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      10:25 AM Mar 4, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  As Tony would say right about now, "Didn't think we would really be here today."  We will get through one more day.  There were some who expected it this morning.  Know there were a lot of you who expected it yesterday based on the information that was out.
    Iraq side is confusing.  Somebody is up to something.  Think they are trying to suppress the information . . . the reality of what is going on over there. . . I can only rely on what people over there are telling me.  All cards are funded, paid.  Everybody has there money, giving the implication it is all good.  But using the articles - what about the man in the street saying, 'I don't have mine.'  Demonstration still planned.  Others want us to believe that is no longer the truth.  We'll find out later if the demonstrations took place and went into the green zone.  I'm believing the one on the street.  They have nothing to gain by misinforming.  I'm going with they are still protesting.  They want to see economic reform. . . corruption dealt with.  
    TV was saying Abadhi intended to have new GOI.  . . Don't think it will have an impact if they intend to have this popping out this evening.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Emphasis is having it done by close of business today, if not earlier.
                                                 The information I received were to have it ALL done by 4:00 pm.
    Ray:  I believe it's going to happen.  Not 100% it will happen this evening.  If your desperate don't rely on this.  Just know and believe it is coming. . . ne of these days, it's going to be it.
    • CBI     
    • Banks 
    • Demonstrations:  Still planning to have at 1 or 3 pm Iraqi time.
    • TV              Mosques 
    • IMF:  Been told the IMF has signed off on it.    
    • Rates:  High!  ZIM - Ray:  Surprisingly high!  Some of the rates your hearing just might be true rates.
    • UST:    
    • Banks:  On high alert.  Some on lock down.  Some not.  All seeing the rates.  Ray is of the belief they have the codes but not permission to release.  
    • Packages:   
    • Vegas, Vegas, Vegas:  No banks have made committments to present yet.  Ray:  Not just going to have a party.       We will have one, but professional contacts will be there.
    • Tony Letters:  Yes, they are getting to Tony but some have been sent to the wrong address and in the future will not be forwarded to him.  (No, I don't know the address and it was not given on the call)    
    Clarification:  Exchanging can take place at a bank or at a currency/travel exchange center - like Travelex.  A non-bank exchange center is not expected to have contract rates.
    Q & A: 
    Q. - Can I go in with someone who is blind and then go back in for myself?   Ray:  If she signs an NDA, they probably will make you sign too.  Know the repercussions that could bring on you.  Check with the bank and find out before you go in.  
    If it were me and I was giving you an NDA to sign and your bringing Mary with you to help you understand.  Mary will be privy to same info.  So, from my perspective I would bind Mary also.   If you sign a contract, she'll have to sign too.  I'm not the government handing out the NDA's but I know how to protect my ASS ets.
    Q. - Perks in negotiation? Ray: Look in the forum.
    Q. - Since contract rates are based on oil prices, does the price of oil need to go up?  Ray: Everything is accounted for.
    Q. -Keep hearing banks will call me.  How will they know to call me?  Ray:  From private exchanges that have taken place.  When this goes public and 800#'s issued you will have a number to call them.
    Q. - if you have an investment counselor, would you take him to the bank?   Ray:  Not to the exchange.  He would be in competition with the bank.
    Q. - Humanitarian projects make a difference for exchange?  Ray:  I can't tell you it will or won't.  Bank is in the business of making money.  If I have the capability to determine what rate you get, I will be looking at it from perspective of how much am I working for.  For the business minded person, humanitarian projects are money you intend to give away.  Might hurt yourself - see what they tell you at initial conversation.  
    Q. - Will they talk rates on the phone?  Only one rate?   Ray:  No need to mention humanitarian projects as it won't make a difference.
      Where will you walk post RV?  Where will your footsteps take you?

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