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Sunday, March 6, 2016

MARTHA UPDATE : Believers vs non believers, 6 MARCH

Martha: Believers vs non believers
Today will probably be my last contact with the room. Yosef and those of us who are in the know continue to direct you thru this winding Event. There are those who want to still misdirect you including some members in this room.

There are those who still have personal agendas and want their 2 minutes of fame. They are the non acceptor of what is truly being heaven sent. This isn't religion but dealing with your inner spirituality.

I know that there is a major change about to happen. How you accept it it is up to each of you.

The month of March in the year of the Red dragon is coming in like a lion.

On the 8-9 is a total solar eclipse which carries a lot of mysticism with the Chinese. 
The full moon, which is a blood moon is the 23rd and not to forget the 22nd both of these are signs of completion.

The 15th,the ides of March,the assination of Julius Caesar and then March 28th which is Easter,with the death and resurrection of Christ. Least we forget the 17th which is St Patrick's day, a pot of gold-perhaps this year a money day as well as Easter and the release of the Saint Germain funds.

The laws of all the lands are about to change.Not just the USA but the world.

NESARA is not just for us but for all countries with the implementation of a world gold standard.

This will be a change but also of DISCLOSURE. The exposure and arrests have definitely begun.We are going to need a score card. The world monies are starting to flow. The prosperty packages will abound. A new government will arise here very shortly with a promise of a new election, an election that will done in a legal format on paper and hand counted without tampering. A government for the people by the people.

You have learnt your lessons well. The banks are safe.no bail-ins or bail-outs. China made sure of that months ago-take a look who has controlling interest! The US has been asset backed for months, quietly to be able to conduct international business.

The TRN and even the USN have been sited outside the US for more than a year. One only has to remember the story about the USN showing up at a health spa in Mexico and had to cleared by the banks in Mexico before being accepted.

The rules of banking have changed to now protect us all. Realize that 3 letter agencies are just about done with and/or will be eliminated completely and staff reduced or relocated. It doesn't happen overnight but a lot has been done very quietly for months.

I could go on but I wont. China has made this exchange as simple as possible. Don't be in a rush to spend your new found wealth. Be careful with WM, lawyers, accountants and private investors. The rules of engagement are about to change.You are in the know-they are not but hopefully they will learn.

You are in control of your destiny. Be wise and be careful. You all have been picked for a reason and it is now time to follow through. Some will still be lost and will need some guidance. There will be plenty of opportunities to get educated during this major undertaking.

It is time for me and others to continue forward and get busy in helping to create.the positive changes on this planet.

All my love and Shalom.  Martha 

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