Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Ray:  We're getting mixed signals.  Iraq was getting a new cabinet in 10 days.  Then . . . new message on TV screen of new government seated in two weeks and that pushed it to the 20th.  Amnesty law needs full government to be completed. Based on this information Ray the signal is from the 20th to end of the month.
Banks over here excited about Friday, Monday  . . . now hear Wednesday and heightened sense of awareness. Just waiting for release. Some looked for it Monday.  Some saying it already took place.  People are exchanging.  People have appointments. A lot of activity . . . lot of excitement.

So Iraq is giving one set of signals and US Banks are giving a different signal.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  The window as far as I'm concerned is NOW!  Banks going through crazy hours and all the                                               things they are subjected too, has to be for some reason.
Ray:  Bottom line as far as US side of things any minute, any day, if you follow along with the banks.  They are the ones going to give us the money. 

IRAQ:   Amnesty law needs full government to be completed.   Abadhi to give a speech or make announcement to Iraqi people tomorrow.  Maybe on TV.   Ray:  This will probably give us an indication of timing for the cabinet.
  • TV:  On Tuesday a new message appeared saying a new government would be seated in two weeks pushing it out to the 20th.                  
  • IMF    
  • Rates:  Ray: I didn't get info from the source I wanted to get it from yet.  Rates Ray is hearing vary widely.  Sometimes $2 plus difference.  Ray:  That takes us back to the rates showing being place holder rates in the system.
  • NDA:   Ray has not heard of a claw back clause with the NDA.    
  • Banks:  A lot of activity.  People continuing to exchange and appointments being set.        
  • CAPS on currency:  No new information        
Q & A: 

Q -  What are we waiting for to see the RV? Ray:  I don't know.  Too much about this we don't know.
Q -  Where is Pam, really?  Ray:  She's been posting in chat.
Q -  Do you give any credence to Dr. Clark's analysis.  Ray:  I have no idea what his analysis is.
Q -  How can someone just learning about the dinar and impending RV best acquire knowledge?  Ray:  Just read the history of the whole process.  In the forum, dinar 101 or something to that affect takes you back to how it all began.
Q. - How to negotiate? Ray:  Have some knowledge before you go in.
Q. - Cabinet having anything to do with the progress of RV?  Ray: I really don't know.  If they are ready to do this on moment’s notice, then the cabinet deal is a moot point.
Q. - Did they miss the window for privileges with WTO because they have not revalued?  Ray:  I don't know that either.  I haven't read up on it either way.  Some say it's not necessary.


Bottom line as far as US side of things any minute, any day if you follow along with the banks.  They are the ones going to give us the money.  Until the bank says come on in, nothing is going to happen.

I'm being told, everything is already done.  Banks excited and ready, ready, ready.  I'm going with them.
If you go with the information from across the water, the last thing on the TV, may need up to the 20th to get cabinet straightened out and new leader.   That could put you to the end of the month if you subscribe to that.  One source is 20th to end of the month.  US banks ready now. . . You decide what side you want to go with.

This is an interesting turn of events.  Banks are excited I'm going with that.  Abadhi to talk to Iraqi's tomorrow.  That may clear it up or make it muddier. We'll see what he says to his people.
We wait, whether is it today tomorrow, the 20th.  That's all we can do.  Sit back, relax, know it is coming and be ready to receive it if you believe.  (playing I Believe)
Ray:  Enjoy your Wednesday. We maybe get a telephone call or text this evening . . . tomorrow.  I don't know.  We'll see what happens. Take care.

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