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      10:23 AM Mar 2, 2016
    What an AWESOME Call!!!
    Iraq:  Ray: Dealers licenses been taken from them and there
    is an effort to stop the distribution and could also happen in the USA.
    They are only allowed to sell what's on hand and not any new currency!
    Ray:  Going to talk about a few things.  Some things I'm still nailing down.  
    Iraq:  Cards funded and salaries paid previously.  Everyone caught up.  Remember they were told . . . it would be at the new rate.  Not 100% done yet.  New rate has not kicked in.  Citizens bothered about that . . . and about corruption.  They want to see justice.  
    CURRENT WINDOW:   In response to, "Is the IQD International today and are we in the midst?  Ray:  YES! (to both.)
                                        Ray:  I'm 100% sure this is going to happen.  Am I 100% sure it will happen by Friday?  No.                                                  Some people tell us this week.  Also last.
    Caller: You seem to be giving hints you think this will go by Friday? Ray:  That's what I'm receiving.
    IRAQ:    Ray:  Looking at target date prepared months ago and didn't make it into the public eyes.  The articles were created months ago.  (So you would think it was in the future yet)  
    • Dealers Currency Licenses:   Dealers licenses been taken from them and there is an effort to stop the distribution and could also happen in the USA.
    • Amnesty Law has been resolved. Tariffs set to go. Ray:  Means progress slow and steady, moving forward.          
    • Banks 
    • TV:    Saying PM Abadhi to have new cabinet and new CBI leader in the next 10 days.  Ray:  Read a week ago that Dr. Shabibi returned to the position.  We'll see.
    • Demonstrations:  Ray:  Plans were to have another demonstration on Friday and push into the Green Zone.  If things go according to plan they won't have the need to . . .Looking to have things done by Friday so no need for demonstrations or citizen revolt.  
    • IMF  
    • Rates:   Dong and ZIM to go at the same time as the Dinar.  Q: Range on Dinar?  Heard $27-$37.  Ray:  Heard the same thing you heard.  Don't know if that is 100%. . . . Sign an NDA and we still won't know.   Q: Range on Dong?:  Heard, $20 and into the teens.   Ray:  Not heard into the $20.  Heard $15-$16.  ZIM:  Ray has heard in the cents, like .20, $1 - $5. Ray: Now hearing in the dollars.  Who really knows?  I don't know the current rates because they keep changing.
    • UST:    
    • Banks:   Mobilized on Monday and Tuesday for private exchanges. Building up for full public release. 
    • Funding:  Progress being made according to Ray's sources.
    • 800#:  May screen you on the call, negotiate and lock you in on the contract rate.  
    • Already Blessed/Pam:  Still doing all the background work, just does not want to talk.  
    • Exchanging:  Ray says he'll say, "I'm here to exchange this Iraq currency and get the best possible rate I can get.  
    • Gifting Notification:  Affidavit to be notarized.  A letter could just be witnessed.
    • NDA:  Anyone, whether they are a professional or not, if you take them to your exchange maybe required to sign an NDA.
    • Exchange Centers:  Ray:  I haven’t heard of exchange centers having the same deals as the bank.  My impression is that the deals will be at the banks.  At a dealer you get the International rate.

    Q & A:
    Q:  If you play the market the market rate could be greater than the contract rate?  Ray: Iraq has already said their currency could withstand $16.  Let's say it came out at $7.  Would it go higher than the $16?  Maybe, you have demand.  You might be right.  The market rate might surpass whatever the fixed contract rate is.  Contract rate will only last so many days and then be gone.
    Q:  Read  that we are now in a 16.5 hour window;  trillions moved around the world and should be hearing something by 11:30 this evening.  You heard this?  Ray:  No, not heard anything like that.  It could be true and factual and I just haven't heard it.   Let's be optimistic.  What do we have to lose?  Let’s look forward to see what happens.
    Q:  Read shopkeepers not taking physical currency because it was on ??? paper.  You heard that?  Ray, No!  Usually a citizen I'm talking to or quasi government.  Not heard anything about shopkeepers not accepting currency.  We are talking about pay all on cards.  Did hear instructions to merchants on how to process the cards.
    When am I going to see it Wednesday. Might, tonight or tomorrow. We might see this tonight or tomorrow, and we are optimistic that we will see something – either a continuation of what we have been seeing this week or a full-blown RV.    Should it happen? I don't see why it should not and good motivation for it to happen this week. We patiently wait as each hour goes by.
    I don't know the time frame. If it's 16 or 32 hours. Many put those times out there, and they may have firm intel for that but I don’t. Banks doing private stuff and rolling. Just waiting for the release code for us to come in.   I do know some private exchanges are taking place.  I don’t know how the banks will handle the larger groups.  
    How they intend to handle that is a mystery. I've not heard from any representative, even though I've put the word out. An agenda would suffice. A plan of action so we could help you the banking person as well as our members. Even if you don't want to give us intricate details, point us in the right direction.
    We can let the members know so when it is time to go it can be effortless, smooth. I'll let them know how you intend to handle them when we come to your doors.
    Ready. Excited. We’re in that minute. Banking folks say, "ready to go. Waiting for a release code." The minute the code release authorization its' on.
    Hope it's not a mad commotion, running to banks, tripping over themselves. In the meantime, in between time we await. When I receive the information, morning, noon or night, we'll put it out there. And you can take care of business and get on with your life.
    In the meantime, in between time we await. When I receive the information, morning, noon or night, we'll put it out there. And you can take care of business and get on with your life.
    Father time will tell us everything we need to know, what we want to know, and in some cases what we don't want to know. That's what I believe. (playing “I believe”).  
    You Tube:  "I Believe" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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