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TNT Call notes 16-March-2016

RayRen: [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Greetings, good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to our call on Wednesday, March 16, 2016.  This is RayRen98, in living color.  We’re going to address some information.  It is what it is.  It’s good information, depending on what you’re looking for.
What’s happening on the US side?  I’m sure you’ve heard everything under the sun – 4-8pm, then midnight to 1am, and then some heard to see it first thing this morning. We’re all here, still waiting.  The banks are waiting on the lead bank.  What is the  lead bank waiting for?  I don’t know, and I don’t intend to call and ask them. Don’t bother the banks, just sit back and let it unfold.  While we’re on the subject, make sure you are conscious of security, once you have done the exchange.  Life will change for you, money-wise and in other ways, although internally you may feel like the same person.  Other people will treat you differently, positively or otherwise.  Some who have exchanged are starting to share those differences.  The stakes will change post-RV, and some people will treat you differently even if you don’t realize it. It’s a blessing, but with a lot of responsibility.
That’s it on the US banking side.  I don’t know if there are still private exchanges going on – haven’t heard one way or the other.
In Iraq, there were movements mostly yesterday.  This is coming the people on the street over there, not news articles.  The demonstrators were told to continue to protest and camp out ‘until it is done’, and demanding that it should be done by the end of March.  Some prices have dropped, possibly to appease the people.  There is no increase in pay yet.  Parliament comes back this week from the nine-day break.  The citizens are also upset about Parliament talking a vacation before the cabinet is seated.  The demonstrators say they will turn evil if Abadi doesn’t give them reforms. There is a rumor Abadi will announce his new cabinet within a day. That was Monday’s info.
ON Tuesday, the  mosques said that economic reforms ‘have been implemented’ and the citizens worries are over.  That is the last piece of intel we got from Iraq.  The saga continues and we wait to see what happens next…
I’ll answer some questions from members of the forum.
Q:  Tony and DC mentioned five people will be informed about the 800 numbers. Are you one of those? A:  Yes, if it’s going to happen.  Tony was TNT and now I’m TNT super-fantastic, but the concept is the same.
Q:  Do you  have any information on the CBI? A:  No.
Q:  Have you heard that the RV is going international:  A:  I have not received those words as such.
Q:  Have there been private exchanges since Monday?  A:  I’ve heard some banks have completed their private exchange process, but otherwise I don’t know.
Q:  Is the lead bank still holding up the process?  A:  I don’t know about holding up the process, but the banks are waiting on the lead bank.  I don’t know that anyone is holding up the lead bank. They do get their instructions from the Treasury.
Q:  Who or what is holding up the RV?  A:  I have no idea.  By the time we get the answer, will we really care?
Q:  Is it time for us to establish the RV campaign again?  We have continue to be left out and they are dangling the carrot?  A:  No.  There is no exclusion or carrot-dangling.  They know we are here;  there is no need for a campaign.
Q:  Why did the xe site go up to 1200 dinar = dollar and stay there?  Is that the in-country rate perhaps?  Can you call them and find out?  A:  that is not the in-country rate;  I can contact xe and find out what’s doing on.
Q:  We have heard Abadi asked for the 10th, then he moved it to the 20th.  Then the protestors gave Abadi until the 18th. What’s your view?  A:  Last night they announced that economic reforms have been implemented and the citizens worries are over.  As far I as I can see, that would include the RV, because that is what the citizens want as well as dealing with corruption.  Those statements are a little broad and vague, but for them to say “your worries are over”, that gives the impression this is happening right now.
Q:  Is WF doing exchanges and we are left out in the cold again?  A:  No, they are not. They are entirely different people now.
Q:  Should I have multiple accounts for trust and foundations?  A:  Yes, you should set up the entities first, and have an account for each.
Q:  Are the rates on the screen accurate? A:  I don’t believe so.
Q:  How can these private exchanges take place when this hasn’t happened?  A:  That is easy – it hasn’t happened publicly.
602 caller  If this goes before the end of March, will we have to make quarterly payments on the first quarter, in the middle of April?  We don’t know what taxes will be…
RayRen: Quarterly taxes are estimated payments, so you work out what went out and what came in, unless you have professionals to deal with that.
Caller:  Is the ISX trading again?
RayRen:  I haven’t checked on that.
512 caller:  Are we still in the ‘any time now’ time-frame?
RayRen:  Yes, I would say ‘any time’ based on the information. Things do change, but if it stays as they are purported to be, then ‘any time’, and pretty soon.
