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Frank26:  Things are moving very, very quickly.

What are we looking for? … (besides cookies)

We are looking for Mosul.  

More specifically that Abadi has a flag in a particular area. 

Keep in mind, Mosul does not have to be completely done.

We (military) have captured a lot of people.

We had an article out about Baghdadi’s chemical commander – he squealed on everybody.
I’m really happy that they are starting to tell you their interpretation of Mosul.

The bad guys are cornered. 

We’ve covered that before. 

They won’t tell you everything about Mosul until they are ready … in a couple of week … probably around the first or second week in April.

We already talked about BONDS yesterday.

Yes, they are coming out with the bonds … but do you think they are going to buy them at a program rate.

In the Wall Street Journal (yesterday) they reported “On Bond Investor Radar:  Rate Hikes.”  LOL … DUH!  We don’t know when.  Many bonds with many countries are setting up deals with bonds right now.  Iran and Iraq are setting up a deal.

It’s this simple … we are waiting for Mosul!!!

In today’s Wall Street Journal it says “Shorting Oil to Hedge Credit” – sounds good … but if you look over on the other side of the WSJ it says “A Currency Rally That is Too Good to Last.”  <<< You should read that article!   LOL!!!

Please pray for our political leadership.  I don’t know who is going to win

In the OPINION section of the WSJ … a full page write-up … “Barack Obama Checks Out”

The truth of the matter is … he checked out when he bowed to another leadership … (an embarrassing mistake that happened at the beginning of his Presidency) … and he will never be allowed to do that again.

Please VOTE.  It’s the only voice you’ve got. 

I told you that in the end … she will be there.  In the end … these two … [TRUMP and HILLARY] will be the ones you’ll be voting for President.  I think something major is about to happen with Hillary. 

So what two things did we say would happen at the end?

#1 – Hillary would be there

#2 - Life on Mars

Today, the European Nation along with the EXO Mars spacecraft was launched from the European Space Agency.  It took off Monday (yesterday) … to determine IF there is life on Mars.

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