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TNT Call notes 25-March-2016

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to our call on Fantabulous Friday, Good Friday, March 25, 2016.  This is RayRen98.  We’re going to give you the information we have – the exact same information we had on Wednesday.  Nothing has changed, basically.  On the US side, banks are still excited and on point, just patiently waiting for someone to give them the green light. One or two are asking US what’s the hold up!
Across the pond, the demonstrators seem to have chilled out for today.  I don’t know if they canceled the demos because of Saturday’s historic meeting or the additional Marines in the Green Zone, or what.  They still want some results.
The big deal is the big meeting on Saturday, and everyone who is somebody will be at the meeting in Iraq.  They’ve already told the citizens they will be changing prices on the 27th; that may be to appease the citizens, or it may be because the currency is revaluing and that will change the prices.
So really it’s the same as we had on Wednesday;  I’ll answer some questions on the board, talk to some callers, and get ready to celebrate Easter weekend.
Q:  Will all banks exchange zim or just Wells Fargo?  A:   We’ve had several banks talk about exchanging zim, so unless something has happened, I believe that WF will not be the only bank exchanging zim.  They won’t corner the market on that.
Q:  You’ve been saying ‘we’re in the money’ for some time, so show me the money!  What can you share today that you haven’t before to will encourage many who are starting to feel faint?  A:  We have shared what we can;  do you have faith and belief in that information?  If so, there is nothing to feel faint about.  We cannot pinpoint a particular day, just give you the steps/progress as we receive it, and telling what we are being told about people’s intentions.  You have to believe in what you’ve heard so far about private exchanges already taking place, citizens with cards and new rates;  it’s happening over there, just hasn’t happened publicly and completely.  We are only looking at a timing thing.
Q:  If we don’t’ have a trust in place at time of exchange, is it better to exchange using a temporary DBA and temporary trust at the bank with POD feature, or use DBA and trust not at the bank.  I don’t want to use my name, although I’m okay with my SS number. 
A: If you use the bank’s trust structure, definitely use the POD (payable on death), if that is an issue for you.  It would be for me.  If I exchange in my personal name and plan to transfer to entity accounts, and if something happened to me in the interim, I would want to make arrangements to avoid probate, tec.
Q:  I heard only WF will exchange zim.  A:  Who told you that?  Check with them.  
Q:  If you were going to buy zim today, which series would you purchase?  A:  2008/9, series AA or AB.
Q:  Will exchange centers all have DelaRue machines on site to verify our currencies at the time of exchange?  If not, will they verify in some other way so that we can be sure of what is in our account by the time I leave?  A:  If not, I’m not leaving my currency there.  They will find some way to do that, or I can find another exchange center that can verify the currency on site, not to send it somewhere else and then a few days later you may find out you have bad paper.  I would think the exchange centers set up  by the banks would have that ability.
Q:  Would it be better to wait until April 1st so that we don’t have to prepay the tax? A: You would have to pay estimated taxes in any case.  You aren’t getting away from that by waiting until 1. April, and you may lose some gain/rate by waiting.  Or you may have more gain by waiting for the market rate to go up.
Q:  If you have a structured payout from a bank you exchanged with, does that money have to stay at the original bank or can you move it?  A:  I guess that would pertain to who is doing the pay out.  If it’s from the UST, you should be able to move it to any bank. If it’s that particular bank… I have a hard time seeing that.  I’m thinking you will not be confined to that particular bank, in case it goes out of business.  I think it will be portable.
Q:  Some zim notes have ‘check’ written on them – can they still be exchanged?  A:  Not according to my sources.  Don’t buy zim notes with ‘check’ or ‘cheque’ written on them.
Q: Do things still look good for this weekend?  Iraq would not care about Easter. A:  From what they have told their people, there is a good chance. There is the big historic meeting on Sunday and prices should change on Sunday.  If the prices change in the way we are thinking, it looks like there might be an RV.  It does appear that way;  however, I’m not upset if we get to Monday and there is no RV, because the Iraqi government didn’t say there would be an RV.
Q:  I’ve heard banks can provide ‘shelf trusts’;  do those exist?  A:  They do exist through the banks, so ask them about that.
Q:  I’m hearing good things about this going down this weekend… A:  I have no facts about it going down this weekend, and I’m not hearing that it will.  So my opinion is that it is not.
507 caller:  Have you heard of high rates of zim being paid out over 100-200 years? 
RayRen:  I’m not complaining.  By all means go everywhere for your information, but why come back here to confirm or dispute it?  We told you a year ago that we heard there would be caps on the zim, and beyond that there would be a structured payout.  I cannot add to that.
Caller: I want to give currency to a granddaughter; is there an age limit?  She’s 15, and she has a checking and a savings account. 
RayRen:  I think 15 or 16 would be fine.  I would ask the IRS directly about gifts to minors.  They can answer those questions for you.
Caller: Is there an age limit or requirement for anyone going in to do an exchange?
RayRen:  If there is anything requiring a contract, then the person has to be of age to sign a contract and get the contract rate.  There is no contract involved in a simple exchange.
512 caller:  Are we still on target for the first of the month?
RayRen:  The last I’ve heard from Iraq is that they want this done by the end of March.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
941 caller:  To my knowledge, any bank that is handling foreign exchange has books they can check the bills, with seven different points to check if it is real or fake. Also, for those who are worried, buy a black light and check your notes.  I did it to all of mine, and they are all true currency.  You don’t need a Delarue machine.  All the banks have the books to verify the currency.  When I was in law enforcement I had a book to check US currency, to determine if it was real or a fake.  Hopefully this will be done by next week and we can all go out and celebrate.  Have fun in Vegas!