206 caller:  I keep sending mail to Tony and it gets sent back. 
RayRen:  Look in the forum, in the public side, and use the right address.
281 caller:  “It’s so easy to look around and notice what’s wrong;  it takes practice to see what’s right.  Most of us have lived around negativity for years. Negativity destroys;  it’s better to ask what’s right about our lives, relationships and ourselves.  Positive energy heals, conducts love and transforms.  Choose the positive.”  [too fast for me to follow]
 [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
423 caller:  I’m walking outside, it’s a gorgeous day here in Tennessee!  How are you?
RayRen:  I’m not discouraged at all – and you?
Caller:  I got on the roller coaster last night.  I listened to a call that said we would receive our blessings in the next 12 hours, with all this good intel and confirmations.  I want to deliver my husband from traveling and my son who is unemployed.  Some are saying that the zim doesn’t exist, and that this is only happening for the dinar.
RayRen:  Did you question that person on why he said this?
Caller:  It was an intel provider on a site.  Others are saying that you will get what you ask for, especially if you are doing humanitarian work.  That means that maybe a hundred trillion zim could be worth a billion dollars!  You want to bold to ask for as much as you can get, but you don’t want to look ridiculous.  I remember you saying that you plan to ask for three digits…
RayRen:  Yes, for three numbers – we had some pedant saying that on the right side of the decimal point are not digits but fractions.  There are zim categories of millions, billlions, and trillions.
Caller:  If a 100 trillion note revalues at 50 cents, then that would be 50 million dollars, right?  That would be such a blessings, and when someone said $5.50, that would be even more amazing.  They said to ask for what you heart says, and if your projects are solid enough, you will get that.
RayRen:  Ask for it!  You have nothing to lose.  They will either give it to you or they won’t.  Yes, I think it’s this week – the banks think it’s this week, so I do as well.
918 caller:  Anyone can repost something;  you give us the words “economic reform has been completed, your worries are over.”  Do you know who actually announces that?
RayRen: That particular information came from ‘an authoritative voice’, in the mosque relayed by people on the streets.  I don’t know who actually said it, but it’s being given out as true information from the government.
Caller:  Looking at your call, it hit me this morning that I relate it to the Tonight Show;  the  best host was Jack Parr, who was intellectual and witty. That’s RayRen! [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
610 caller:  [can’t hear]  Challenges people have had since they have exchanged;  can you go into any of that?
RayRen: It’s just about being more secure about what they are doing, who they are talking to and what they are disclosing – things like that.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Negotiate!  North Carolina BBQ!
754 caller:  I do read the other blogs and there are one or two people I’ve come to trust.  They are saying that Iraq’s rate has not changed, that no groups have not exchanged privately, the banks have not set up exchange centers, and that the only 800 numbers available are the usual ones on the bank websites.  This has all be confirmed according to the UST and banks, according to these blogs.  Does anyone have direct access to the US Treasury?  Do we have any actual proof of exchanges?  It makes you think..
RayRen:  It’s good that people are thinking.  I’m not getting into a pissing match on who is right or wrong.  You as a listener will have to decide who to listen to.
Caller:  Do you have direct access to the UST and their information?
RayRen:  What difference does the answer make?  You have decide what you belief.  Did you ask the other intel person to prove that there have NOT been exchanges?  It’s easy to throw something into print, and you don’t know who t hat person is so you cannot ask them questions.  Here at least you have a live person you can ask your questions, and there are other live calls as well. You, the listeners, have to decide who you are going to receive your information from – someone who you can at least hear the tones of their voice and what they are excited about, or someone who writes a blog.  If it’s me against someone else, you just listen and choose what you are going to believe.  I am not taking extra steps to prove anything;  I do that enough for the information I bring to you.  I’m not going to prove anything, because all we can do is sit and wait until it happens.
Caller:  When we do go into the banks, I have read that you set up one account to do the exchange, and then from there set up other accounts for taxes, to use, and all the rest. You don’t do that at the first account that you open?
RayRen:  You do whatever it makes sense for you;  it’s your money and your life.  You have to receive this information, digest it, and use what seems right for your life and your portfolio.  I can’t give out a set of instructions to 20,000 people and have it fit every single person’s situation. These are strategic suggestions, and they don’t apply to all 20,000 people equally.  Use the ones that work and throw out the rest.  That’s my take;  I cannot speak for these other blogs and calls.  Build your own plan for what you want to accomplish. You decide.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
319 caller:  I think that lady was just looking for reassurance.  I was raised up to believe that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.  There are exceptions, and this may be one of them.  DC and Tony were amazed at the contacts who got in touch with them, from the US and Iraqi governments, and they said they had written proof of exchanges that had taken place.  Their people said that we had earned a place at the table.  Please tell us that are we not being pushed out!
