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TNT Call notes 28-March-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  Wake up, wake up, wake UP!  [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to our call on Tony’s Birthday, Monday, March 28, 2016. This is RayRen98 here, working the controls, and getting into the information.
This is an exciting day, for more reasons than one.  We’re celebrating Tony’s birthday and others are sharing this birthday from the forums.  This can be a significant day and it will be, in and of itself.
Let’s get to the meat of the information.  First I will put my champagne on ice.  What has happened?  Before we get into the serious information, HAPPY EASTER TO ALL, those who celebrate Easter – hope it was all you wanted it to be.  Lots of good things happened here as well.
On Friday, some folks with cards and ways of being paid by certain governments, as they went to check on those, they were told to check back on Monday.  There was a big meeting on Saturday on Iraq, and it was labeled as an historic day for more reasons than one.  Meetings, agreements and introductions took place, with some leaving and others being added to the lineup.  Publicly, we counted seven resignations that were made public, all at the government level and ministers.  Other things took place that we are not supposed to know about.
The price drops were promised on Sunday, 27 March, and we have reports that those happened.  So far the info we were promised has held true.  Everything they told to us last week cam true.  Now it’s Monday – what do we have hear today?  The currency is international – still at the low rate, but we are waiting for it to rise.  We had to get over that hurdle first.  Our expectation was that it would go international AND revalue at the same time, but that was not a promise set in stone.
Over here, we had bank folks working through Easter weekend, working all through the night on Saturday, and some coming in on Easter Sunday.  We were curious about that and jump to conclusions based on our expectations.  I wouldn’t think they would have people coming in to do exchanges late at night, but these people didn’t even show up  until late at night. What could they be doing?  We learned they were making preparations, getting everything in order for something that should show up and appear today.  Lo and behold, we have an international people, with people scurrying around and not talking.  So let’s continue to wait and see.  We know now what they are waiting for, it’s what we are waiting for: that international rate to go up.
I heard the first inkling of this in the wee hours of the night, but thought I’d check with my sources, because I heard it from someone else.  We need to get it from more than one source.  Anybody who has sources is now acknowledging that this has gone international, so I believe it.  A lot of anticipation is making us more anxious than before;  like the song,Is This the End?   We don’t know but hope that if this is not the end, it is at least the beginning.  I didn’t want to delay this call any longer, so I am giving you the information we do have and wait a little longer to confirm the rest. If we have to tweet something later, that’s what we will do. We are in this for the long haul.  That’s the exciting information, an the rest is political stuff in Iraq.
Q:  Regarding shelf trusts that WF (or any bank) may offer at exchange, will we still have control of our money if we use it, and will we have time to set up a permanent trust after?
A:  Ask the bank that is offering it to you.  Don’t call the bank about exchanges, but you can call them about shelf trusts, at least, before the bottom falls out.
Q:  I’ve read that the RV is back in the US hands, held up by one person being in charge. What do you think?  A:  I haven’t heard that;  who did you hear that from?
Q:  What do you mean saying “we are in the money” when I’m still broke?  A:  If you have any money in your hands, you are not broke.  If you are holding currency, then it may be another country’s money, but you are still in the money.
Q:  Will the dinar, dong, zim, and rial be in the first basket?  A:  Yes for all.
Q:  Are private exchanges still happening?  Who is next?  Groups, internet followers, the public?  How many time lapse between exchanges?  A:  We will exchange in the order you mentioned.  I have no idea of the time lapse.
Q:  Is it significant that the currency is international? A: Yes, because that is our starting point. Today the dinar is international and we’re waiting for the rate to increase.
Q:  Anything else about caps, etc.?  A:  Have not heard anything different than what we told you over a year ago, such as zim exchange up to one billion dollars and after that a structured payout over so many years.  That is coming back up now, but it hasn’t come back to me, so I don’t know if they are receiving some new or just bringing it back to your attention.
Q: What is a secure email address to use for the exchange?  A:  I forget, but I’m sure it’s back in the questions section on the forum. There are several companies offering that. Here’s someone saying that practically the only free encrypted service left is hushmail.
Q:  If the dinar is international, can’t we exchange it at any bank? A: Yes – at the low rate.  We are waiting now for the rate to increase.  Progress is in the making…
Member calls;  RR checking text messages first – nothing yet.  I have some folks on location, like reporters on location, spread about trying to bring up to the minute information; that may develop during the call, or later.
365 caller:  [chit chat]  I would like to say that what lasts for ever is the love of God, doing Godly things with the currency He has placed in our hands.  My grandfather set up foundations in 13 states, and I’d like to set up something similar in 25 states.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I believe we are seconds away and I’m ready to go!
[call dropped for four minutes]
313 caller:  Why do you think rate hasn’t changed?  Markets in Europe? 
RayRen:  I don’t know why, but don’t think market has any effect.
Caller:  When should we expect a rate increase?  I heard about exchanging currency and then dividing among friends.  You will be taxed on what you exchange, so gift before you RV and then exchange if at all possible.
RayRen:  Don’t know.
Next caller:  Is there a limit on how much you can gift after the RV?
RayRen:  If possible, do it BEFORE the RV occurs.  You’ll be giving away beaucoup in taxes if you gift post-RV.  Print out the rate page for the CBI the day you gifted it.  There are gift taxes if you give more than $14,000, or over $75,000 you get into inheritance taxes.  As a tax expert what to do about the best way to gift money to people. Control everything, own nothing.
