Sunday, March 13, 2016


TNT : 

THE_TNT_TEAM:Release Codes arrived, yet still not action. I have many questions, but no answers. Do NOT call the banks! "I believe"# wearethepeople

SEB : SOmeone just texted me and said the release codes mean the banks can now exchange, as they need release codes to release the rates that are showing on the screen.

Elmerf123456: (Late Saturday Night)  Ok. Don't know what this means but here it is: I have not spoken to my friend across the pond in 12 weeks. I don't have any idea why he was quiet, but perhaps he had a gag order. At 5pm while I was out working, I didn't notice a text message on my phone, but low and behold I got a message from him: "There is a special meeting in Iraq tomorrow at 8 am with Abadi and his finance team along with two key finance dignitaries from Beijing China."

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