Tuesday, March 15, 2016

TNT :Highlights Ftank 26 CC 3/14 part 1 by lillypad, 15 MARCH

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The US is done interviewing the chemical warfare ISIS official. 
What you see in the news … most of it is OLD NEWS … (usually 2 weeks old) … that’s why you don’t see much being posted by WalkingStick.
It’s possible that Abadi will do some announcing this Wednesday.  We were hoping he would have done it last Friday. 
Abadi is talking about the corrupt ministers.
I think it was Thursday of last week … IRAN and IRAQ … (the Siamese twins) … one is louder than another.  
IRAN went in to get a credit rating report.   Finch, Moody … the same rating companies/agencies that rated IRAQ.
So … does IRAN have their credit rating?  (Not yet) … they will get it from the same agencies that Iraq did.
IRAN’s credit rating may be higher due to the fact that they don’t have to redo the government, repair war torn cities, bridges, roads, and terrorism, etc.
Yet … American best still won’t mess with IRAN’s currency.
Are you EAGER to raise the value of your currency IRAN?  (Yea … DUH!) 
You know that you’re supposed to wait for IRAQ … right?  (Yea … IRAN’s been waiting)
IRAN passed the Anti-Money Laundering Law … just like IRAQ.
That law will allow them to prosecute and execute corrupt people.
Maliki is in our possession.
IRAN reports that the reason why Maliki did NOT want to give any money to the Kurds was because he was stealing 3 MILLION BARRELS of OIL a DAY which was being sent to ISIS … and Maliki got a cut out of that.
Have you noticed that IRAN and IRAQ’s auctions have been really low lately? 
IRAN needs to be silent … or the rest of their sanctions won’t be lifted. 
IRAN sent 1 Million barrels of oil to Europe last week.  So … what was the price for the barrels of oil?  Humm.  See if you can help us find out.  If we had the manifest … that would be important to us. 
Do you think that IRAN is going to WAIT for IRAQ?
Do you think that the VIETNAMESE DONG will wait?  China will not help them.
Vietnam looks to the USA for help … and today, they are exploding in growth.
I told you about the new type of sugar that is going to come out of Vietnam.
Vietnam DONG … are you going to wait for IRAQ?
Some people speculate if they will be able to “double-dip”
We don’t know if that will be possible … or possible.
Each country … each currency in each basket FIGHTS for itself!
So … it is “all for one, and one for all?”  Well … let’s just see who get in their first.
Imagine a marathon … thousands of runners … and in the front are the elite runners.  In the last 5 miles … about 10 of those runners have broken-away from the pack … all racing to cross the finish line first.
Will a basket of currencies come out together … or alone?  We don’t know.
Based on our studies … each of these countries is trying to win.
IRAN and VIETNAM were in a long-line.  I’m beginning to think that they may have jumped out of line and they are all out to win.
 It doesn’t really matter.  If one goes off … they all trigger to go off right after each other (chain-reaction).
My teams see a different attitude now.  Our teams are like leopards.  We are very “spot-on.”  We believe that one of these currencies is going to go off very soon.
We were hoping that Abadi would tell us (the media) about the RESHUFFLE last Friday.  Well … perhaps this Wednesday.
We hope that Abadi will tell us about Mahadi (a former vice-president) may be a candidate for the minister of finance. 
Zabari needs to be removed.  He’s a crook who doesn’t want to admit that he did wrong.  He’s not qualified. 
Tonight, Delta is going to talk to you about FATCA.  It was an announcement made on the CBI website – (Arabic website).

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