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TNT :Bruce The Big Call 3-1-16 Transcribers mangelo and pinkroses, 2 MARCH

Bruce The Big Call 3-1-16 Transcribers mangelo and pinkroses
m = mangelo and p = pinkroses

m.  Bruce call: opening prayer
m.  Bruce, everything is rolling good tonight and everything is going well...... the Q & A will be different tonight
m. Bruce, please email us your one question to ministry@thebigcall.net tonight
m.  Bruce, Kent would you give us the lesson tonight
p.  Bruce call: Bruce: Where are we now? I hope you have sent a question to Kent by email if you have one.
m.  Bruce call: is asking everyone if they sent their questions in tonight
p.  Bruce: Most of the answers the same, but not offended by questions we have heard again. Sometimes its new to you, sometimes the questions are new to some of the listeners on the call. Info intel wise
p.  Bruce: WE are hearing right now we are undergoing a major banking reset around the world that started at noon today. It had to be done before notifications. WE should be tonight tomorrow in that state
m.  Bruce call; we are hearing that the banks are going through a major banking reset this afternoon before we could get notifications
p.  Bruce: Funds have received available from what I understand to be used now. Understand now others receiving bank wires, funds become liquid. Funds themselves a huge number of bank wires over the 30 to 36 hours from Singapore coming to NY. Also from Singapore to Europe.
p.  Bruce: Huge funds in multiple of trillion, have over succeed a ?quadtrillion one to US and one to Europe. The RV themselves, humanitarian funding to go through as a shot gun start for groups, Admiral group, internet group, etc. WE believe it is close
m.  Bruce call: Funds have received a quadrillion for the US
p.  Bruce: general public done a little bit later, probably couple of weeks. Groups will go first. exchange centers ready, all banks ready, call centers loaded up with people to set your appt.
m.  Bruce call: call centers are ready!!!
p.  Bruce: when we get 800 numbers for the internet public, not private group, we will post number on the banking tab on thebigcall.net. Just check our website to get 800 number
p.  Bruce: it is up to each bank to give 800 number they want people to use. all at once the banks will do so no advantage of another bank.
p.  Bruce: whether we get through numbers from other internet site or call, if we able to grab those numbers, we will do that. AS far as Canada also.
m.  Bruce call: each bank have their own 800# to give out for the internet groups to put out there
m.  Bruce call: this call could have been a celebration call...but we are that close
p.  Bruce: I am telling you this call could will have been a celebration call. It is that close. WE are not calling it, but we know the proximity is there. a lot of things in place that weren’t in place. It is a matter of system. Resetting systems.
p.  Bruce: what is encouraging is was supposed to go down last weekend. what is happening now alot of money movement go through now, huge amounts. they are playing catch up. That is what is going on right now. WE are looking very good now to receive the notifications in very short order.
m.  Bruce; this was supposed to go last weekend and what you are seeing a lot of money, wires being moved around now because they are trying to catch up
p.  Bruce: based on all the info who been funded, who exchanged, skrs funded, all in line to be done, a system to do it, a certain process in mind, it is proceeding in a process. BE very very happy where you are with what you have.
m.  Bruce; be very, very happy where you are
p.  Bruce: Hope you have sent questions to Kent
p.  Bruce: I want to thank josef, others in community, others who not want to be named who dont want to be named who have helped us with intel to give us clarity. We try to glean the truth with whatever we receive to give you not only the best info we have but encouragement to hang in there.
m.  Bruce: I want to thank Josef, Iko, and many others
p.  Bruce: That is what you have done. In Iraq, Iraq cards have been charged and re charged. They been paying alot of back wages and amounts. I dont know if they are caught up yet. They have an intel country rate they are utilizing. It is good they are being paid. Possible announcement from Iraq they are truly international
p.  Bruce: we are expecting an announcement from Iraq that the are international, with their bonds,
p.  Bruce: Their bonds been sold recently and need a rate to reflect those bonds, this has been last few days. WE are just done to the wire, I think.
m.  Bruce: we are expecting an announcement from Iraq that they are international, with their bonds,
p.  Bruce: Kent questions you have?
m.  Bruce Call: answering the q & a and now Bruce is giving his disclaimer that he is not a professional
p.  Bruce call: Bruce: Putting out a disclaimer, not a cpa, attorney, estate planner, I am nobody. But I care about you, if I can bring some info to steer you in the right direction. Just putting some ideas. AFter the RV we will have ones with info you might be interest in. we will have them live and recorded.
p.  Bruce: Kent, we are not attorneys, not all those things, just try to give you some help
p.  Bruce: Q: Who is funding the dinar and rv? Iraq is funding, their currency is 100 percent gold back.
p.  Bruce: A: other currency primarily backed by China. Zim, vnn, and other countries primarily. They have interest in those countries. Alot of the gold back bonds from China are being redeemed. The release of huge amounts of funds backed by gold primarily from China.
p.  Bruce call: Q: Is WF group the better way to go?
