mosul nytimes.com/2016/03/25/wor… @tarangoNYT

    We have not seen him for a while. elmerf123456wrote  https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/in-syria-and-iraq-the​ -islamic-state-is-in-retreat-on-multiple-fronts/2016/03/24/a0e33774​-f1​ 01-11e5-a2a3-d4e9697917d1_story.html elmerf123456wrote 12s a​go The heat is on!!!! Yes!!!!! Oil Minister @AdilAbdAlMahdi officiall​y announced his resignation. 2 days before PM Abadi to release candi​dates for cabinet reshuffle. #Iraq
    Tndr wrote  Elmer, can you speak to the meeting in Baghdad on Sat? Pretty darn big deal, eh? avatar.jpeg elmerf123456wrote 1m ago Tndr ya think? Huge!!!!
    elmerf123456wrote moments ago Okie is doing great and feeling much better his surgery was very successful he is just like you ready to start this exchange process!
    elmerf123456wrote  I'm feeling good I just have not been around because I'm working extra to make ends meet probably like many of you I Peek in once in a while from time to time but work has my focus and I think were at the end of the line I know it's been a long arduous struggle for most of us but you stay grounded stay positive and don't do anything with your Currency it will be worth the wait
    elmerf123456wrote moments ago I know we hear things that say this is going to happen every single day but just know that the direction it's moving forward and I'm very happy for that and you should be too I really do believe we are at the end of this thing and thank God for that
    elmerf123456wrote  Ride has been long enough for everyone and I for one am more than ready for this to stop! The cabinet reshuffle and the IMF with Christine Lagarde and Ban Ki Moon being in Iraq Saturday is certainly a good sign in my opinion
    Tndr wrote  Hopeful question Elmer...could Sat be a congratulations instead of a meeting to make a decision/ announcement? Hoping I suppose? elmerf123456wrote 7m ago Tndr. I simply don't know but I hope you're right on the first sentence
    elmerf123456wrote  ago I cannot promise anything on Okie's behalf but in the event this actually comes to a closure and it's done and over with I will ask him if you would like to use Open Mic as a means to say goodbye to everyone and he will either choose to do so or not ! deal?
    The World is patiently waiting for March 26, 2016! The BIG meeting in Iraq! May this be the final puzzle for Iraq to go International with their currency!
    elmerf123456 has not been around much because he has been busy with a day job.
    good to see him again

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