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Notes from Wingit call Friday 3/25/16, 25 MARCH

Notes from Wingit call Friday 3/25/16

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Art: waiting for notifications; were supposed to be last night; on autopilot; supposed to be before Easter…not too much time left…

Gerry: need to address an email I have received…Mtn Goat is 2 or 3 different people, according to those who study linguistics and handwriting

We are all anticipating RV this weekend. This so-called person hiding under the moniker “Billy Goat” states we will never see anything until a list of things is complete and all the others are providing hopium. What is the truth?

Everything is done…it is theater. It is not Iraq any more…Iraq is the lynchpin. Iran is ready…ready yesterday. Why do you think the dignitaries are in Iraq? They are there to stand on the stage and, in my opinion, welcome Iraq into the WTO.

If   they were to say everything is done, everyone would say, “where’s my money?” The blessing is here, it is just the timing.

Everything is so far above our pay grade, we are getting nosebleeds trying to see it. We need to concentrate not on Mtn Goat, Dr. Clarke, or even me…nobody has been right, but we are making progress.

Concentrate on some of the rates you have heard…manage it. It is a life changing event. Concentrate like it is in your accounts but just don’t have access to it yet. Concentrate on what you are going to do…relax…we have heard they are getting ready to make some announcements.


No email notification list…twitter only.

Art: Chinese elders want it before this weekend…tying it in with activities in Iraq…celebrations and announcements. Maybe tonight/tomorrow. I got 3 different emails this morning. Dunford is supposed to be on Fox News tonight…probably about our military 9:00 central/10 eastern. Still looking good…one of these nights it is going to happen.

Pastor: It is Good Friday…was a hard day for Christ…should be a very good day for you. It is a wonderful, sacred day. Let this be a blessing of Christ for you all. Thank God for the day…your blessing is almost here.

Gerry: Pastor’s son got married yesterday. He got to perform the ceremony.

Gerry: We have addressed the disinformation. Relax. I am calm.

281: We have been told the elders are financing this GCR and want to set humanity free from the captors; and we have been told the banks are ready…what is holding it up?

GERRY: Well, it was explained to me…if you want to keep everybody guessing, we are going to use WWII D-Day, a year before D-Day, they did bombings, and then they did not until that day they got new orders. This time has caught people with their fingers in the pot.

954: We have heard all kinds of times that banks will be open for exchanges…24 hours a day; 7-11, whatever.

GERRY: We are going to be going to redemption centers, not the banks. I have heard some times. I can assure you that if it starts tomorrow, it will come to a screeching halt 6:00 am Sunday morning and resume Monday morning.

Web caller: Are there caps on zim?

GERRY: No caps but structured payouts from 2-100 years because this amount of money has never been in the general public hands…to get used to it. A Safety…to think about what you are going to do

Web caller: full interest on it or a piece of the action?

GERRY: Don’t know…we will find out when we get there.

Q: I understand they are taking 0’s off the zim, why?

GERRY: Let’s think about it…6 0’s off the trillion…[discussion about value].

Q: That is confirmed…they are doing that?

GERRY: Yes, I have heard that from others who have exchanged theirs.

843: I want to follow up on the gentleman who asked about the zim…how much can one expect to get before the bank starts to write notes? Where do they draw the line?

GERRY: Structured payouts? Nobody knows.

843: Everybody is interested…guess we will have to wait.

GERRY: I am sorry, just don’t know yet.

Web call/NZ: I am curious bc I am planning my trip home after confirmation of the RV. Do you envision my being able to get home w/in 48 hours?

GERRY: You had better book a flight quickly after hearing it…and tell them to hit the burners.

Web call/NZ: I don’t think they will appreciate my telling them how to fly.

816: about the cap on the zim…how much up front and what cap after that?

GERRY: I have no idea…only ones who know…it is all speculation until we get there. Some may reach it with 1-2 notes and some have 100’s.

816: What about the afghani or rupiah?

GERRY: They are still in there.

828: I have a question about humanitarian projects, if you are giving 50% of your funds, are you using the interest or some of your principal…or what?