RayRen:  Nothing but progress has happened since then.  We have had private exchanges with everyday people.  We told everyone that it was told to us that they would do private exchanges first, then groups, then the public.  It’s happening like it was told it would happen;  now when we are seeing private exchanges, people want to revolt and have a fight about that?!  Come on!
Caller:  I think that is what the lady was asking, reassurance that we were covered.
RayRen:  That’s not what I was getting.  I’m not getting into a confrontation with other intel providers, I’m just not.
580 caller:  I am hearing about the new money coming out, the ‘rainbow currency’.  Is it the real deal?  Has anyone seen any of these notes?  What have you heard about it?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything recently.  New Treasury notes are possible.  There would have to be enough notice so that we can accept it and use it in the market place.
913 caller:  I’m not a member of the TNT forum.  When I look at the website, it says that new information will be coming about Vegas, Raleigh, etc?  Can I come too?
RayRen:  The Vegas event is for members only, but you could become a member when we reorganize.  We will tweet out the information in time.
Caller:  I am getting spiritual confirmation through numbers, like 888 dollars in my drawer today. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
972 caller:  Does the Fed have anything to do with the delay?
RayRen:  I have no idea why we don’t see what we are looking for;  I don’t know if there is a true delay.  Some people are looking for this now…
719 caller:  Just to clariy, that lady who was questioning you was reading from the Mtn Goat post.  She was reading a bunch of BS that scared her, and I’m sure that was the intent of the post.  About estimated tax payments, you MAY have to pay April 15th, but possibly not because it may be based on your previous year’s taxes.  Get together with a tax accountant, and get a 1040-ES publication.  That will walk you through estimated taxes.  It’s based on your prior year’s taxes. 
I assume that if Abadi made a speech saying it’s international, that would be all over the internet. Someone gave you the information from the mosques that the economic reform is done, so…
RayRen:  In the mosques they said economic reforms have been implemented;  that doesn’t mean that this is fully international.  It could mean that they have just started, it could mean they have changed the rates – it is not detail-specific.  It’s a vague statement but  it’s what was said, and I’m reporting it to you.  We have to digest it and still sit back and see what happens next.
Caller:  I am hoping for this week.  Someone said the back wall is th e22nd, and others saying the end of the month.  Riots?  Also, the banks do have some of the rainbow currency;  we saw some at our local WF bank.  Are we that close, not about Iraq but about piecing together the other details coming together?
RayRen:  I’m still waiting for information from Iraq, which is the part in front of the curtain.  We don’t really know what’s going on behind the curtain.
Caller:  I hope that helps with the quarterly tax payments – get a professional to help.
740 caller:  First time n the call.  The man who said his mail to Tony was returned, he needs NOT to put his return address on the envelope.  Most prisons don’t accept return address or any other stickers on the envelope, and the address has to be complete.
RayRen:  That was Bill Jones, and I don’t think he was telling the truth anyway. 
Caller:  Where will this event take place in Raleigh?
RayRen:  That hasn’t even been planned yet.  We are waiting for the elusive RV.  The whole Vegas event is more than a party, it’s about information on investing and all the rest. We’ll put the information out there, and those who want to go will show up.
901 caller:  If you get money from the RV, will that affect your benefits?
RayRen:  Call these people right now and then you will know!  You may be worried for nothing;  call them and ask. They will answer the question, and if it does affect your benefits, you will be duty-bound to tell them.  If you get 50 million dollars, I don’t think the loss of a few hundred dollars per month will bother.  You need to get this information now. Don’t say RV or currency;  all they are concerned about is whether you have money.  You call them up and say “if I win a large sum of money, how will that affect my benefits?”  Some have said that if you get earned income, that will affect your benefits, but this is not earned income.
Caller:  Give my regards to Tony, DC and Pam. [Appreciation]
RayRen:  Let’s wrap up this session.  This is Wednesday, banks are still excited and waiting to go, wating for the lead bank to give them the release.  In the mosques, citizens are being told their worries are over, the economic reforms have been implemented.  In the meantime, I believe.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA  

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