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Frank26: Family … what are we looking for? 

We’re looking for Mosul!  Nothing else!

In the last 2 weeks … the news has been pretty scarce … in fact,  WalkingStick (WS) has only put out 20 articles in the last 2 weeks – but each one has been a bull’s-eye!
Back in December we told you the LD’s [lower denominations] moved from here to the GZ [Green Zone].

Let’s continue the roadmap … over the next 2 – 3 weeks.

I will be gone for the next few weeks … my Teams will continue to help.

So … how is oil?  Around $42 a barrel today.

We told you that oil was going to fluctuate … and it did.

We are looking for it to peak at $55 a barrel.

It’s not a coincidence that you see oil go up and down.

IMO – oil will see $55 around mid-April.

There are some “Holy Men” in Iraq … and Abadi turned to Sastini … and he got involved … and Sadr got involved too.

There is nothing more powerful than the “religious laws” of Iraq.  That is the law in Iraq right now.
As you know, the demonstration started to become louder and become more organized.
Every Friday … (and other days) … the citizens march towards the Green Zone.  They want the GOI to hurry-up.
UNITY and SECURITY is key.  There is no escape for the corrupt.
The citizens are actually praying at the gates of the Green Zone.

The citizens are not tearing the place apart.
It makes you feel like the citizens know what’s about to happen.
The citizens aren’t going to do anything to jeopardize it either.
The citizens are aware that the IMF and others are there right now.
IMO – every minister … every corrupt one is “leaving” with their families.
Even the US Treasury got involved in listing those involved in corruption.
There are a lot of ANGRY MINISTERS … (which are not into photo ops right now) … LOL!
Iraq’s clerics … if they look mean at you … they refer to it as “STICK-EYE” and they are scared of it.
Religion is VERY powerful over there.
Nearly 300  of these ministers have left.

IMO --- I once said that when all is said and done … only 70 of these ministers will be left.   TA-DA !!!

IMO – once we have Mosul … the Green Zone is going to explode in news … (as in a new rate, new laws, etc).

IMO -- right now … Iraq is under the laws of the US government.  That’s rather profound, isn’t it?

Thousands of citizens have gathered at the gates of the Green Zone.

The clerics now call the shots! 

We [KTFA] said that a long time ago.

Sadr spoke with the citizens and together they are DEMANDING their OIL REVENUE SHARES right now!

(How do you spell H.C.L.?) LOL ...
Remember … the day that you see the H.C.L. – you will see everything else!
The clerics are pushing the Judiciary and the Prosecution system of the courts to deal with the corrupt officials inside of the GOI that have existed between the years 2003 to 2016.
What about 2017?    LOL … that’s kinda important … isn’t it family?  I can’t tell you anything more than that. You’ve got to figure that out yourself.  IMO 

Sadr can get all of the “champion credit” he wants for the H.C.L. … because IMO … this is the end!

The corrupt don’t exist anymore.  The citizens will finally get what they’ve been expecting.
The citizens will not leave until the corruption stops!
The problem with Iraq from entering Article 8 is because the citizens are in a battle with the GOICBI.
They want to do things their way … in using multiple currencies.
The Governor of the CBI is confirming that they have a “deviation” of the parallel markets away from the USD.  That is another Article 8 requirement.  In the end, the IQD will be the only currency.
In the next 2-3 weeks … what the citizens want is what they will get … by the power of their religion.
On our Team Chat last Friday … one Team member told us to “GET READY” because they should be keeping quiet about something they are going to do.  Congrats to Purifiers who posted the news article when it came out.   The WSJ (dated March 18th (Friday) … “Global Currencies Soar – Defying Central Bankers”  … LOL … can I say “TA-DA!!!!”  This is amazing!

How defiant are Central Banks around the world that they won’t obey?
They want to keep the value of their currencies low so they can take advantage of other countries.
As a student of the IQD … what do you see? 
We have a lot of changing of ministers … changing … firing … running … disappearing.
ISIS are self-professed cannibals.  They now kill those who won’t fight.
LAWS – you see them.  They talk about them.  They’re just hiding. 
The important LAWS you seek … well … 45 days is coming to an end … (while Frank is away).
Is MOSUL liberated?  Do you see a flag over one of its banks?
Within the banks in Mosul … ISIS rigs money markets.  We know that – that’s why we need those banks back!
Once we have Mosul … IMO … ISIS will be gone … they will attack in other places.
The citizens have been “surviving” for the last 13 years … bartering and borrowing to get by.
Four weeks ago … IMO … is the main reason for the delay.  Look at your notes.

