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TNT Call notes 11-March-2016

RayRen: [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Greetings, good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to our call on Marvelous Monday, March 14, 2016.  This is RayRen98.  
Information, information.  This morning’s tweet said, “Who's on 1st base, what's on 2nd base? R U confused?”  Look it up, it’s a sketch by Abbot and Costello.
From Friday going into the weekend, the big thing was that the banks received codes;  various banks reported that.  This was the major thing blocked banks from exchanging, and now those codes have come out.  Now, they have got these codes in the past, but they also needed authorization to USE the codes – permission on top of permission.  So from what we remember being told, those release codes came out but they didn’t have permission to use them. The same thing has happened this time – they were told to get ready Saturday night so that they could start exchanging on Sunday or this morning. The private activity continued throughout the week.  Those are all signs of progress, but who is holding this up?  The banks are waiting on the go-ahead from the lead bank, and the lead bank is either saying “we don’t know what the hold up is” or they are waiting on permission from the US Treasury.  So who’s on first?  That is what the banks are saying, that they cannot move until the lead bank says they can.  We don’t know about what is really going on, but that’s the information we are hearing, floating out across the internet.  That’s where we are in the US.  Who is going to make a move next?  Private exchanges may be reaching the end of those cycle, and we are waiting on the rest.
In Iraq, they are tense, outside the Green Zone they are demonstrating, and planning to do even more protests next Friday.  Some have received money on their cards, but at the lower rate, and they want the higher rate, and also economic reform and action against corruption.  They are giving Abadi until the 18th.  He has posted several names for each cabinet position for the people to decide on.  It’s a bottleneck for this RV.
We are looking for today, but that is still a mystery to me.  If they are going to do a full-blown release in the US, they cannot do that until Iraq also has a full release.  I don’t see how they can do that until they have satisfied the people over there, and that means a full sitting government, and that wont’ happen until the cabinet is replaced to the satisfaction of the people there.  Either Iraq needs to do a full-blown release over there, publicly and then we will have a public release here, OR we will have a release to the private groups, including the internet group (meaning us).
There is some wild stuff out there, and you can believe it or not;  I don’t, and I’m not going to bring it to you, especially as it’s not coming through my intel group.  Let’s go to some questions in the forum and then to a few live calls.
Q:  How are the release codes different from the transaction codes the banks have had for some time.  A:  There have been rates, and codes beside the rates like ‘pending’; those have disappeared.  When they attempt to process the exchange, they need release codes to complete the transaction.  As I hear it, they have the new codes but not yet permission to use them.
Q:  I understand Zimbabwe is now using yuan;  how does that impact exchanging zim? 
A:  I don’t think it does.  I’ll just take my zim notes to the bank and exchange for US dollars.
Guys, if you have questions in the forum, brevity is important, because I’m reading them as I attempt to answer them.  A paragraph is too long.
Q:  If the UST gives permission to use the release codes, why haven’t they given that permission?  A:  I think the UST has given permission, and for some reason the lead bank has not passed that on.
Q:  I gather the private exchanges are not SKRs, but funded accounts.  If so, we must be that much closer.  I don’t understand how some exchange and we do not.  A:  We are adults in the real world, and we know some people can do things that we can not yet. 
Q:  What are your thoughts about the 2008 AA zim, which have expired?  A:  I don’t agree with your statement that they have expired.  I haven’t seen that.
Q:  Is the structured payout for zim over one billion dollars still in place?   A:  We never heard that in a solid way;  I think it was proposed and still might be, don’t know.
Q:  Are you still hearing three digits for the zim?  A:  That’s what I’m asking for.  If you’re going to reach for the highest rate, ask for the moon!  Ask for contract rates, if that is what you prefer.
Q:  How do you know the release was attempted and then stopped?  A:   I never said that.  I don’t know of an attempt that was stopped;  you may have heard that elsewhere.
Q:  Since the banks are doing private exchanges, they must have the codes, etc.  It sounds like government, friends and family;  what’s different?  A:  The difference is that the banks are contacting their clients.
Q:  Give me the rates for IQD and IQN so I can find out the best rates. A:  I just gave a great big hint on what to ask for.
