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TNT :Bruce - The Big Call 3-8-2016, Transcribed by Pinkroses, 9 MARCH

Bruce - The Big Call 3-8-2016, Transcribed by Pinkroses

p.  Bruce: WE are about to walk into our futures, beautiful future, that is what I am looking forward. This is the calm before the storm, quietly excited for tonite and days to come.

p.  Bruce: Kent teaching now

p.  Bruce call: Prayer requests now

p.  Bruce call: Prayer requests over

p.  Bruce call: Introducing guest speaker Sue: how to be emotionally prepared for this exchange. Josef to help to understand the big picture.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: If you have studied and done homework, prepared you will be great. I think most people more prepared than they know. I want to encourage everybody enjoy the process, stand up for what you believe in.

p.  Bruce call: Bruce: A small percentage of people have currency. WE do feel we have been selected, chosen. It means something, the more you have or going to have, more may be required of you. I want everybody to walk into this as calmly as you can be. Realize the exchange not a very biggy deal, discuss the rate with the exchange person, write it down before exchange, then hand over currency for the exchange.

p.  Bruce call: I like to ask Sue and Josef for some techniques or thoughts how we should go in to this process

p.  Bruce call: Sue: imagine you going into exchange and walking into the door of the exchange center, probably some officers around, your brain going to pick up things are different, but you are happy, feeling wow I waited all these years. Letting any fear leave, walk in, sit down, practice what it’s going to be like these people looking at you.

p.  Bruce call: Sue, you have your currency, maybe two or three people looking at you. center in your heart, practice that now, you have all this gratitude you sitting in this chair. Write down the amount you agreed on, you see money being exchanged, hands shaked, just breath in that moment, feel the joy of that. that is the beginning, as you walk out

p.  Bruce call: Sue: As you walk out, you feel safe, going to do great things for the world. You were mentally and emotionally prepared. This helps you to prepare for the exchange.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: Wrote this piece called Stepping Stones. A lot of us carrying a lot of baggage into that exchange center. They called stepping stones. Once this happens there be another 1000 stones after. You were nervous on your wedding day and all worked out, or your first day of school it all worked out. I want to encourage to remember a time in your life you were scared, stay grounded, center in the moment, be there, be present, and hold a place of confidence and walk into with that.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: speak with love, speak with you done your homework and you earned the right to be there, come into your power at your moment. Own it, own your greatness, own your power.

P.  Bruce call: Bruce: We go in confidence, just a matter of exchanging one currency for another. WE are excited. We going to have a piece of paper, deposit slip with a lot of numbers. Some going to have more money than we thought. Above and beyond what we thought.

p.  Bruce: looks like we will be better off than we thought. lose no money, grow the money, protect the money. Exchange, funds to get by next 6 months, get with your money manager, build your team. Who do we want to have to build our team?

p.  Bruce call: Josef: this is what i think of a lot. Who do I put in my ear speak to me over time? With this kind of asset base, I think some couldn’t handle it, they not ready. There is going to be a period of time going to have to recruit talented people who can manage a large amount of money.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: They may not be in your scope of sight, you have to go out and earn their confidence, find them. I encourage people to be patient. Your pillars have to be equal or greater value of yourself, someone who can step in and keep your vision going.

p.  Bruce call: Sue: I think particularly management part, not projects, we going into wealth managers, finding and interviewing people, high net worth. How much are you researching, being ahead of the curve? What question would you ask to find forward thinking financial people?

p.  Bruce call: Josef: how do I build my team of people? If a wm is sitting across from you, didn’t have currency, they didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t understand the scope. How can they be your wm? There is a different tier of wm, different trusts company that manages huge blocks of assets.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: They don’t exist in most people scope of friends. You have to turn your discernment and ask existing professional that manage this type of trusts, who do this, large law firms will know wm who do this scope. The larger firms deal with large monies.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: Go back to patience, now you have the money, you have to have a team that can handle this money, different strategies, etc. Don’t just invest just because it is there and think you have to move it. Find the people, trust the people to move the money.

