Thursday, March 24, 2016

Notes from Wingit Call 3/24/2016, 24 MARCH


DPChamp:  **Notes from Wingit Call 3/24/2016
Gerry read this statement (source not identified) at the beginning of the call:
“Good morning, gang.  I want to point out a couple of things to you so you are prepared.
1) Tomorrow, being Good Friday, many banks and markets are closed
2) The issue from last week (Options, futures, and contracts not being delivered), that problem is still very much on the table.  Clearly the SEC and the NASD are not enforcing the law or rules
3) On Monday, most banks in Europe are closed
4) Problems with Credit Suess or SWISS are directly related to the Treasury’s non-deliveries, which is about to be made public…and this will tie in with Deutsche Bank scandal as well.

5) Of course, the Rockefeller/Exxon divorce is a huge hint of what is happening
6) Our friend, Pres from China, Xi, will be here in the US for a visit the end of month; he is not here for diddly winks, hand grenades, or his health.  There is something here he needs to sign that needs his personal attention…hmmmm…I wonder what that could be.  Any guesses?  Let’s just say that you guys should be in/out bank BEFORE then.  Understand…I am not calling it, but all of these pressures are working for you, not against you…and this weekend is the most likely moment to relieve those pressures.  Get it?
7) After chatting with *** at length this morning, we suspect that once he inputs all the codes to set this loose…[I’m not going to read that part…that’s letting out too much]
So do not worry, this is almost over.”
He received an email, which he read:
The USN and TRNs are live in US banks…confirmed.  Lower level bank managers being informed today, Thursday, for Friday private redemptions.  Confirmed all lower bank personnel scheduled for briefings this Monday morning.  800#’s expected late tonight for private group redemptions Friday.
pre-Easter = private exchanges – that is us
post-Easter = public exchanges
Easter RV = more than a metaphor
Compared the 72 hours’ redemption period to 3 days’ of Christ’s death and resurrection.
Gerry did report that for high amounts of zim, there will be payouts from 2-100 years.
Phillip:  Said he talked with his source who said, “Ban Ki Moon and LG set to be in Iraq Saturday.  Group leaders’ accounts were funded this morning.  The EBA and the public exchange is to be at least 7 days away.”  Phillip asked him if the dinar was going to be moved to the second basket and allow the dong and zim to remain in the first basket.  His source said, “not a chance…no chance they can do that.  US notes are out at the lower banks…set for Monday morning.
Art: thought we were going to receive notifications last night, but have heard could…maybe tonight…at the latest, probably Saturday night, which is Easter Sunday.  We are hearing all kinds of things.  You know, Ban Ki Moon and CL are going to be over there Saturday…they might make some sort of an announcement.  [discussion about whether they may be possibly celebrating entrance or acceptance into the WTO].  Other dignitaries coming Saturday.
 I understand they have had to arrest a lot of bankers who were dirty people and were trying to steal money…into the thousands, I guess now.  That’s been going on for a long time.  They are trying to put the bad people out of business.  Now they want to make sure our money is safe when it gets in our accounts.  We thought it was going to happen every day but if they are doing that for the good of all of us, I’ll buy that…I’d rather have it safe and somebody not rob it out of your account somehow…that’s for sure.  They have been working on that for a long time.  [discussion of the payout of the zim].
Phillip:  Once you have the money in your account, it is digital money.  The only way to protect yourself is, once a month, you have to ask for a screen shot of your balance…that is very important.  I have family who has money and during discrepancies, the only way the bank will accept discrepancies is with a screenshot from the bank of the balance.

Special WINGIT CC Replay for Today, Thursday 3-24-16

Guests include Art, PT, Iko Ward and more


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