865 caller:  I have heard that Chase and other banks were paying off their houses and cars as an enticement… have you heard that?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything about that, although some members say their second mortgages have been eradicated for some reason.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Happy Easter to you!
Next caller:  I know you will have trainings after the RV – is that for members in the forum or open to everyone? 
RayRen:  It’s just for the people that I like!  I will send out instructions on how to sign up.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
918 caller:  With what’s going to happen over there on Saturday and Sunday, but not trying to pinpoint a date, would you agree that we are very, very close?
RayRen:  With what they represent, YES.
Caller:  I have several currencies.  As for the Indonesian rupiah, I heard 88 cents to $1.90 – am I in the ballpark?
RayRen:  I didn’t hear those rates, but all year (in the banks) the rupiah has been around a dollar, more or less.  So it will probably be around one dollar, which is a good rate.
803 caller:  I’m ready!  I’m not clear on signing an NDA; that is only for the contract rates, right?  Or has that changed?
RayRen:  My understanding is that the NDA exists for getting the contract rates, and that is between you and the government.  Because there have been private exchanges, the banks have been having people sign NDAs about what the bank si doing for you at the time.  I am getting mixed messages on that.  If the bank calls you in to do an exchange that is not yet public.  Let’s say the bank offers 50 cents, even if you know it will go above $3, but you decide to take the deal;  they might require an NDA so that you keep quiet about it, even though it’s lower than the international rate.  That would be another kind of NDA.  I haven’t been in to exchange, so I just don’t know.  However, others who have been in to exchange have spoken of an NDA to mask that an activity has taken place.
Caller:  So we need to be clear on what we are signing and whether it’s for the activity and/or the amounts.
RayRen:  Once you read the NDA, you will know what it binds you to.  Just because you are not getting a contract rate, that doesn’t mean there won’t be an NDA about the activity itself. Once it goes fully public, I can’t see there being an NSA on a basic exchange.  The UST might be another matter.
Caller: I have to deal with my mother, so I don’t want to put myself in jeopardy.  I have enough without out the contract rates.
704 caller:  This is my first time calling.  I wanted to know if this is the 7th year, or more than seven years that this has been going on.
RayRen:  The first internet site started in 2003;  there’s a history there.
Caller:  Do you think this might take off when Obama leaves the White House?
RayRen:  Who is saying that?  On what basis?
Caller:  [Appreciation]  I hope to see you in North Carolina!
RayRen:  You have a country and citizens over there who want economic reform and corruption out of the government.  When does the President leave office?  Not November, but in January.  Let’s go with November, for the sake of conversation, and this is March.  Even if we went to November, look at what the Iraqi citizens are going through.  I don’t think they can last until November, not with what’s going on over there.  They are on the brink of going into the Green Zone, and it’s going to get ugly.  I don’t think they will keep that up until November.  They can fix their problems easily, and I don’t see them waiting for the US President to leave office.  Iraq wants to revalue its currency, whether the GCR kicks in or not.  Those other currencies are icing on the cake.
Caller:  WF is saying they do not accept the zim;  when the time comes, will they accept it then?  I called them in NC, and they say they won’t ever carry it.  That’s why I brought it up. I called several banks, and they said they take the dong, but not dinar or zim because those are considered scams.
RayRen: You are saying WF is not accepting the zim, and other members are saying WF is the only bank that will take the zim.  Which is it?  I know of one bank in particular that aggressively says they will take the zim in whatever amounts or notes you bring to them.
Caller:  What about the trillions, billions and millions of zim?
RayRen:  What we have heard is that there will be six zeros from the trillion, so that becomes millions, the billions will have three zeros removed, and the millions will have no zeros removed.  Hypothetically, 100 million at one cent will be less than 500 million at one cent.  So you should ask what it costs to buy million zim notes compared to trillion zim notes. Work the numbers and purchase your zim accordingly.
Caller:  I want to get there just in time to get the best rates on zim and dong.
RayRen:  Here’s a thought – ask for what you want at the bank, not for what you hear people say.  Then negotiate from there.
503 caller:  I was just reading about shelf trusts or holding trusts that the banks will have available at the banks.  Do we have control of that?  Do we have to pay a trustee fee?  What should we be looking out for in that scenario? What if I want to move my money to other banks or investments.  What are the pitfalls? Would the banks be the trustees?  Supposedly the banks are getting friendlier, but I haven’t see that.
RayRen:  I’ve read a little bit about that, and I think you would still be in control.  You need to do your own research to see if that is a tool that works for you.
Caller:  Have you heard anything more about the cap on the zim?  What is the level?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything regarding that since we mentioned it last year.  I have not heard if that has become a reality.
Caller:  I’m not in the forum;  will you post information about the workshops post-RV?
RayRen:  I will do some workshops after the RV, and I plan to most at the Vegas event. I have held workshops in various areas, and will do so again.  LA is coming up, and San Francisco and Sacramento – there will be some West Coast events.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  Today is Good Friday and I’m looking for some good things to happen.  Are you looing for private activity or public?  I am not looking for anything public before next Monday or Tuesday.  I don’t think it will come before what Iraq is doing for their people, with the meeting on Saturday and the price changes on Sunday.  If they change the prices drastically enough, that indicates the value of the currency is changing too, so look out for the RV.  Let’s see where we are on the 28th, which is Tony’s birthday.
Over here, anything could happen, although I think it will be for the private groups and individuals, not for the public.  I’m okay either way, so long as this gets wrapped up.  It would be neat if we could start a new life and a new quarter on 1. April, so let’s hope it’s here by the 31st.  Until then, we continue to wait.  If there is a reason to reconvene, I will tweet, text or email you.  Until then, enjoy the Easter weekend before us.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA  

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