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Last Monday we laid out a foundation of what we are going to do on our conference calls because we are already preparing for our call next Monday.

These 3 gentlemen we talked about yesterday are UNITED … they are one. They won’t publicize that by putting that in the newspaper.

Abadi and the two Holy Men are working almost “militarily” to bring Iraq into an INTERNATIONAL recognized community.

On Monday we show you the report out of India … (which is legitimate) … was powerful.

The reason why INDIA did what they did … in releasing that “white paper” was because they signed a huge deal with IRAQ because they wanted to boast about their new girlfriend (Iraq). We compared this to IRAN. As soon as sanctions were lifted on IRAN … what did they do? They said they were going to lift the value of their currency.

IRAN recognizes that IRAQ gets to go first … and another country will do the same … unless they can stop them. LOL

These 3 gentlemen are becoming the SUPER GLUE that Iraq need to their future.

IMO – the only reason why this is happening is because these 3 gentlemen asked for help from the USA.

Last year … we (USA) slowly started to come over … and now we’ve just about conquered everything.

We have information about #2. [VP - Joe Biden]

I keep things to myself out of respect for whatever that topic may be.

IMO … #2 … is on his way over there.

What’s fascinating is … “#1” … “O” … he can NEVER go over there again.

We got a phone call today … and that’s why I can tell you about #2.

A new experienced GOVERNOR will come forward … (said Abadi) … and he says that “we will no longer use KEYWORDS.”


So #2 … calls for the restructuring of the state owned banks and the inauguration of an EXPERIENCED CBI GOVERNOR.

Abadi wants an EXPERIENCED Governor of the CBI … and no longer KEYWORDS.

Look at your notes. What did we tell you “KEYWORD” meant? Who does that represent in the CBI?

So the IMF … (the powers of 12) … will go over next week (IMO) and see that Iraq is “restructuring” their banks and they will have an inauguration (party) at the CBI to announce the new governor. No kidding!

Biden … how do you know this? Well … we’re the ones making you do this … right? LOL


Meanwhile … 3 presidents of the government … being pushed by Abadi and the other 2 … held a private meeting … talk about “plans.” What plans?

Look at the articles that WS posted.

So Biden called Abadi … tells them that their 3 things … ECONOMY, REFORMS and their FINANCES … it’s looking good and he supports “their plans.”

So the CBI is voting on a new GOVERNOR … they are studying the plans … which were sent to them.

Is this meeting an EMERGENCY?

It is URGENT!!!

It will become an EMERGENCY.

Family … please understand … there is a difference!

Man, if we could hear what the 3 presidents are saying … that would be an intel goldmine. Ain’t no one gonna hear what’s going on in those meetings.

The information will come out SLOWLY … but as you know … IRAQ would get a speeding ticket mowing the lawn! LOL … they just do things sooo slow.

They are talking about the PLAN that is being put into the GOICBI … within their structure of their units … of what they are. They are discussing the reshuffling of the new people. There are a lot of new faces, new people and their talking about that too.

One of the advisors of the 3 presidents … he said in an interview … “today’s meeting will reach positive results of reshuffling that is expected.”


These “plans” that were handed to them from the IMF – brought to you (and the whole internet) by Delta. On the 29th we wanted to see the evidence. They are working on the evidence.

Maliki is trying to mess things up. He is causing problems … (I can’t tell you specifically) … but he’s with the citizens and he wants the demonstrations to turn into a riot. Iraq’s Holy-Men do not want this to happen.

So #2 … calls out of nowhere and says they will pick an “EXPERIENCED governor.”

There is only one EXPERIENCED governor … but I don’t think we’re going to get Dr. Shabibi back – and so be it.

ISIS did NOT invade Baghdad! They did NOT! They ran to Baghdad and gave up!

Then the press tells you that we’ve had special (Delta) forces. We’ve had special forces for a long time.

What is about to happen with a lot of these senior leaders is because they have certain “laws” – so Abadi won’t even have to deal with these types of people. He will be able to deal with these people.

Abadi will now have the power (based on the laws) to hang people.

Hope you enjoyed your conference call.

CC ended in prayer.

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