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TNT Call notes 9-March-2016

RayRen: [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to Wednesday, March 9, 2016, and this is RayRen98.  We’re going to bring you the information and hopefully get at least one person straight.
Let’s work with the intel first.  This process gets more interesting with every twist and turn. We are definitely getting mixed signals.  On Monday we talked about the request that was targeting the 10th, that they were going to get everything in order in Iraq, and have a new cabinet within ten days. That was on the television a week ago, and then we reviewed that on Monday.  ON Tuesday a new message appeared on the screen, saying that the new government would be seated within two weeks, by the 20th, with parliament gone on a nine-day vacation.  So that is the 20th before we see the newly seated government and the Amnesty Law, which needs the full government to complete. That is pushing the citizens towards the end of the month.  We have people here saying that it’s all done over there, but citizens on the street are still waiting for cards and/or the new rates, and they are still bothered that corruption has not been handled, (although that should be on the way.)  The new cabinet might be adding another ten days; t hat’s what they are saying in Iraq.  For us, identifying with all that in Iraq, that puts us in the window of the 20th or end of the month, for those who subscribe to that idea. 
On the other hand, the banks over here were excited about Friday, doing private exchanges on Monday, to here we are on Wednesday with the banking systems saying ‘all systems go’ and just waiting for that release.  So that is the mindset of thinking “this should pop today” and some intel providers have been saying that since Sunday.   Some are looking for this today, maybe, maybe not.  That banks are ready and eager to see us; some have been sequestered, and they are ready, willing and able.  That information has been coming from all branches, not just one bank.
We really don’t know what is happening. We know what the banks are saying and also the opposite message that Iraq is giving their people.  Perhaps certain things are being said for certain reasons, we just don’t know.  Over here, it’s all systems go;  people can see rates on the back screens and front screens. We just have to wait.  We don’t know what the delay or the issue is.  No one really knows.
That’s the main information out there that I feel good enough to share with you. We are hearing from citizens, Iraqi leaders, banking people and regular American citizens that have been in to the banks. We have had some exchange activity, some banks attempted to exchange and couldn’t – they are waiting for the green light.  There is a lot of excitement and some of it is misdirected;  that’s natural, things are getting twisted.  It IS still moving right along, with some signs of progress on the private exchange side, working its way to the groups, and then to the public.  Various people are giving different time frames, and I’m not going to add to that confusion given that we cannot change it anyway.
Q:  Are you excited about the articles out of Iraq recently?  A:  I gave you what was on the television in Iraq, and now it seems like tomorrow PM Abadi is giving a speech or making an announcement to Iraq.  That will give us a better indication of additional time needed to get the cabinet and the CBI together.  We await the time of that announcement.
Q:  Would you say most/all of the info is being held back? [Yes.]  What info can you share today that is not in articles?  A:  Everything that I have already shared.  The window for me is NOW, any day. I ‘m with the bankers – they are working crazy hours and are building up to something.
Q:  Do you think there will be public announcements about plans to fix the struggling global economies?  A:  I don’t think so;  we’ll see how that unfolds.
Q:  I wonder how such a large event will be explained…?  A: I wonder, too.
Q:  Which banks are involved in the private exchanges?  Are there many exchanges or just a few?  Can they spend the money they got?  A:  The big four, won’t answer how many and YES, so far as I know.
Q:  What do you think we are waiting for?  A:  I don’t know.
Q:  If we are traveling, can we exchange on holiday?  Or come home?  A:  If there is a WF where you are, sure you can exchange there.  If there is not one where you are going, you may want to cut that trip short, especially if you want contract rates.  If you want to play the markets, stay with the family reunion?
Q: We have heard a lot about the lower denoms in Iraq;  what about LDs in dong?
A:  Maybe they don’t need lower denominations in their currency.
Q:  Ray, you should give up;  you keep saying ‘no new info’… A:  And I say that for a reason.  I do share when I do have new info, and maybe you don’t understand what is meant by new info…
Q:  The other sites have new info!  A:  Alright, then keep going to those sites and stop coming here.
Q:  You are not filling Tony’s shoes and you are wasting your money. A:  I’m not waiting my money, it’s the members paying for this.
Q:  I sent a question to Pam and she didn’t answer. What is going on there?  A:  She is in the forum, so I guess you haven’t been following.  Maybe she doesn’t have an answer.
Q:  I will not be coming to Vegas… A:  That’s okay, Vegas isn’t about me.  You are welcome to stay or go, as you please.
Q:  DO you give any credence to Dr. Clarke’s analysis?  A:  I know what he says, so I have no opinion.
Q:  My best friend has a friend who is a wealth manager;  do you think he can help negotiate a better rate for me and my family?  A:  I don’t think the wealth manager will negotiate the rate, you will negotiate with the wealth manager who is doing the exchange.  You can check, see if your friend’s friend has a higher level of skill to tap into.
Q:  I have been following the RV reset closely for five years;  how can someone just learning about the impending RV best acquire a knowledge of the overall situation?
A:  Read the history of the whole process;  look for Dinar 101 on our forum.  That takes you back to how it began, right up to sit-and-wait mode as it finalizes.
