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FrostytheSnowman; HIGHLIGHTS MONDAY NIGHT CC   14 MARCH 2016

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Frank26:  The US is done interviewing the chemical warfare ISIS official. 

What you see in the news … most of it is OLD NEWS … (usually 2 weeks old) … that’s why you don’t see much being posted by WalkingStick.

It’s possible that Abadi will do some announcing this Wednesday.  We were hoping he would have done it last Friday. 

Abadi is talking about the corrupt ministers.

I think it was Thursday of last week … IRAN and IRAQ … (the Siamese twins) … one is louder than another.

IRAN went in to get a credit rating report.   Finch, Moody … the same rating companies/agencies that rated IRAQ.

So … does IRAN have their credit rating?  (Not yet) … they will get it from the same agencies that Iraq did.

IRAN’s credit rating may be higher due to the fact that they don’t have to redo the government, repair war torn cities, bridges, roads, and terrorism, etc.

Yet … American best still won’t mess with IRAN’s currency.

Are you EAGER to raise the value of your currency IRAN?  (Yea … DUH!)

You know that you’re supposed to wait for IRAQ … right?  (Yea … IRAN’s been waiting)

IRAN passed the Anti-Money Laundering Law … just like IRAQ.

That law will allow them to prosecute and execute corrupt people.

Maliki is in our possession.

IRAN reports that the reason why Maliki did NOT want to give any money to the Kurds was because he was stealing 3 MILLION BARRELS of OIL a DAY which was being sent to ISIS … and Maliki got a cut out of that.

Have you noticed that IRAN and IRAQ’s auctions have been really low lately?

IRAN needs to be silent … or the rest of their sanctions won’t be lifted.

IRAN sent 1 Million barrels of oil to Europe last week.  So … what was the price for the barrels of oil?  Humm.  See if you can help us find out.  If we had the manifest … that would be important to us.

Do you think that IRAN is going to WAIT for IRAQ?

Do you think that the VIETNAMESE DONG will wait?  China will not help them.

Vietnam looks to the USA for help … and today, they are exploding in growth.

I told you about the new type of sugar that is going to come out of Vietnam.

Vietnam DONG … are you going to wait for IRAQ?

Some people speculate if they will be able to “double-dip”

We don’t know if that will be possible … or possible.

Each country … each currency in each basket FIGHTS for itself!

So … it is “all for one, and one for all?”  Well … let’s just see who get in their first.

Imagine a marathon … thousands of runners … and in the front are the elite runners.  In the last 5 miles … about 10 of those runners have broken-away from the pack … all racing to cross the finish line first.

Will a basket of currencies come out together … or alone?  We don’t know.

Based on our studies … each of these countries is trying to win.

IRAN and VIETNAM were in a long-line.  I’m beginning to think that they may have jumped out of line and they are all out to win.

 It doesn’t really matter.  If one goes off … they all trigger to go off right after each other (chain-reaction).

My teams see a different attitude now.  Our teams are like leopards.  We are very “spot-on.”  We believe that one of these currencies is going to go off very soon.

We were hoping that Abadi would tell us (the media) about the RESHUFFLE last Friday.  Well … perhaps this Wednesday.

We hope that Abadi will tell us about Mahadi (a former vice-president) may be a candidate for the minister of finance.
Zabari needs to be removed.  He’s a crook who doesn’t want to admit that he did wrong.  He’s not qualified. 

Tonight, Delta is going to talk to you about FATCA.  It was an announcement made on the CBI website – (Arabic website).

FATCA is a fact of life.  Why would our country want to make other countries share financial information about people?  FATCA started in the USA and was introduced country by country.

The CBI has made an agreement with the USA. 

IRAQ already has a SWIFT code system.

It would NOT be wise to be ignorant of the FATCA LAWS.

How much does the US Government want you to pay (taxes)?

When you do an exchange … you may not see taxes based on an “exchange” … but as an American citizen … do not insult your country by not paying your taxes!  I don’t know what the laws are (or will be) … and I don’t know what they will call it.   (Capital gain or an Exchange).  Our government doesn’t know yet either.

Why do they now prepare for us with FATCA?

If you want to see something & study something … pay attention to what DELTA has to say.

Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday … I turned 46 … but I still feel like I’m 19.
iTeam told me to look on the CBI website because they were expecting something to show up.

On the Arabic side of the CBI website … they took off the 50 Dinar Note and the coins.

New law posted shows prison term for anyone caught counterfeiting IQD.

FATCA was approved a while ago and was created so that people won’t try to hide money off-shore.

There are about 4 to 5,000 investors in Wakra Bank … with FATCA in place, that will stop tax evasion and money laundering.

You may not have to pay taxes until you move (EXCHANGE) IQD’s into USD’s.

There will NO WAY around FATCA.

I advise … pay your taxes and do the right thing.

When IRAQ gets out of Chapter 8 … IRAQ will see a ton of investors.

