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Frank26: We need to watch the battle field (Mosul)

The battle for Mosul (IMO) began last year in December with a unified coalition.
We are not getting enough information about Mosul yet – stay tuned … we’ll probably know more in April.

Basically … we are waiting for “them” to go-in.

The  GOI just told the citizens that they are going to tell them everything that is going on in the battlefield.

ISIS is losing money left and right.

The ISIS supply coordinator / commanders … they are squealing.

Their troops are starving, and they soon will run out of water because we have the whole DAM thing.

Abadi is sticking to his guns … to the reforms.

Understand … we don’t need all of it (Mosul) … we just need the terrorists in Mosul cornered.

BTW – this battle in Mosul … is more difficult than Ramadi.

The Fallujah – we’re hoping / praying that “they” will do this now. It’s their turn to clean-up / mop-up.

There is a dam in Fallujah … and it could break and flood … but it won’t break and flood Baghdad.

There are weapon, and weapons of mass destruction and then weapons of nature. That’s what ISIS tried to do and they are afraid that’s what we are going to do. If we did … (IMO) … ISIS would be killed.

The dam that ISIS took over hadn’t been maintained for over 18 months. They didn’t know what to do with it.

We bombed parts of it … and now we secure it.

Only pay attention to the battle in Mosul … about 3 weeks. They won’t tell us anything about it.

When this battle is over … IMO … then you will see Abadi announce a new governor of the CBI.

I’d like Shabibi to be the governor of the CBI … because he is. He was never officially replaced. I just don’t know if he officially wants to come back.

So … who is the governor of the CBI? (Dr. Shabibi … IMO)

Who is the proxy governor of the CBI? (Alak)

Alak was given ONE YEAR as acting governor of the CBI … and that ended Nov. 2, 2015 … so what is he doing there?


IMO – the future CBI governor will have a lot of finesse … highly respected … and when they finally implant the monetary reform … he will be very knowledgeable … very experienced … he will have lots of charisma.

A “jerk” at the helm of the CBI would only be the equivalent of what we’ve already had.

Abadi fought with all of the party members.

Abadi is like a proud rooster … (you don’t mess with him).

It’s hard to “get-along” with Abadi.

If you are a friend of Abadi … and you do something wrong … he would turn you in. He has a lot of integrity.

I like him. The USA seems to like him. Maybe you should too.

There is an article that says that Maliki will resign. That is NOT true.

The articles are just telling you now that they are going into Mosul. LOL – we’ve been in Mosul since last year.

PLEASE pay attention to the price of oil. Everything we told you … month by month … all of that is exactly like what we told you.

A lot of people believe that the price of oil has nothing to do with the IQD.

Let me show you some articles. (Frank showed articles from Wall Street Journal, USA Today)

The GLOBAL STOCKS are starting to rally.

Why is OIL starting to go up?

Raising oil prices PUSHES-UP and price of STOCKS!

They (news articles) are saying that the local currency (IQD) is going to be used to invest in GLOBAL STOCKS. TA DA!!!

When do you plan on doing that? Give me Mosul.

Would the GLOBAL STOCKS happen to be OIL? (yes)


The #1 way that they are telling you that their currency will change is because they talk of it being in INTERNATIONAL markets.

Do you think any market is going to allow them to do that on a program rate? TA-DA!!!
They are describing the terms of ARTICLE 8.

They will use the international trade markets -- (sounds like a float).

If they do FLOAT the IQD … that means that we will be able to use the IQD in an international world! That’s basic economics 101
We said that back in December.

IMO – you know why they are doing this? This is some serious “attitude” on the part of Iraq.
They are now ready to trade in INTERNATIONAL WORLD TRADE MARKETS!

PLEASE pay attention to the articles that WalkingStick brings you.

There is some nonsense about Karbala and Achkem (sp?)

Maliki is NOT retiring. It’s all flack.

Dr. Shabibi is there. Keyword has been replaced … and they don’t even talk about it.

Dr. Shabibi … (drumroll) … is with the DFI’s … and attending all secret meetings along with the CBI. The United Nations and the BIS is also there. They are actually in Kurdistan – but that’s close enough.

What is the BIS doing? LOL – you know what they’re doing. ;

Who else is in the Green Zone, being protected?

Alan Greenspan is in the Green Zone? What’s that dinosaur doing there? I think its all flack. He retired from the Federal Reserve ages ago. IMO – lies. Flat-out lies.

Iraq must stop using MULTIPLE CURRENCIES. They cannot enter an INTERNATIONAL platform using multiple currencies. They’ve got about 3 weeks, I think.

BTW – (LOL) … there is no wall or mote around Baghdad. These are examples of lies that the press is putting out.

That is about the 6th lie the press has put out this week.