Frank26: Soon … there will be NO unlicensed exchange centers – because they need to enter Article 8 … and the clerics will help the citizens understand that.

ABADI – he froze the assets of the corrupt officials within the GOI and CBI.  All of the money that was stolen from the auctions that was sent to other countries … Iraq will be getting that money back.

Warrants have been issued for the corrupt.

Abadi announced for international experts to come in to help with the private sector.

Adadi also has international experts help to fight corruption.  An Envoy if you will.

By the way … the demonstrators are CHEERING and PRAYING for ABADI and the IRAQI ARMY!!!

Abadi also handed-over “… the INTERNATIONAL COALITION the responsibility and security of the capitol of Baghdad.”
That is HUGE!  Why would Abadi do that … especially with special dignitaries coming.  What else is in the GN being protected?

All of those “important people” coming over to dinner in April … hummm!

IMO – the only place where a spark of criticism could attack Iraq would be within the GOI … [think Maliki] … could that be another reason why … well …

IMO … we (the US Military) – we’re the boss!

AUCTIONS – have you seen that the auctions are only 70 or 80 million with just a few banks?  IMO … these auctions are melting away because of the elimination of corruption.

Soon … the CBI will have a new way of making money.  (Bonds, investors, citizens)

The WTO already has 10 reforms … (including State Owned Enterprises) … WOW!   See WS articles … “transparency warns of manipulation regardless of the dollar.”

In other words … be careful … (wink, wink, wink) … shut up [countries that are set to change currency rates].
Have you heard Iran “talk” lately?  LOL
All hell is going to break loose when we get Mosul … and then they can talk all they want.
That give me CHILLS just thinking about it!

“A global market heads upward for this coming week.”  Humm. LOL, LOL, LOL!!!! 
MountainMan – hum … what do you think MountainMan?
There’s a lot of loose-lips out there, don’t you think?
This is the EVIDENCE of things HOPED for … and not yet seen.
Corrupt powers within the DAWA party are disappearing!
I will see you in two weeks.
If I need to communicate with you, I will.
Our Teams will carry on!
Give me Mosul … and a waterfall of things will come out to “talk” – especially concerning the monetary reform.
From Tues-Fri … Abadi gave a speech to the citizens about 3 arrests that he made for the citizens benefit.
Three major ISIS leaders were killed in the area.
We only pay attention to the battlefield from now until … whenever.
One of these men was killed while he was in a media center in the middle of Mosul.
How much longer do we have to wait for Iraq to pay for the war … for Executive Order 13303?
We created the problem family.  Initially, we put Saddam Hussein in there.  Then Maliki … and the citizens really questioned it.  But what have I told you about where do you keep your enemies?  (As close to you as possible).  History will teach these things to you someday.
The citizens went across the borders of the Green Zone … they went inside.  (IMO)
The demonstrators are everywhere … peacefully.

Did you know that the GZ [Green Zone] is international?  The Embassy is “international.” 

Let me leave you with something very important.
#1 – IMO … on the 17th of March, WS put out a compilation … but most walked right over it.  IOO there are two very large, international supply companies that provide and distribute supplies to Iraq. 

On the 27th of March, the rate numbers will change inside of their stores. 

I’m not telling you that is not the day that they will change the rate – it’s just the day that the supplier picked.  We’re not sure why.
#2 – IMO … on the 17th of March (again) … WS gave you another article that was walked over … I think most thought it was an old article.  The article said that the IMF told the governor of the CBI that they were going to lend them 15 Billion American dollars.  A few days ago … another article … the CBI governor said that the international committee is going to loan the CBI money to maintain their exchange rate … to “fix it” … while they get by as they prepare to exchange their exchange rate. 

When they raise the value of their currency, it will NOT solve all of their problems.  Whatever they choose (money wise) – that rate must be supported.

In our opinion … this is the back-up of their currency … and the 15 Billion is only to start it.
I’d like to tell you about 80 Billion too … but I’ve run out of time.

This “backing” … once we have Mosul … a revaluation of the IQD is

I would highly, highly, highly recommend that you LOOK again … March 20th by WS #171 … titled “Dollar and the Dinar Again.”  Please read that and look once again at the transparency.
CC ended in prayer.

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