Tuesday, March 15, 2016


TNT : 

9Ball:  This is something I just received from a friend. Don't give me a lot of grief over it, I am just passing it on. You decide if you want to believe it or not. Just heard that Iraq and the USA have handshake agreement to get them into the WTO asap … Today they internally set values (the rates) and tomorrow they release it … Announcements scheduled 6 PM tomorrow…

9Ball:  The much awaited RV, I have been informed, came out on Wednesday of this week in the USA. It has been dealt privately, with no public announcement…..This was sent to my friend late saturday and he wasn't able to read it until today. So, last wed. was last week

Jthmh:  9Ball, that's encouraging news. I have been thinking that the private exchanges are being managed a few at a time and with care so that there isn't mass public up rising with a big turn out of exchanges all at once. It actually makes a lot of sense and would be rather slow with the volume of people who are waiting to exchange.

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