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TNT Call notes 23-March-2016

RayRen: [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Greetings, good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to our call on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.  This is RayRen98.
On Monday we had limited information;  there wasn’t a lot of intel out there.  Let’s go over to Iraq.  The two different sides of the intel we are receiving conflict with each other in terms of a public release.  Abadi announced that Parliament will be back on Thursday to vote on the members and government before the visitors arrive on Saturday.  The protestors are threatening to break into the secure areas.  The Iraqi television then said that they were cancelling the sit-in on Friday, possibly because of 400 US Marines arriving and protecting the Green Zone. Saturday: a  big event with international dignitaries coming to town from the World Bank.  They are also being told that the price of goods and services will change from the 27th, and we don’t know if that is for appeasement or to reflect a currency revaluation. 
That takes us to looking near or at the end of the month, based on their plans.  That would tend to make you think the 27th, which is Easter Sunday, or the day after as a time to look for big changes over there… or maybe next Thursday which is the end of the month.
Meanwhile, in the US we are being told that the banks are mobilizing getting ready for change, and it would be surprising to get that memo if it’s for next week.  So they are expecting something pretty soon.
Q:  I thought we were going to see the RV on March 21-22;  is there some reason to expect a Monday rollout?  A:  Based on information received this morning, I’m thinking today or tomorrow.
Q: Any news on whether we can exchange one note without locking all the currencies into that rate?  A:  If you are in a group, you should ask your group leaders, because I have heard the single note exchange might lock you into that rate.  I haven’t heard that is true for the public. What would be your reason for doing that when you have an appointment in a few days time?  Surely it would be better to wait until your appointment?  What needs to be handled so urgently that you cannot wait a few days or even two weeks – as opposed to satisfying a need or desire that you want, rather than what you need?  Make sure your strategies are sound.
Q:  Any news on Travelex – will they release the 800 numbers, too?  A:  As I understand it, the 800 numbers are for private groups, not the public.  So I don’t think Travelex will have that information yet for you to do an exchange.  If it’s fully public, across the board, you should be able to exchange just about anywhere.
Q:  What currency is the Iraqi people using in the markets?  A:  I thought they had switched over to working with dinar, with maybe a few dollars.
Q:  Are the people being forced to use cards rather than cash money?  A:  I think they are being encouraged, not forced.
Q:  If lower denominations are scarce, how does the economy function?   A:  Most people now have cards, so you don’t need a lot of paper money.
Q: Are the maximum limits on the contract rates for dinar, dong and zim?  A:  We haven’t heard about any changes for the dinar and dong;  I don’t have information on the zim.
Q:  Someone said on the forum yesterday that we have to have the equivalent of 100 trillion in order to exchange.  A:  I haven’t hear anything about that.
Q:  Any info from CBI contacts?  A: No.
Q:  What if you don’t have your receipts? Will you be able to exchange?  A:  I haven’t heard of any exchanges where the receipts were needed.
Q:  Do you believe the tragedy in Brussels will affect us?  A:  No.
Q:  How will a holding trust protect your assets?  A:  Ask the banks:  What is a holding trust?  What purpose does it serve?  How will you benefit from that?
Q:  The head of the UST and IRS are meeting on Saturday – is that about the RV?  A:  If so, I would expect something after the meeting, maybe on Sunday or Monday. 
Q:  Has the desired rate on their cards been reached for the folks in Baghdad?  I haven’t seen the level of protest going down. A:  I don’t believe the rate has been reached.  The protests have been cancelled and there are US Marines there, so…
Q:  Has authorization and permission to release gone to the banks?  A:  No. That is what we are anxiously awaiting.
Q:  We have heard six zeroes removed on the zim.  If we were to hold onto the zim until the bonds mature, would we then get face rates?  A:  If the zim supposed to be an historical bond, some of that might apply.  I’m still out to lunch on that one.  We’ll see.
Q:  Who will decide when it’s time to release this RV?  Iraq, China, US?  A:  I think Iraq is the deciding factor there, but that is just my opinion.  It’s my belief that we won’t see the RV until Iraq sees it.
Going to members’ calls now:
512 caller:  Based on today’s information, are these different opinions a smokescreen to knock us off guard so we don’t know when to expect this?
RayRen:  It all depends on what you look at and listen to you.  If you believe you  won’t see it before the Iraqis see it, then you’re not expecting it this week – there won’t be an RV for us until the protestors are satisfied.  If we are waiting for the public release, so every day we hear they are fighting, we are not expecting an RV for us.  On the other hand, the banks are hearing that they will be exchanging us tomorrow.  I’m thinking that will be private stuff, not a public release while they are marching on the Green Zone.  We have two different strands of information to weigh.  Personally, I don’t believe we matter!  While they are doing their thing over there, I’m not looking for a public RV before the 27th;  they say they are dropping prices and having a big historic meeting on Saturday.  We could have our shot and they would still have it done by the end of the month.
Caller:  When they do their RV in Iraq, ours will follow shortly thereafter?
RayRen:  That’s my belief.
Caller:  We need to humble ourselves and applaud the Iraqis receiving this exchange.  They need to be living better, and it’s one of the most important things to happen for them. We have to wait and be happy when it happens.  Have a great week!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
865/404 caller:  When it comes time for our appointments, how much flexibility will we have to get there?  Will we have to get in there within 2-3 hours? 
RayRen:  All the banks are very hush-hush, so we aren’t getting a lot of information from them.  Hopefully they will open back up and share that type of thing with us.  For the last few weeks it’s been a dog-fight to get anything from the banks.
Caller:  I know that for security’s sake, some people want to go to a neighboring city so that they are more anonymous – good idea?
