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TNT :16.03.11 Fri TNT Ray call notes with Area Codes by AZhombre, 12 MARCH

16.03.11 Fri TNT Ray call notes with Area Codes by AZhombre
TNT MEMBERS (12): Starchild, Bethoven, TNDR-, Hawk-, Newbird-, DGharvey, BobK-, Camilla-Crazydog- Tessa-, Bigdraft-, AZjoycem, Goldilox53-,
LIVE CALLERS (7): 954-Fort Lauderdale, FL. (dropped to bottom). 716- Buffalo, NY.   602-Phoenix, AZ.  918-Tulsa, OK.  704-(nope). Charlotte, NC.  313- Detroit, MI.  707- Santa Rosa, CA.  601- Jackson, MS. 

AFTER THE CALL (7): 252- Greenville, NC (nope).  601- Jackson, MS.  Thanks and appreciation.  707- Santa Rosa, CA.  (nope).  570- Wilkes Barre, PA.  301- Baltimore, MD. 252- Greenville, NC (nope).410- Baltimore, MD.  559- Fresno, CA.  281-Houston, TX.  (nope).  513-Cincinnati, Ohio.

Ray- Greetings, everyone. Internet service acting up. Give me a second. 
r601a I'm hearing the call fine - in Australia ...
Think we got it.  All lines are up.  This conference is being recorded.  Greetings.  March 11, 2016, RayRen here.  Fantabulous Friday.  Today is Friday, March 11, 2016. Good afternoon superfantastic TNT family... Are we finally going to see it on this Friday? Bank people galore anticipating RV today or Saturday!  Either day is ok with me. Different banking sources are expecting us.

They have been looking for this all week. Private exchanges have taken place this week. We are still in the game, Progress being made.  Banks have literally been looking for it all weekThey are looking for us and waiting for release to general public.  Just waiting for the release and final go ahead to do this. Everything is in place, system ready, rates on screens, no pending, just can't touch it yet, on the public side.  On the private side that’s a different thing.  Some members went in this week but it would not go through.Systems all go, rates on screens, nothing needed except "a go"... Trying to get this done here... What's the hold up?  Elusive answer.   Don't know. We wait. Some mixed messages coming from Iraq.  On Wed, we talked about Abadi making changes with the cabinet and CBI. Was that holding it up the RV? Some say yes, some say no. Have had some developments since then.  Since we don't know the hold up we’re taking educated guesses... Developments: an article about Abadi making a speech on Thursday. Then he sent a tweet and said new cabinet announced soon. Soon may mean same thing for us or not.  An article was out that Abadi was to make an announcement this week.  Abadi did announce he'd have an announcement today! Then, a tweet went out saying the new cabinet would be announced soon. We know "the coming days" does not mean the same thing over here.  Another report yesterday said the announcement would be today.  Time will tell.  We wait for that information across the pond. We can't always trust the news articles.  Many articles are put out with some truth in them and some have misleading information. One article said a halt in the market due to high exchange rates. We believe the rate over there is between 90c and $1.08. That is the information we are seeing from credible sources.  Something is happening over there with the rate structures.  Told all areas the same even Baghdad... They are still looking for the high rate and a bit of citizen unrest over there.  That is the intel for today.  Some citizen unrest with rates as well.  It's difficult to believe all we hear.. So wait to get solid info from solid sources i trust.  (ref to people in charge at highest levels are still there!).

Member’s Questions posted on the board and then some live line calls: 

Starchild- why still blocking it.  R/I don’t know!                  There appears to be a disconnect.  ISIS.  R/ does it have to be resolved?  Banks making their decisions on what they believe.  Any hour, etc, additional training this week, weekend work, not to be planned to take it off.    
Beethoven: Why US Govt, IMF and ? Still blocking rv. R/don't know that they have. Will the isis issue be resolved before the rv and why do the banks say any minute? Because that is the info they are receiving. Don't know that isis issue has to be completely resolved before the rv. R: q: mosul is not free from isis.. R: we don't know for sure. Banks are moving forward with trainings and weekend schedules based on their info. Banking personnel will be working this weekend.

TNDR-   are you still seeing the date of the 20th… Ray/tweets; new cabinets announced soon.  who's calling shots? R: we wait to see and be ready to move at a moment's notice. With bond sales, etc. Is there more than meets eye? R: yes and will decline to answer anymore.  Are there things that need to be done outside of Iraq before RV? If so, what are they?  I will leave that alone for now.  Time will tell.
Hawk- Mosul need to be free of isis and under control r: no.  More further along than being reported.

Newbird- Historical bonds  Ray/don’t care as long as I get the rate, whether a bond or not!  Highest rate I can see  q: 50 t and 100 t zim notes are they bonds? R: don't know but will take what is offered even if pennies.
DGharvey -If we go to exchange centers, how do we get the funds into our own bank accounts?  Ray/ ? is vague.  Bank exchange centers you’re still exchanging with the bank.  $ deposited into your account.  Exchange center in my opinion are like at malls and airports. Bank may have exchange centers rather than actual branch, you are still exchanging with a bank  Exchange of paper. Perhaps wiring funds to your regular banks. You are still exchanging with a bank regardless of the building. Money will be in your account with that bank. Then, you can move it.
BobK-ISX was shut down.  Exchange of paper. Perhaps wiring funds to your regular banks. You are still exchanging with a bank regardless of the building. Money will be in your account with that bank. Then, you can move it.  Groups and exchanging. R: heard groups were notified to get ready to mobilize. Heard nothing has taken place.  Will we go at the same time or after the groups? Right behind them.
Camilla-have you heard the Pres and VP resigned and the Sec of State was sworn in as Pres?  Discussing Nessara - Ray laughed. Can’t believe all you read.  Heard of latest rates: r: yes but they change constantly and believe they are placeholders until we get into the exchange.  Won't know the exact rates until we are at the bank
Crazydog-Hove you heard from them.  Ray/yes I have.  Get a different set of rates every day.
Tessa-our forum members go to the bank will I be able to go to a bank in Germany?  When the country goes international, you should be able to do so in Germany as well.Exchanging in Germany. 

Bigdraft-q: why do we have to wait for iraq ? R: I have no idea so if someone would contact me with the answer it would be nice.  Ray received text re: Abadi's announcement
(Message for Ray posted during chat) - Abadi - Released today - Major Announcement by Abadi - Roadmap and criteria for implementing the comprehensive reform plan -http://pmo.iq/pdf/document.pdf - PDF - in Arabic only (Apologies - but important)
AZjoycem-If you only have Dong and want the highest rate without signing NDA.  Ray/plan for a min of 47 cents and max 2.00.  Somewhere in there without contract rate. 800# may be a mystery.  Beginning to think we can’t count on that as many people would have you believe.
Goldilox53-ZIM only exchanged at WF?  Ray/No.  All tier 1 banks as well.
JubileeGal-family members overseas with currency, how are they going to exchange while on duty. R: I don't know but I will assume they'd use banks on base to exchange. Should know already.  Have them check on base banks.

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