Thursday, March 31, 2016


I promised not to drop names but was told to inform all of the family that  a very close friend of mine gave me a call 30 minutes ago.  This friend is very special and had it not been for this individual, many of us may not be in this venture today. One could say he certainly is a pioneer!  This has been an arduous task to say the least and there have been many ups and downs that have caused a strain. 

This particular person is elated and I have not seen this much enthusiasm from them in a long time. From what I was told, the information is good and and moving to great! With all the things that have transpired this week know there are no coincidences! We know better, we're good students...And have been fortunate to be surrounded with great teachers among us!  I share in their excitement and have been prepared for the conclusion and am ready to embrace its arrival and I'm confident all of you are as well. We are in a good place and our patience will be rewarded. I consider I'm  to be fortunate to have been included in this endeavor and will do my part to make this Blessing not just about money, but empowerment to better our world. 

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