GERRY: I would probably be using some principal and the interest to get things going.

587/Canada: Some clarification…some say zim is garbage…have only 2 months to cash it in…on this call some say it is definitely going…can you clear it up today/

GERRY: If they feel it is garbage, please send to me, I will be glad to take it. I have been getting some emails asking about exchange process in Canada and Australia, but I don’t know anything to give you because nobody has told me anything.

587/Canada: Do you have any proof (article or something) that the zim is part of this?

GERRY: Just knowledge that people have used it for skr’s.

587/Canada: I am wondering if it is only the AA note 100T that is good

GERRY: It is going to be more than that…that series has many denominations in it…it will be all right.

770: If you clear a billion on it and you have taxes, are they still going to do a structured settlement or let you pay the taxes out of it or what do you think they might do or do we have to wait and see what comes about?

GERRY: We are going to have to wait and see. There is not going to be a cap on the zim unless you want to consider structured payout a cap. From what I am being told, there is not a “you reach a certain amount and you have to give the rest of it away or do something else.” No, no, they want those notes. There is structured payout anywhere from 2 years to 100 years, structured pay out.

770: I was just curious about the tax situation, if you was going to be able to pay the taxes if there was a cap on it…before they put it in a structured pay out.

713: If we get the notifications/800#’s, I am at work and don’t get off work until Sunday morning…do I need to call and make my appointment then or should I call and make an appointment for Monday?

GERRY: Well, if you are at work and you get the call, you need to make your appointment for Monday morning. [discussion about her being a home care giver].

703: I have invested in the Dinar, Dong, and zim. Question specifically about the zim. I am an acquaintance with president of bank with 53 branches. He believes the dinar will come. When I asked him last week about the zim, since I plan to exchange with him; this is a 3 tier bank, he told me he doubts the zim will ever have anything. He told me about an article (about 90 pages long) from the Central Bank of Zimbabwe put out on 1/9/16, page 33, regarding their financial outlook.

I went back and looked at it, and it says their currency was denominated and out of circulation since 9/2015 and any depositor could come to the bank and turn it into the bank and exchange for about $5; the lower denoms were going as little as $2 per bill.

I am confused why the CBZ would put out an office notification like that and it wouldn’t be true. 2) He also mentioned to me that he is invested in the dinar, so that made me comfortable. But he told me that he is president of 53 branches and nobody has come to him about any planning so I don’t think that if the state department is involved, which commands all of the banks that that would not notify all of the banks to be involved. It would be like putting a loan program into effect for the vets and only letting the tier 1 banks handle it. That would be so unbelievable. The next day, there would be the biggest lawsuit by all the bankers like myself. Yeah, it is coming, but you got to wait. It’s not happening this weekend. What do you think about that?

GERRY: That article you read, that is for in-country only. Let’s use Iraq as an example. You know, they have been taking the 25K note off the street and trying to introduce the lower denoms. We have also read articles where they have said you have X amount of time and a 25k note is just worthless…that is in-country only that Iraq is doing that. If you will look at it and compare it to Zimbabwe, that is the same thing they are doing.

So, what you hold, if you didn’t believe in it, you would never have bought it in the first place. That was in-country only. And the second one is, WF was in charge of all this…he is a tier 3 bank. I’m not taking anything away from that. He’s not going to know everything. If he did, then everybody would know. And so, that’s just not going to happen. I hate to throw him underneath the bus, but he doesn’t know everything.

WF is only handling the zim because they want those historical bonds. They have put themselves in that position to accept that and to say to the other banks in the US, “we are the ones taking care of the zim…probably for the first 4-5 days…to get as much of it off the streets.” When this does go down…some of the tier 2 and 3 banks have been notified this is going to go down, it will be available to them, but it will only be available during the public redemption portion…when it is said Iraq is public and running…going forward. He won’t be cut out of it…only in the beginning. He doesn’t know everything that is going on. You know way more than he does.

703: I know that is possible…I try to think logical think that would be such an unfair competition if only the big guys to be able to pick up all of these new clientele and the little guys will have no way to compete.