p.  Bruce: I say WF is a good group to be part of, consider using it, Yes.
p.  Bruce: Q: If you have any criminal record you cant exchange? A: I dont think they will be looking at you necessarily. The banks themselves may have some criteria about that, If you upstanding citizen, I dont think that will come up as you set up your account. I say if you go in there hat backwards, look you just got out of the joint, that may not fly.
m.  Bruce call: Q what's the hold up, what's the back wall?
p.  Bruce: Q: Is there a backwall? March 3rd look good, what is the hold up? A: Everytime there is backwall it gets pushed back, it is a movable wall. I think they are trying to move things forward, but i know certain dates, cant get into. WE could be, looking at this month very much for everything to be accomplished.
m.  Bruce call: we are looking for everything to be done this month
p.  Bruce: Q: many saying to purchase Chinese yuan, Canadian dollar? A: Canadian dollar, a likelihood, the Canadian dollar would come up, I say get Financial advisor to get into the Chinese rbd. Seek advice to a professional at time of exchange
m.  Bruce; seek the advice of professionals regarding the Chinese Yaun
p.  Bruce: Q: devaluation of the US dollar? A: Yes
p.  Bruce: Q: other currency to put your money safe? A: there are currently 5 currencies, not bad way to go into, check them out, consult Financial advisor.
p.  Bruce: Q: the zim and dong still in baskeet? A: Oh yeah!!!
m.  Bruce; should we get a trust before the exchange. A: the banks will help you and it's okay to get it after you exchange
p.  Bruce: Q: trust before or after be okay? A: after be okay, look into that at time of exchange. Those who set up trust ahead of time, a positive thing to do it. Maybe you will have some tax advantage, maybe disadvantage. Personally at time of exchange or immediately following exchange process.
p.  Bruce: Q: you suggest we hold onto our currency to negotiate rate? A: I would say advise would be when you discuss your exchange at the bank, have those rates, write those rates down on sheet of paper, make sure those rates are written down on official paper the bank is providing, official document, make sure those rates are agreed on before you hand over your currency for exchange.
p.  Bruce: Q: Iran rial legal to hold it? A: In US probably legal, have some selling it, once international. ask, if allowed to exchange, then do so, if not dont bring it out.
p.  Bruce: Q: negotiating rates? A: I dont think the 800 call centers will be in position to negotiate rates
p.  Bruce: Q: how confident ordinary citizens will be able to exchange dinar? A: Yes, eventually they will be informed and able to exchange, rates the same? no they will not.
p.  Bruce: Q: whales exchanged? A: some have gone in, some skr, some received funds, yes mostly gone in, some whales out there waiting for notification.
p.  Bruce: Q: negotiating rates? A: some negotiable in range, be informed, some of this info not able to discuss once 800 numbers come out. some people will post what range is, if negotiator ask most high rate available.
P.  Bruce: Q: taxes? A: We dont 100 percent know. I would say be prepared for anything. 
p.  Bruce: Q: 800 numbers posted, will you post rates? A: No, will not post rates. International rates will change. We wont be able to post rates
p.  Bruce: Q: no knowledge of banking. A: need banking friend, or a lot of reading online, dont know where to send you to good info. I would say try to get with somebody who been around with this thing for a while who can help you.
p.  Bruce: Kent: hire adivsor to go in with you. Bruce: godd advise.
p.  Bruce: Q: when you say you need be quiet, who is it? A: some sources we get intel from are well connected, I do know when it is time to lay low and pipe down. I think you know what I mean.
p.  Bruce: Q: Since Zim is a bond, should we commit some to humanitarian project for higher rate? A: since it is a bond, once the bank takes it in and used as a bond, we are exchanging it as a currency, you will have a slight ability to ask for a better rate if you have a humanitarian project you are in or plan to get into with. Main thing with employment, helping people in community with jobs, etc.
p.  Bruce: A: should get higher rate as a result.
p.  Bruce: Q: what percentage to put for humanitarian project? A: It’s been suggested to me you want to tell banking partner to put 50 percent to humanitarian project. Advise I been given. BE willing to put 50 percent or more to HP.
p.  Bruce: Q: Suggestion for exchanging. Make list with, make copy, etc. A: there some people who talked about this long time ago. I am not going to monkey with that. Going to exchange center. going to get certain amount of us notes, receipt. You are there between 20 to 40 mins.
p.  Bruce; Q: can you bring financial adivsor to exchange? A: Yes, you can at time of exchange. not bad idea if you not understand what is being said. Not bad idea.
p.  Bruce: Q: who is in control of giving green light Iraq or China
p.  Q: Iraq or China? A: For a long time, we looked to Iraq with their involvement, they are the kingpin, main currency everything else is attached to. They are done. Basic stuff is done, Maliki dealt with, Shabibi is there, that is pass. WE are waiting on China, funds are moving, just waiting for the go
Bruce: Q: Cards paid today? A: heard they receiving back pay at some old rates, not sure. I believe, not positive, some people have received at new rate but not everybody paid at new rate today or not.