Q:  How long will it take to have full access to our funds after the exchange?  A:  I was told 24-48 hours after this goes live.
754 caller:  When we call in on the 800 numbers and are given a site to go to for exchange, should we ask for a marked bank facility, not an unmarked one chose by them? Should we photocopy all our notes before we exchange?
RayRen:  I don’t think you will have a choice;  they’ll send you to wherever you can do the business.  I think the unmarked exchange centers will be even safer than the usual bank locations.  I’m not going to copy my notes;  I’m going to a bank where they will count and verify my currency, they will give me a receipt, deposit the dollars in my account and then I’m done.  I will sign off on it right then, and if they sign off on it as well, then it’s their problem.  We agree and that’s it. Otherwise, if there is a problem with specific bills, they will hand them back while I am there.
Caller:  Do we ask for clean and clear certificates in the first appointment?
RayRen:  You’ll have to ask them about that.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
610 caller:  Donation information:  go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com, click on DONATE and follow the instructions.
404 caller:  If the UST has already given the okay to the lead bank, what can we expect for actions and timeframes from everyone else to get over this hurdle?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  We have to see the Iraqi thing play out before the public release, and that will take a little time. It’s watching a political game unfold, IF that is the deciding factor.  Some of my  US sources suggest that by this afternoon this could be a moot point.  If this release is about the groups and internet folks, then the hoopla in Iraq is not germane. 
Caller:  What are the deciding factors now?
RayRen: The banks are saying “we can’t move until WF moves, they are calling the shots.”  WF will reply “We can’t move until the UST authorizes us”, and the Treasury will say “We already gave authorization.”
Caller:  Let’s hope we don’t end up as the short stop, who says, “we don’t care.” We do care.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And negotiate!
973 caller:  Any idea of exchange centers in NW New Jersey?
RayRen: I don’t have any idea of the exchange locations.  My only suggestion is to call your local banks and ask for the main foreign currency locations.  They will probably be in the larger branches.  See what they tell you.
Next caller:  When will this happen?
RayRen:  No, I can’t tell you when it’s going to happen.  I’m hearing today from some sources and ‘the end of the month’ from others.  I am picking today.  All systems are go, we just don’t know when.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
516 caller:  The Iraqi ministers being appointed today – didn’t they do that already?
RayRen:  These are new ones;  some of the protests were about replacing ministers.  There were some Abadi didn’t appoint, they were left over from Maliki’s administration. That’s what the people were complaining about, that the ones Maliki selected were corrupt and no good.
Caller:  It’s only a week or so since we heard Maliki resigned, so maybe it’s getting there.
RayRen:  We don’t really know that it’s needed for the currency to revalue.
864 caller:  With the zim, how will the million zim notes be adjusted?
RayRen:  From what we hear, there is no adjustment on the millions, only on the billions and trillions.  When you go in to exchange your zim, whatever rate you are thinking of asking for, double it!
Caller:  I’m in!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
406 caller:  When do you seriously think we have a chance?
RayRen: As I already said, some people think today, some by the end of the month.
847 caller:  We are all waiting on the timing, and I’d like to got through a logic trail on that and get your opinion on it. I’ve worked with many heads of state, so I have some insight.  Both Tony and DC said that a trillion dollars were put in by the Chinese.  After the second half-billion, both Tony and DC said the contract rate was still there but they were cautious about how much.  I cannot believe that the US government would be happy about them spitting that out wherever they choose;  surely it would go to those who made political contributions. So if our government says not to release this to the people they don’t like, the banks won’t have a choice on that.  I think the money is going out or blocked at the behest of our own government, and it won’t happen until the money has gone to the right people. 
RayRen:  I don’t know what you are calling the right people. Some people have exchange who only plan to vote at the polls, without strong political leanings.  You might be on the money, or completely off base.  I don’t have enough information on the distribution process, not even on who makes the decisions, so I cannot form an opinion either way.
803 caller:  [chit chat about OM]  I hope this is IT, this week, no later than the 17th!
RayRen:  I’m counting on it!
