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      10:23 AM Mar 30, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  I don't know anymore today then I knew on Monday.  Been quiet.  Yesterday it was cemetery quiet.  All kinds of reports:  new cabinet being revealed; IMF: demonstrators preparing to get into the Green Zone so they are still on a mission.
    Everything seems to be a continuation of Monday with expectations being geared for tomorrow.  I can't get enough inside information to determine the next event.  To my knowledge just waiting for the prices to change.  Some people still out to lunch if currency International or being accepted Internationally.   Because you can't see something does not mean it does not exist.
    Banks here quiet.  Some people were looking for it yesterday morning and others today.  The intel information depends on who you are speaking to and who you receive it from.  Some of us put bits and pieces together to make sense.  Most of our information comes from US banks.  It's not like we have a group of people that sit at a round table and load me up with information.  Not that simple.  It comes in spurts and bits and pieces for me and the intel TNT receives.  I don't know how others get information.  May hear things from my camp that is different from others camps.  Different sources, come from different levels.  (Information from banking level are VP's, those who have exchanged and those living/working in Iraq.)
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  They still saying they want this done by the end of the month.  Everything seems to be a continuation of Monday with expectations being geared for tomorrow.  We may before the week is out. If we go into the first of April, then I will ask what set of windows are there for us?
    IRAQ:    Ray:  We always talked about two things happening.  The Dinar being International and rate changing.  Always thought they would happen simultaneously.  One seems to be in progress and the other to happen later. We already know Iraq's intentions. They plan to raise the rate of their currency. 
    Some of us still have expectations of what we are used too. I put the champagne on ice Monday. No one told me it would change on Monday. It didn't happen so then I poured out the melted ice and put the champagne in the freezer.
    How many of you remember whenTony thought it was going and was standing in line at the bank eating a hot dog?
    • GOI:   Prime Minister Abadi told to have things done by Thursday to present cabinet.  Ray: . . .could be last straw or another cog in the wheel.
    • CBI:  Ray knows nothing about two clerks in the CBI being arrested.     
    • Banks 
    • Demonstrations:  plans underway for the demonstrators to go into the Green Zone.
    • TV              Mosques 
    • Iraq Currency being International:   Ray:  What was announced on Monday might take a day or so for everyone to see it across the land.  Some of this takes time to unwind.  That unwinding process may take hours or days.  What was announced on Monday might take a day or so for everyone to see it
    • IMF:  making loan to Iraq   
    • Currencies:  Dong:   Can the Dinar go up separate from the Dong or vice versa?  Ray:  I don't know.  I guess we will find that out together.
    UNITED STATES:  Is not making a loan to Iraq.  
    • UST:    
    • Banks:  Very quiet.  They were looking for it both Monday and this morning. ZIM  will be exchanged by Wells Fargo and other banks intend to exchange the ZIM.   
    • NEW US Money:  Ray:  Unless the government is going to make us aware with real quick campaign to make public aware, we will be using same dollar we hold right now.  I've not heard of a campaign for any new money for us.  Q:  We are not waiting on any kind of (US) currency announcement for RV to happen?  Ray: Not in my opinion.  Not heard that from anyone I talk with or banking people.  
    • Vegas is intended to be a training event along with time to play.  Ray said it will be a gathering of multiple agendas.  Like multiple vendors at an Expo.  It will be an opportunity to network for professionals, financial reasons and social.  meeting social, meet and greet.
    • Private Family Foundation:  (information posted after call)   
    Q & A: 
    Q. – Iraq currency globally traded?  Ray:  I can't elaborate anymore than I already have.  Information not forth coming other than what I have already received.  Other than working behind the screens that we have not seen materialize yet.  Those kind of results most of you are looking for have not materialized.  We wait and see mode on that situation.
    Q. -Still confident Dinar is International?  Ray:  YES!
    Q. - Three questions regarding intel:  Is intel drying up or not seeking further intel anymore?   Ray: We are always seeking intel.  Can't get what is not there.  I get it every day.  It is not all good or all bad.  I try to decipher the outcome.
    Q. - If someone gifts to someone else from the gift I gave them do they need to write a gifting letter.   Ray: Yes, they would.  It would be appropriate.
    Q. - Is ZIM dollar legal tender?  Ray:  It is not legal tender for Zimbabwe and has not been since 2009.  Until it receives another status, we have been collecting it as a collectible.  After GCR/RV the ZIM is expected to have value.  It's been showing on bank screens.
    Q. -  Distribution of exchanged funds to multiple parties?  Ray:  You could create a trust, name them all equal beneficiaries and then make a beneficial distribution to each one of them.         
    Q. - We are not waiting on any kind of currency announcement for RV to happen?  Ray: Not in my opinion.  Not heard that from anyone I talk with or banking people.      
    Q. -       Ray:  
    Look forward to something possibly this evening.  Tomorrow?  Friday?  Yes!  Just hold on.  It's coming.  If reason to come back this afternoon I will be back, Johnny on the spot.
    If bankers still listening, still anxiously awaiting to let us know what to do to assist our members, with numbers or set of instructions for appointment - any news is better than no news.  
    Enjoy your Wednesday.  Looking forward to whatever happens when it happens, in the next few hours or next few days.  (played "I Believe")

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