p.  Bruce call: Bruce: Some feel I have to protect it, don’t want to lose it. WE are going to have bank opportunities right there that are very good. I would say until you find that financial strategist, use the bank people initially that will generate interest. There will be some good programs.

p.  Bruce: Ex of programs at bank: What we are hearing with the kind of money we are talking about, 20 to 25 million, be in 5 to 10% range. depends how much and how long you leave it in bank. The programs are there. ask about them when you meet with your wm, private manager.

p.  Bruce: You want to sweep the funds into some type of interest bearing program with the bank, do away with the original noninterest acct. It will be very private acct, keep acct non testing, non-trading acct.

p.  Bruce: not something entire bank will see.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: The bank has lawyers, accountant, wm training, they prepared for you not only before you come into the bank, but years later. There are terms what kind of interest they will offer you, 1 to 1 billion, each level of liquid asset you will have, different programs.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: Some have very large amount of currency, different stragedy than some who have less. Communicate to the bank what your goals are, protect your principle and living off interest.

p.  Bruce: 1) lose no money. maybe wait to see what happens with the market, see where they are, even precious metals. 2) grow the money, at interest rates the banks will pay us will grow it

p.  Bruce call: Josef: The concept of profit going to dissipate everyone on this phone call. The interest program so large you can live on it and save on it depends how much you have.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: Concept careers change. With this abundance we won’t have the pressure of earning, we will start at the top and make our way down, versus the person working two jobs, mother stressed out, or dad feels never have enough. Our whole concept of family and career going to change.

P.  Bruce call: Josef: Concept careers change. With this abundance we won’t have the pressure of earning, we will start at the top and make our way down, versus the person working two jobs, mother stressed out, or dad feels never have enough. Our whole concept of family and career going to change.

p.  Bruce: most of us have had jobs, what it amounts to we will be changing that and not needing that. we take on the role of giver. how do we step into that? Our whole mental state has to change to get to that because we been in survivor mode for years. When we look at people to manage and protect the money, how do we select those people that we get along?

P.  Bruce: How do we form that connection, Sue?

p.  Bruce call: Sue: How do people shift of the identity, belief that had them that we have to compete instead how do we find the people that I resonate with that are here to do good, feel good to me, they feel real, they have a possibility and result.

p.  Bruce call: Sue: It is going to be sharing of ideas not just me against the world. You going to be learning how to collaborate with people and find the best knowledge and discern who those people are. A shift of doing it yourself. After exchange, practice being at ease, making best decision. That is the shift going to happen. Generating ease, connecting ease, embodying that, being at ease with yourself. You will drop weight, stress, ideas will come to you.

p.  Bruce call: Sue: Goal to take time every day to be mindful, reflect paying attention your being conscious. Bruce: and savoring the moment, take the time to smell the roses, appreciate, enjoy where you are.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: Be patient with yourself and others. The exchange maybe a sprint, the steps you take is a marathon. Most of us will need time to collaborate with this. People may get jealous say what you will be driving. Bruce: Be gentle, patient, kind, giving.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: We could inflict a lot of damage with the power, have to be careful. bless those who helped us our community, family, neighbor. Go back and clean up things from past, emotionally damage, clean up baggage.

p.  Bruce call: Sue: Make sure we don’t take on the old money rules, old money images so that you are woman or man with a lot of wealth, how does that look? Come from a heart place, not an ego place, letting go with those toxic money images, being famous. Make sure I am not separating myself thinking I am special because I have all this money. Stay real, connected, giver, blended with a will to good.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: Make sure your outside matches your inside. Do you really need 300 acre spread on water? Then there will be some who will have a billion dollars in bank won’t spend it. Sue: One thing I want for myself is the peace and ability to be uncultured, very flowing, how you can be in flow with yourself, the world?

p.  Bruce call: Kent selecting good questions

p.  Bruce call: Q: gave currency to people who don’t know about it, can I make appt. people not part of a group. Bruce: You should make appts, not experienced try to accompany them, maybe make it in a block, you went in then your gifted children shortly after.