GERRY: Let me give it to you another way, you go ask that banker how much he has in assets…just 10 notes in zim will put you above his assets. He cannot handle what is coming in…you know more than he does.

Q: He gave me a signature loan before…you want to go ahead with someone you know when it goes down if you can…

231: Happy Resurrection weekend! I cannot see something happening with that. If they expect us to bring them humanitarian projects if they have our funds in escrow accounts.

GERRY: I am sure they will…depends on how much you have after exchanging. Don’t want people who have gone from dirt poor to have billionaire and not know how to spend the money. Each case will be determined…

773: A caller earlier asked about afghani…NY Times posted that afghani trading at $3.47, not having electricity, but has new banking system.

GERRY: Do you think that with Afghanistan, worse than Iraq, that Iraq will not be more than that?

Web Caller: I have some news…went to Wealth banker…10 days ago he knew nothing. Today he gave me an 800# in California that is not activated yet…and said it is coming down soon.

GERRY: Send me the info on email.

Web Caller: Are we going to have to pay taxes?

GERRY: 1) There are taxes; 2) there are no taxes; 3) there are taxes on the loss of interest

Web Caller: What about if it is in a trust fund?

GERRY: Should not be if in a trust fund…but I am not a tax professional…talk with a professional.

210: We can take a cash pay out of up to $7400 when we exchange…will that be in the new currency? If so, will anybody accept it?

GERRY: I think it is in the new currency…there should be an announcement publicly about new money…that would be bad for everybody.

808: Once we get our money and become Qazillionaires, will our names be listed anywhere or will we be private?

GERRY: Idk…cannot answer that question.

Philip: Some weird stuff is going on…not like their normal bivoac stuff. It looks like protection. Another thing, in about 48 hours, in Iraq, they are supposed to start re-pricing their hamburgers. We are still hearing about appointments. These people are not accepting fiat dollars.

716: Is there an age limit to exchange…18-21?

Art: Maybe 18…I know it was talked about a long time ago. I am not sure…hate to say.

212: I supposed the rates are about the same? I am concerned about the breakdown of the zims. I guess it would be better to have the smaller denoms.

Art: Yes, you would take 6 0’s of the trillions and 3 0’s off the billions and the millions remain millions.

Q: If I don’t have a trust in place, can I just do an NIB until I get a trust?

Art: The bank will do a trust if you want, while you are there, until you do what you want. There is going to take some time to set up what you want. A shelf trust or black box…

Q: Y has told us many times to ask for whatever you want and you can get it…why are they taking off the 0’s?

Art: They have to take of the 0’s or they could not handle the rates…

Q: If they are offering the rates on all of them, it seems like they would ask on all…don’t understand

Art: If you have a few zim notes you will be a millionaire. I wouldn’t get carried away with it. All we know is the Chinese elders want people to make a lot a money…

Q: You just made a good statement that we are not going to get to go in until Nesara is announced…

Art: I didn’t say that, we are going to get to go in prior to that…

954: The rates on the zim are so high, and there is still zim for sale on ebay…if WF wants the zim so badly, why don’t they go buy it?

Art: zim is a bond and they will turn it around, thru arbitrage, and will make a lot more money, that is why they will pay the high rates.

954: When I bought my zim, from China…it is still out there, for relatively low rates…and we are almost ready to go.

919: During the 4 years I have been involved, who or what is the authority on the rates? What difference does it make?

Gerry: It is what it is when you get there

904: Is Zimbabwe the lead country for this GCR?

Gerry: No…there is a possibility that Zimbabwe and Yuan are tied at the hip to bring Zimbabwe into the new age and other reasons we are not privy to.

615: When you sign an NDA, how do you tell your children what they are getting in the trust?

Gerry: have you children sign NDA or tell them Santa Claus

864: Re: question about “what is this funny money, will establishments accept it?”

Gerry: My sister works at Walmart and they knew about it and accepted it

864: She did not have phone with her and did not take picture.

Gerry: Did she call supervisor to ask if acceptable?

864: I don’t think so. Re bank security, we bank with Tier 1, they have changed requiring security over the phone and having more plainclothesmen on site.


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