975 caller:  I’m finally on!  Please tell Tony that I still remember were I was when I first got in the game. I’m a 15-hour bus ride from Texas, so could DC call me so we can start the buses so we can drive there to exchange?  Tell Tony I’ll go to Vegas only if we party at the Westward Ho!  [Appreciation]
601 caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
808 caller:  Do you know anything about [didn’t catch it].
RayRen: I haven’t seen or heard anything official on that yet.
415 caller:  It sounds like whether or not Iraq gives their people what they want, the groups would still be able to go to the banks?
RayRen:  Yes, that is possible.  If they keep it private, not a public announcement, then when they call in the groups, we will be able to call the banks ourselves.  It’s still not public knowledge until after we have exchanged, based on what we have been told.  Most of us only need 30-60 minutes and then we’re gone! 
Caller:  If you bring in five million people privately…
RayRen:  A lot of those five million are not following this every day the way we are.  The internet and private groups are much smaller than that.  We will hear about it because we are watching for it.  Others will hear later.
202 caller:  [Appreciation]  As I copy the zims, I might have got my originals, the 100 trillions 2008, confused with my mother’s.  Will that confuse the banks when I go to exchange? 
RayRen:  Not that I’m aware of.  I don’t see any reason that would be an issue.  The banks don’t care about the serial numbers on your currency when you exchange.
Caller:  The 5,000 dinars that are taken off in Iraq – are we still okay exchanging 5K here?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything about any issue with 5K notes;  you should be okay.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
305 caller:  I’ve been trying to get on this call for three long years!  I appreciate how professionally you answer the questions, with discernment.  I also thank you for the song I Believe.  I want to get on the forum;  is there any way TNT is accepting people?
RayRen:  I’ll try to confer with Pam and her team about that.  They are the ones who call the shots.  I don’t call the shots;  I only pay the bills and take the heat on the calls!  We’ll have to see if that is viable;  we have to look at the logistics of what that will involve, and if there is a fair way to do that.  We’ve banned some people, too, and we don’t want them back.  There are some that say they want to be a part, and then they change, and they have their invitation revoked.  I’ll talk to Pam and the elders, and we’ll see.
I got through all the Q+A, and it’s the top of the hour, time to move on.  On the US said, they are saying TODAY.  That’s what I was getting over the weekend, that this will pop, we will see it in the morning, etc.  Are we just talking about for the groups and the internet people, or across the board for everyone?  If it’s a full public release, that doesn’t line up with the changes they are making in Iraq.  I don’t know enough about the political process in Iraq to know for sure.  I did hear something about an announcement on Tuesday, tomorrow, so we’ll see.  If something pops out today, whether for the groups or the public, we’re good with that because either way we will go.  We’ll see if Abadi releases this tomorrow.  We have a lot to feel positive about.  Things aren’t matching up, but if something pops, that will matter more than matching up.  We hear the lead bank is calling the shots, and we’ll see what they do.  Don’t call the lead bank.  If you don’t know who the lead bank is, you haven’t been paying attention!  Whether it’s today, tomorrow, this week or before the end of the month, we are spectators looking for the end of the game.  That’s when we get involved, run down onto the field and congratulate the players for how well they did.  In the end, time will tell all and all we can do is wait until that time.  Until then… I’m excited about the future.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

We’ve concluded the official call, but will talk with some members for a few minutes. 
301 caller:  Have you heard of them not passing the Amnesty Law yet?  I heard there are still some laws they need to pass before we see the RV.
RayRen:  The Amnesty Law has been passed, but they still dangle it as a carrot to make people believe that it’s an issue.  Those other laws… if they still needed to be passed, wouldn’t we hear about meetings and discussions about it?  There is none of that.  In the US, we hear about it until the time comes for the vote.  We don’t hear anything about the Amnesty Law, because it’s done, although it may not have been presented yet.  You don’t throw your trump card at the beginning of the game;  you hold it in case you need it at the last minute.  The Amnesty Law is a trump card.
Caller:  I read somewhere that if the RV is not release by the first quarter, we will have to start all over again. [Caller referred to June, but first quarter is 1st January to 31stMarch.]
RayRen:  I’m not worried about that happening.
The rest of the calls just went over information already given on the call.

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