RayRen:  People talk, so I’ve always thought it was a good idea to use banks in the larger cities.  Even if you tell people not to talk, to keep it under their hats, eventually that hat blows off.  Some people bump into their bank people in social settings, and that can give others a clue that they have access to more money.  In smaller towns, that is what I would be doing – I’m going out of my small city to exchange.
Caller:  You said earlier that you don’t have contract rates on the zim that you can share with us now.  So… there are no contract rates on zim?  Or you’re unable to share?
RayRen:  No comment on zim rates.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
941 caller:  About going in early and exchanging a single note:  I spoke with a WF banker yesterday, and keeping in mind that the market rate might take a few weeks to go higher, I asked if I could exchange just enough (at, say 47 cents) to deal with a few things, and she said “no problem”.
RayRen:  But then you will have the immediate loss of the rate dong will have within a few days, not to mention market rates a few weeks later, perhaps it would be better to secure a small loan against that 47-cent rate rather than losing a few hundred thousand.  That’s a different strategy.
Caller:  I’m not greedy;  I have a lot of dong and I don’t mind losing a few hundred thousand.  I’m older and have more than enough for the rest of my life. 
RayRen:  It’s more about how many people you want to help in the world.  That goes beyond what I can spend on me.
Caller:  I will have a lot left over to spend in other ways:  veterans, young kids, people getting married and starting out in life…
740 caller:  My son tells me that when we exchange, we will be obliged to put 80% into humanitarian efforts and have a business plan for that.  How do you get a business plan and how they make sure you to this?
RayRen:  I’ve heard nothing like that.  You have to ask those questions of your son and/or whoever told him about that. There are some groups that are pushing that kind of activity, but the rest of us are not being subjected to that.
Caller:  I have a large amount in his group and a small amount that we are holding, enough to pay my immediate bills when I exchange it.  I was concerned about the people in Iraq – do they have incomes or are they starving?
RayRen:  They have ways to live, but they do want their back pay, pensions, etc.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I would definitely go to another city!
610 caller:  Folks, these calls are not free.  They need to be paid for.  Let’s be responsible today with the money that we do have.  Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com, click on that red DONATION button and make your donations to keep these calls going.  “Many hands make light work” and many donations will pay the bill.  Have a fantastic Easter!
RayRen:  I’ll have you sign an affidavit swearing you are not being paid to say this!
432 caller:  Do you have anything on Okie?  Last time I heard, he is in bad shape.
RayRen:  I haven’t spoken to him lately, so I assume his health is getting better.  I’ll try to call him, and I’m sure someone will update me on his status.
816 caller:  I have a friend that I got into this 1-2 months ago.  You said a while back that you might be able to take someone with you for support.  Do you know if she could go to my exchange with me so that she can feel more at ease when she goes to hers?  I know you said that I could go with her to her appointment, but not speak for them.
RayRen:  I don’t see why not.  You can go with your friend, but you cannot speak for them unless you have a power of attorney.  When you make your appointment, ask about the other person accompanying you, and ask if the bank can do hers immediately after yours.
Caller:  Then she can help her 19-year-old daughter.  You’re thinking this weekend looks helpful?
RayRen:  From the Iraqi standpoint, the 27-28th looks good.
Caller:  Like many others, I need to have this happen as quickly as possible. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
580 caller:  I heard last night on the Big Call that Christine Legarde announced the GCR;  have you heard anything about that?
RayRen:  I heard the rumor but no confirmation.
563 caller:  My best friend is on the line with me.  Is liquid gas being shipped from Iraq?
RayRen:  I don’t know anything about that.
Caller:  We also read that the IQD is $4.32 on ISX, and it would be live for 24 hours.
RayRen:  I haven’t heard that either, nor international rate either.
865 caller:  I was just given a few million in currency;  I’m not a whale in dinar, but I am a whale in dong and zim.  If you had the ability to buy more for an existing charity and also a show that gives out money, and I intend to give money to Winston, Tony and Ray.  The question is, which one of these currencies would you purchase if you could purchase more for these reasons?
RayRen:  Do the math on each currencies and work from the reported rates from those who have exchanged.  Do the calculations to determine the ROI on each one.  Let’s take the dinar, and let’s say it costs $1,000 per million.  We should get at least $3.41 when it’s released, so that is $3.4 million for something that cost $1,000.  Dong is about $50 per million, and most would be happy at 47 cents, yielding $470,000 for $50 investment.  The rupiah will probably come in at least a dollar… so do your math on what it costs to buy compared to the rates we are hearing.  Then you choose the best one for you.
Caller:  Hypothetically, what would you go for yourself?
RayRen:  If the numbers hold true – and that is the biggest question – then the deal to go after is the most solid one, which is the dinar.  We know the dinar is what this is centered around, and it’s the core of the GCR.
Caller:  I heard you need 20 million dinar to be a whale.
RayRen:  I’ve never heard what justifies you to be a whale.  I don’t know what the break-point is for someone to identify that they are a whale.
Caller:  I’ve heard about whales, and then wonder what makes a porpoise, or a tuna fish.
RayRen:  One way to make sure you are a whale it to keep on buying!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  It’s past the top of the hour.  Banks got notifications this morning, and they are making moves to do something.  They are not just sitting complacently on their backsides. We are told they want to get this done by the end of the month.  In Iraq, there are meetings on Saturday and planning to change prices on Sunday.  We’ll see what that is about.  We do know they want to get this done by the end of the month.  All we can do is wait.  Let’s wrap up this session.  If there is a need for us to come back, then we will come back for a complete call (if warranted) or a tweet.  We will stand by to get this done!

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA  

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