Q: With the rates all over the map, how can we best ourselves and get the best rates of exchange, whether international or contract rates?  A:  That’s how to protect yourself, to have a sense of the rates going in and negotiate from there.
Q:  We heard that Iraq had to be WTO-ready by March 3. Did they miss the window because they didn’t revalue their currency?  A:  I don’t know.  Does WTO membership affect Iraq and its currency?  I don’t know if it’s needed;  I hear both sides of that.  You could argue that Iraq has an international rate with cards, we just haven’t seen the full unfolding of the new rates.  They are issuing cards, although they have not hit every person yet.  Some are unhappy, but the process is working.  It’s a timing thing.
Q:  Have you heard if the ones who did an early exchange have a clawback clause – that if they got a higher rate, they may have to pay back the difference or go to jail. A:  I have not heard anything about a clawback clause.  The ones who exchanged early were not necessarily at a higher rate – most were at a lower rate.
Q:  Is the contract rate quoted before or after the NDA?  A:  I don’t know, I haven’t been through that process yet. 
Q:  We have heard recently that private exchanges are going on.  How can that happen if the RV hasn’t happened here yet.  A:  It hasn’t happened publicly yet.
Q:  For two years we have been hearing about private exchanges – do you believe that?  A:  I have no way to convince you – you can choose to believe or not to believe.  It will come out in time, one way or the other.
865 caller:  I’ve been with TNT since day one.  I have a couple of issues. Tier 1 banks, if you put money in their banks agreeing it is their money, not yours.  It sounds crazy, but they can do whatever they want with your money, even seize it.  What is your opinion on how the banking system needs to change, so that we can use them to exchange without the banks having control of our money.  I heard on Fox News that the banks would have to make a public announcement that the banks would have to be stripped of those powers.  I heard a whistle-blower say this is true, so I wanted your opinion.
RayRen:  You are saying you’re stating facts, so why do you want my opinion?  And what does this have to do with our waiting for the RV?
Caller:  If they have the power to control your money, they don’t really have to give it back to you.
RayRen: That still has nothing to do with the reasons we are here, so I cannot assist you with that and I don’t lend this call for that purpose.
954 caller:  Has there been any updates on caps for the major currencies?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard any change, so it’s still the same situation as far as I know.
256 caller:  I asked you last week about the cabinet having anything to do with the progression of the RV – has that changed any?
RayRen:  I really don’t know. They are using that to pacify the citizens in Iraq, but banks over here say they are ready to go.  That’s what we are waiting for, the currency to be ready to exchange.
Caller:  Any new information on the tax situation?
RayRen: The plan from day one was to put aside 50%, because we didn’t know.  I still don’t know of any official plan – why it can’t be defined is beyond me!
Caller:  The place where my currency is on secured reserve has stopped selling currency in Texas;  their license has been revoked.  So if you want to buy currency, you have to buy it as a resident in another site.
RayRen:  That doesn’t surprise me, although it is news to me.  Some dealers warned of that from the beginning;  there are a number of reasons why your state might limit currency sales there.
Caller: The company told me that they lost their license because the US government told them they are no longer able to sell dinar in Texas, although they can elsewhere.  I don’t want to mention the company!
RayRen:  It’s strange the government would say the company can sell in other states and not in Texas.  That doesn’t mean there is anything for us to be concerned about.
Caller:  I have all that I need, more than I ever dreamed of having.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! Let’s hope that today is the day!
602 caller:  You did say some info might come in after Friday’s call – is there anything you can tell us today?
RayRen:  I didn’t get the information from the source I hoped for.  One course got some rates wrong the other day, and this morning I got some entirely different rates.  If you keep hearing different rates, how can you know which is the right one, until this happens and we are at the bank?   Sometimes the rates will be $1-2 apart!  A source gave me a dong rate the other day of $2, and today it was $4. The rates must be place-holder rates because they are not going up and down in the market.  So they must be place-holders until the RV happens and we get actual rates.
Caller:  Are they still trading those currencies on Forex?
RayRen: yes, but those are trading rates, not what people see on the screens.
Caller:  Has the parliamentary vacation already started?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  The information doesn’t always come specific with details.  I cannot make the people give me details;  I have to be happy with what we are getting and put it together with the other pieces and see what we see.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  Let’s wrap it up.  IF we have to have another ‘normal’ call, I will hang in a bit longer.  We are still at ‘any minute, any day’, if you follow along with the banks because they are going to give me money.  Until the bank tells me to come in and exchange it, nothing is going to happen. So I follow along with them, because the banks are on pins and needles, waiting and ready for us.  If I go with the information from across the water, the last thing put on the television is that they might go until the 20th to get the new cabinet and a new leader at the CBI.  If you subscribe to that, you’ll wait until the end of the month.  The US sources says that they are ready and have been told ‘right now’.  You decide which you want to go with – the US side or the Iraqi side.  It’s an interesting ride, and if you throw that in with what you hear on other sites, with 800 numbers due in the morning… but the banks are excited and I’m going with that. We’ll see what PM Abadi says to his people tomorrow.  Time will tell, and meanwhile we wait, and whether it’s today, tomorrow, or the 20th, there’s nothing to do but relax and get ready to receive it… if you believe.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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