p.  Bruce: Q: 17 percent tax on CE? A: heard about it, I know some people believe in groups taxes are covered already, heard China paying the taxes, not sure, maybe not the same in every case.
p.  Bruce: Q: 90 day nda? A: not heard of 90 day Nda, heard of 10 year nda.
p.  Bruce: Q: bring recorder to exchange? A: not, check with attorney first, check wiht bank if you have permission to record. do not go in with recorder secretly, dont even think about it. answer no.
p.  Bruce: Q: can you confirm exchange centers being manned as we speak? A: Yes
p.  Bruce: Q: any consequences for exchanging one note before we go into exchange at your appt? A: one noters you want money to get a good pair of shoes, clothes, I heard that in the past, if you feel need to do that, you can do that. but before set appt for even for one note.
p.  Bruce: Q: can you have cap at more than one bank? A; no cap, not valid question
p.  Bruce:Q: will you put up 800 number before you go to the bank? A: it is up to kent, i dont know. not matter either way in our case. Kent? Kent: probably before, take 5 mins.
p.  Bruce: As soon as we get them, have access of them, Kent can put them up.
p.  Bruce: Q: what if currency paid for by parent and child, can consider as gift to child? A: if a parent and child, if not a minor can affect it, cpa question. if both names on receipt how is it a gift? Kent: that is what i would think. B: question for attorney or cpa
p.  Bruce: Q: what is status with iraq and wto, suppose to have until thursday for international rate? A: that is right, March 3rd the date to comply with. the wto is not the make or break with this.

p.  Bruce: Q: how much to take at one time, cash? A: You would have ability to take at time of exchange 10,000, some may have ability to take more. my situation maybe 3 or 5 thousand cash. cashier check, can take a large check. deposit cashier check at hometown bank. let bank manager know ahead of time you going to make large deposit. buying property, separate issue. check from new WM, asset manager, they cut check for you.
p.  Bruce: Q: any groups received skr have money funded yet? A: not heard, heard it is to come soon, sort of right along with notification
p.  Bruce: Q: anywhere we can check to see if I have valid zim note? A: dont know answer, except bank at time of exchange.
p.  Bruce: Q: what is the advantage of using WM instead of private financial planner? A: at time of exchange you are initially using the bank for exchange, bank wants to keep customer with funds at their bank. nothing wrong to put money into another acct under another manager, nothing wrong using a trusted 3rd party. In some cases, some are hiring a wealth concierge to help set up structures
p.  Bruce: A: to help set up structures, all of that can be done with the help of a wealth advisor, planner. then idea of a family office, referring to a large banks who have services like a concierge services for high wealth clients. I going to look into those family office services with wells, private banks before I look into my own wealth concierge.
p.  Bruce: Q: are rates same in Canada as us? A: no, not the same. some currency be close, depends on alot of dinar of the involvement that country made in Iraq war would affect the rate.
p.  Bruce: Q: is the contract rate the same as Canada and us? A: no
p.  Bruce: Q: if the dong at $2 .....A: the variation of the rates at setting process, you can come up with some kind of adjustment, formula based on the value of the Canadian dollar to usd. I would say your Canadian rate be bit low
p.  Bruce: Q: download more music of Josef? A: let’s play another one of his at end of call. He is a good friend, song writer, we plan to be involved with.
P.  Bruce: Q: if I gifted a ten trillion zim note, will they have a problem of exchanging? A: if they use a major tier one bank, no problem
p.  Bruce: Q: better to exchange all the zim to get better rate, or gift zim ahead of time? A: the zim has such a great value, only thing if you were to gift the zim before rate show live, what you can do is let them know what you anticipate value be, higher gift, if they understand the concept the idea of exchanging it. to the right people they have a better with all to understand this concept, good idea to gift it. You can gift one zim note they be set for life in some cases.
p.  Bruce: Q: if they purchased zim this month able to exchange it? A: if zim still available, yes able to exchange it. something about 30 day period to exchange it. (sorry missed what he said)
p.  Bruce: Q: would the attorney help you negotiate higher rate for HP if you already have a US and foreign trust set up? A: attorney could be there to help you to negotiate, not sure question
p.  Bruce: Q: is still proper time to buy more? A: personal question, up to you
p.  Bruce: Q: some saying no 800 numbers, iko just said it yesterday A: Iko maybe right, he is right about alot of stuff. we are going to find out if anyone gets them. they may surface online and giving to someone who doesnt have a call, you know who that is.
p.  Bruce: IF that is the case, we will try to give 800 number for each bank to utilize
p.  Bruce: end of question
p.  Bruce: thank you Josef for suggesting this today. excited about position we are in. alot of things are happening. I told you quite a bit that is going on out there. In a great place, just waiting for notification to occur. if 800 number not available, we will figure it out, and put it on our site under banking when they are available.
p.  Bruce: You have time, money going to have alot of, health, get healthy. WE love you on the big call if no one else does, we do. Kent closing call out

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