p.  Bruce all Q: person died, no receipt, problem to exchange? Bruce: no receipt no problem, if you have receipt take them with you, don’t take them out. They just want to do exchange.

p.  Bruce Q: 90 day Mark 3rd date by June lst, wto thing? Josef: not a factor

p.  Bruce Q: why currency dealers not kept currency for themselves? Bruce: not allowed to, currency they have on consignment to them Josef: If you don’t think your currency dealers don’t have currency quietly you crazy. Reality currency have been shut down, they will sell what they have and it be over.

p.  Bruce Q: rates have to be showing on un operational chart to be exchanged? Bruce: No

p.  Bruce Q: Zim, why called collectable note? Josef: no difference than dong, dinar, China huge stake, really whole world in African continent, China going to pay for that currency in exchange for gold, minerals. In reality China making money long term.

p.  Bruce Q: dong, when they will stop selling at bank? Bruce: When the rate change, not that the dong not sold anymore, but rates will change to reflect new value

p.  Bruce q: which currency would you start exchange with and what order? Bruce: I think it not matter what order Josef: I would take all in and negotiate, put all on table this is what I have collective, what is the best rate I have these goals, how can i accomplish these goals with currency I have? Put all on table.

p.  Josef: putting each in different acct, dinar, dong, zim, old, all been settled.

p.  Bruce Q: good book becoming into wealth? Sue: "Inner Security, Infinite Wealth" can’t remember Author name Kent: "As A Man Thinks It" book. I give it to all I do business with.

p.  Oops that was Josef book

p.  Bruce Q: how much in cashier check? Josef: take to pay bills off, need for few months, take your time.

p.  Bruce Q: how much in cashier check? Josef: take to pay bills off, need for few months, take your time.

p.  Bruce Q: Iraq in charge their currency, China backing their currency, will china currency go before Iraq? Josef: Iraq dinar is just a biggest over printed corrupted for a decade or more, China had to come in and reconcile their books. The amount of Iraq dinar printed is, they were printing it out and giving to friends. Not an issue for our purpose. The sovereign elders of Asia and Europe, so every new currency printed is asset back, every nickel.

p.  Bruce Q: Australia question? Citibank option? Where currency exchange be done? Bruce: Hsbc good choice, (missed other bank names, sorry) Josef: Hsbc is worked by oversight of the Asian elders, a lot of the higher interest rates and programs at Hsbc. In this country, Bof America defaulted. Best bet stay with Wells, Chase, 5th third

p.  Bruce Q: Is security strong enough for group exchanging? Josef: Yes already have

p.  Bruce Q: Announcement made with trns and asset notes? Bruce: I don’t believe announce made yet. Josef: My understanding announcement not made.

p.  Bruce: Intel at the end

p.  Bruce: To know where we are now, hearing very good info about the proximity of this is very close, realistically we could be there tonight, still may. not calling rates and dates. This could well have been a celebration call.

p.  Bruce call: Josef: NO matter what I say or you Bruce, nothing going to stop it. the world desperately need this. Not our little exchange moment. Biggest concern is your security in the redemption centers. To make you safe, and the bad guys couldn’t stop it once they started it.

p.  Bruce: the bad guys out of the way now, my understanding? Josef: We have alot of wonderfuly people protecting us on water, land, etc. invisible security event going on. 10,000 of people doing the work. From the banking prospective to move funds, to exchange, convert your assets, security in redemption centers, the food suppliers waiting for us, all in place, harmonious, everything up and running, just waiting for the safest moment for you to exchange.

p.  Bruce: Josef: This going to happen, Yes. Will it be safe? We pray it will be safe.

p.  Bruce: Thanking guest speakers Sue and Josef, Kent, pray out call. WE will say this looking forward to this happening very soon, keep the faith, looking forward to it. Josef: Happy to meet you Sue. A note from Cynthia from Singapore. The possibility may happen between your calls, if that is the case, how would you handle something like that? if it happens before Thursday?

p.  Bruce; If we feel it necessary to alert Big call Country, maybe throw a big call together. What we could do is a quick recorded call and put it out, and people can find that with basic info possibly phone numbers?

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