Banks are excited and hush-hush – it could happen today! 
423 caller:  What is the use of it going international without the higher rate?  Surely that means it is happening shortly, right?  Did the banks think it would happen Sunday night?
RayRen: I assume they were expecting something on Monday morning and that is why they were in over the weekend.  If not Monday morning, maybe Monday afternoon.  It was pegged to go international on Monday, and it did!  So far as I understand, everything went well at the meetings in Iraq.
Caller:  I hope it is soon.
RayRen:  Everyone who says they are ready had better BE ready!
Caller:  I’m ready, and I’m asking the Lord to help me stay calm.  We’ve never been here before, so don’t know what to think or feel.  I’ll be jumping up and down! Let’s hope this is our day!  Happy Birthday, Tony, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
513 caller:  I have a tax question about the currency exchanges.  When I’ve done them in the past, there was no tax, so I don’t see how they can do that.  If there is a tax, how soon will we find out how much and when it will apply in relation to April 15?  If there is tax and we don’t know, how will we know what the quarterly taxes will be?
RayRen:  That’s always been a question.  I am not aware of quarterlies having any penalty.  Quarterlies are estimated, and if you don’t pay them on time, you might be penalized for not sending them in early.  That is an easy one to have answered – call your accountant or call the IRS, to find out if there are any penalties on quarterlies as opposed to end of year totals.
Caller:  I did ask an accountant, but didn’t get a clear answer.  If we don’t pay by the 15th, will there be a problem?  Hopefully not, but it is a question.
RayRen:  The object of quarterlies is to estimate you tax position, but if you already know that you will be undertaking activities that will lessen your tax liability, then quarterlies are irrelevant. Once we have exchanged, you can pay people to advice you and you will know what your tax position will be next April and through 2016 as you put certain tax strategies into effect.
Caller:  Any time you make up a funny word, I think of the people translating on the call much find that a trip!  [Appreciation] 
RayRen:  Cody copies some things I say in OM, and she’s never checked the spelling!
918 caller:  I have bought four currencies and written down every rate I’ve ever heard. I have a ledger, with the four currencies and used the lowest rate I’ve heard on any of the currencies.  I’ve added that up, taken 2% off the top as the fee.  From that balance I have deducted 50% for taxes, and that gives me a balance that I can invest or spend – what I would expect to get at the exchange.  So I will open two accounts, split that balance and then leave.  Two or three days later I will come back, ask for a cashier’s check for 10% gift or tithe.  Another cashier’s check will cover my personal overhead for 20 years, and a second check to cover any personal debt, and a third check to buy precious metals.  That will still leave more money than I”ve ever seen.  I’ll have a CPA to help me, and I’ll do other investments outside the banks.  By doing that, do I negate myself from that bank, because I’m not using their services?  I don’t want to set up a trust through the bank…
RayRen:  Then don’t.
Caller:  Whatever’s left in the bank after you’ve taken out tithing, debt and overheads, I can ask the banker to help me invest what remains.  Will that work?
RayRen:  Yes, if that’s what you want to do.
Caller:  Do you think this wait for the rate to go up, is that contingent on what’s going on Iraq, re the new Cabinet, Mosul and the rest?
RayRen:  I’m really not sure yet.
Caller:  I think this is really going to happen, although I’ll be surprised if it’s this week.  My gut feeling is that we are a couple of weeks away – just my feeling.
RayRen:  It was communicated that Iraq wants to get this done by the end of this month, it IS my feeling that we’ll see it this week!
Caller:  Forget it, just listen to Ray, I don’t know what I’m stalking about!
RayRen:  That’s based on information received.  The currency has gone international, so this information might be true as well.
512 caller:  Are we still on target to get 800 numbers?
RayRen: I haven’t received any information that would change that.   We’ve all but begged the banks to give us that information; if not, we will find or make a way.
Caller:  So as soon as we hear that rates have gone up, we just call the bank?
RayRen: When we get the signal that this is ready to roll, I will call the bank I have already designated, and they will probably give me another number for the exchange centers. Don’t just walk in and ask to exchange.  They are not used to millionaires walking in and out.  The private exchanges were the first wave, and not all the branches were doing those exchanges.  Let’s use Chase as an example – they were doing some private exchanges, but not all branches.  This will be a first for them;  they have not done this before.  So you should make an appointment first.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  Tony says thanks for the many cards and letters you have mailed to him directly.  He has also received messages from the forum up to Saturday night, and I will send the rest on to him. 
We should be either at or near the end of the road, based on expectations, etc.  We should be and if this really is the week, the site will not be here for very long post-RV, and there will no be requests for donations.  We say thank you to everyone who has donated, even it’s been only $5.  You have no idea what that means to us.  It says you want to do your part, however small, and that means a lot.  We can be part of the problem or part of the solution, and even $5 makes you part of the solution.  Most people get recognized when they make a considerable donation, but I want to give a shout-out to the little people who make this call and this site possible.  Hopefully I will never speak about this again because I’m looking forward to being at the end of the road.  Let’s Just Kiss and Say Good-bye is the song that comes to mind, by the Manhattans.  This is done, and now we get to focus on what we are going to do.  Whether it’s today/tonight/tomorrow/tomorrow night… Good things are happening;  mentally focus on the day after the RV.  Hopefully I will sent out a tweet or arrange a call later today.  In the mean time, we will wait this out together.  Enjoy your day, folks;  if there is reason to come back, we will return.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA  

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