Friday, March 25, 2016


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buck72801 said:   Just wondering what your thoughts are Steve on all the positive news and post ?

Steve:  Yes it is all positive. We have done no updates because many of us with contacts have confirmed nothing new except what you are reading in the news.  Have a happy and safe Easter weekend!

I heard from a couple contacts last night. I will add their comments later today.

I received some information from a couple contacts regarding the current news,
The main focus was this past week some very strange things happening on the ISX. I guess the ISX was down for some time and when it came backup most of the numbers did not make sense. There seem to be some major trading by only a few companies.
Also it was brought to my attention that most of the Iraqi bond purchases were to banks. This is very positive because banks have to have a minimum asset reserve to be able to participate in a global exchange of their currency (this was what several told me, so do not shoot the messenger here).

was told that magic number but did not note it as something I need to remember. I will do some more fact finding and report back. Another mention on the CBI site was the lack of some of the dominations that used to be listed. This is all looking very positive.
Security seems to be getting under control. This came directly from someone in Iraq and is close to the action. ISIS is still a factor but not anywhere near what it was. I was also told that some major house cleaning regarding hundred of arrest warrants and many officials have already fled the country. 

The new parliament seems to be in place now and all has agreed, but still waiting for the final vote to make it official. As you can see, there is some major steps in change for the better and the new Iraq will be announced in short time.

With many important people attending this major meeting this weekend, something really big is happening. Will it be what we are looking for? Probably not, but at a minimum it surely must be leading up to it or something significant in the near future.
Just reporting what I am being told, so sit back and let this play out when they (Iraq) is ready. Based on what I have read and reading, Iraq is pushing very hard to officially enter into the global market with a new value attached to their currency.
This is pretty much a given, but watching them accomplish this is sure confusing and complicated. After one mile stone reached there seems to be another one ahead. One would think that the end is sure near.
Have a safe Easter.  Blessings, Steve

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