DELTA:  The CBI website (Arabic site) they updated the Arabic site and took the 50 dinar note off. The English site is not updated yet.  I got some confirmation on the process to move into Article 8.

There is a high delegation of officials from the World Bank the UN and the BIS coming (or already are in Iraq) – they will be working behind closed doors.

When Iraq follows their instructions from the IMF … and they are approved … it goes to the BIS … and they give the final approval. They then send a letter to the IMF and Iraq that they are approved. Iraq must be completely compliant to Basel III.

They finished the calculations on their math.

We got confirmation … everything is done … everything is ready. Something big is going to happen.

Iraq is very close to showing Article 8 to the world. We don’t have a date/rate, but its coming. They are ready to go. We believe that something good is going to happen. All of these big players will be in Iraq in March.

Remember, a little while ago, the CBI said they are going to issue bonds to locals. We believe it will be a suicidal plan if they don’t change the rate first. Iraqi’s won’t give up there currency without a REAL incentive.

Now … if they change the value … then the citizens won’t feel safe to keep a lot of money in their mattress anymore and they’ll take it to the banks.

FRANK: That’s a very good point!

DELTA: The first time I read the article posted by WalkingStick about the IQD going international (to the stock market) I thought that was really amazing.

FRANK: Yes, I fell off my chair when I saw that. They said they were going to put their currency in a stock into the world’s stock market arena.

DUH! That’s mean they will be INTERNATIONAL.

DELTA – That article really was amazing. This economist writes a lot about the stock market.

They have to find a solution to overcome their financial problems. That solution is to change the value and go international. This is the only way. Iraq is going to surprise the world a lot of people that never would have expected it. This will happen in the still of the night. The ONLY SOLUTION is to change the rate … lift the 3 zeros.

Looks like something really big is about to happen.

I do believe they are done 100%.

I love March because my birthday is March 12th. I hope they are happy for my birthday!

FRANK: Our teams are telling us that we’re going to have to see the battle of Mosul … (not completely) … but secure. Everything seems to be coming together for the end of March. I am leaving at the end of this month. I do thing on purpose WITH a purpose.

DELTA: I believe that we will see a flag in Mosul in March. They are getting really, really close. They have been telling the citizens to prepare and to have courage against ISIS.
They have the support of the UN.

Abadi has the support he needs to eliminate corruption. He loves his country and he is trying his best to make it the very best.

FRANK: You said the IMF has said they have the final numbers?

DELTA: They cannot have corruption (insider trading) going on. Believe me, they are wanting this more than us. Remember … Basel III compliance. I do believe that all of these big players coming to Iraq are coming for a reason. They are not giving us the exact dates.
Winner, winner … chicken dinner!

FRANK: If you move someone like Biden (to Iraq) … you do it in advance … heads of state move way … in advance.

There is something going on.

The price of oil … is following the EXACT PATH I SAID IT WOULD!

Oil is a barometer to the value of currency.

Delta, these articles are phenomenal. Iraq is being cleaned up (sterilized).

DE LTA: We have been so frustrated is watching all of this for years. Remember awhile back … before they would pull the trigger, they would have to eliminate corruption. Article 14 is transitional to move to Article 8. They must be Basel III compliant (which they are).
We are super close … it doesn’t get any better than this.

BTW – when you see the words … “market economy” … that means INTERNATIONAL!

We will have a lot of responsibility after this blessing.

We don’t know the date or the rate … but this time it seems really different.

Wakra Bank – (for those who have accounts). The trustee wasn’t legal. Wakra Bank will be able to go back in business, but may not be until sometime in June. We believe they will give them money to make them come back. Your stock is going to come back. They will announce a meeting. Stay tuned.

FRANK: Let’s see what happens as the battlefield clears. I believe that a “waterfall” of events will occur. Hopefully we will see a new CBI Governor and a new rate. They said they are moving into the next “stage.”

DELTA: Yes. They want to show investors that Iraq is safe with a new internationally traded currency.

We believe that in 2 to 3 weeks, we’ll see the flag fly in Mosul. Everyone wants Iraq to succeed and they want this done ASAP.

In regards to the Amnesty Law – it’s very, very important. It looks like everything has been taken care of and we believe we’ll see it this month.

FRANK: I know they say they are going to pass it … but I think that is already done too.

DELTA: Love you family! I’m crossing my fingers that before you go to Hawaii the rate would change.

FRANK: We really thought they were going to do it last year … and then we saw the IMF’s report saying that they weren’t ready yet. I pray that I get it right this time.

DELTA: Meet you there with a pineapple and coconut drink! See you in Hawaii!!!

FRANK: Let’s see how this plays out with Mosul. IMO … if we see Mosul, you’ll see a lot! The leadership of Abadi is amazing … and wait until you see the new Governor of the CBI!

CC ended in prayer

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