Right now, if you wanted to open a WAKRA account … you must have at least $100,000 or you can NOT open one.

IRAQ will have a minimum requirement for banking.

I don’t believe that any law is missing.  If there was something left …  a lot of these government officials are going to look stupid.

We feel it’s very significant that Jabouri told the governor of the CBI that it’s time to start the monetary reform. 

The only way to do that is to raise the rate (increase the value).

One other confirmation we got … if IRAQ wasn’t safe … there is NO WAY that Jabouri would have told the governor of the CBI to start the monetary reform.

So … what’s the hold-up?

Remember … the mid-eastern mentality is different than the west.  They just move slower.
We really do believe that something is going to happen!


I do my best to try and educate the family about the mid-eastern mind-set

For those who know TINA FEY … (Frank showed an autographed picture to KTFA members of Tina Fey)

Tina Fey (actress) is in a movie … [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – (rated R)] … is very graphic movie – do NOT take your young children to this movie … but it will show you what life is like over there.

We are very blessed to have DELTA help us translate the articles.

It’s interesting that the CBI is slowly and methodically being put up in Arabic … and not English.  Why?

There is also something else on the CBI website.  They say that there is an IMPLEMENTATION of their NATIONAL RECONCILATION [Power Sharing].


That’s a good point.  That is really, really important.  It’s a message to the INVESTORS that everything is ready.  

IRAQ’s goal is to defeat ISIS and grow economically.

Abadi knows who is corrupt. 

The Iraq people want a solution now!

Whatever they are doing right now is because it’s for the people of Iraq.


Check this out Delta.

iTeam is now telling us that Abadi is now engaging the Holy Man (Sastini) to get more involved.  It appears that the National Alliance party is pushing-back … so we may see Sastini get more involved very soon.

Abadi is cleaning house TOP to BOTTOM … he is not fearful at all.


Sastini is very well respected

The 45 days we talked about earlier … we believe will end March 28th.

In the next 24 hours we are expecting an announcement about the BONDS.

The bonds will come out 1.5 Trillion Dinars.  Very interesting.  Remember, they kept extending the date because no one was buying them.

If they value the bonds around 6% … it will attract investors.

Watch what happens in the next 24-48 hours.

If they increased the value of their currency … it will be very interesting to see what happens with the bonds.

Will they make the same mistake they did last time?

If they change the rate … Iraqi’s won’t feel safe about leaving their currency under their mattresses.


Did you see the amount of the bonds?  1.5 Trillion Dinar

That’s 1.5 Billion USD worth.

If they raise the value … and make it attractive for the citizens to buy the bonds … they will be gone in the matter of weeks.

WALL STREET JOURNAL article … Many countries are BRAGGING about their BONDS … rate hikes are coming!

We told you … we are looking for Mosul.  You haven’t seen it yet, have you?

IMO – based on what DELTA and I know … both of us will have to be VERY CAREFUL as to what we will be allowed to share from now on.


The CBI needs to move very fast.
We are on the verge of something happening.

The IMF is not going to lie to us.  We know the time is drawing close.

Read the notes from last time.

God bless you all!


We have the 3 Musketeers who want to say something.  (BackDoc, ThunderHawk and Pappa J)

THUNDERHAWK:  One thing we were looking at was India.  We know they mentioned the Iraqi Dinar.  All of the infrastructure going into India.  Where did they get all of this money from?  Do they have a large reserve of dinar? 

BACKDOC:  Just coming back from having the flu – thanks for your prayers.  With the situation in India – they are bragging … something perhaps in their treasury.  You certainly have to wonder when they are bragging about their business deals.  This whole week, I’ve been so impressed with the articles from WalkingStick and ThunderHawk.  The whole world seems to have an attitude of CHANGE. 

Christine Legard EXPECTS some type of IMPLEMENTION.  It just seems like they are going to change something.  Perhaps that’s the dropping of a small pebble into the pond.  I don’t think you can have a huge disparity between these countries … especially with the timing … otherwise we (investors) would be going crazy in buying them.  You can always take it to the bank what the IMF says.  We have great expectations!   The end of the fiscal year for India is the 31st of March. 

THUNDERHAWK:  The “deals” that are being put together are huge.  How is all of this possible without some sort of “buying power.”  It’s very suspicious

BACKDOC:  The timing … the “implementation” – interesting time to watch … the 22nd to the 31st.   We see all kinds of countries preparing for something. 

THUNDERHAWK:  They are specifically asking for “implementation” in Asia.

BACKDOC:  And they are asking for a “policy” – which in our opinion means a rate change.  We are hoping to see more articles.  We are expecting to see this go into June if we don’t see something soon.  We are studying it … trying to do the best for you.

THUNDERHAWK:  The news between IRAN and IRAQ is amazing.  Now add in the EU factor … even the Queen of England said that a BREXIT would be beneficial.
The other side of the coin is with the American Dollar.  The FEDS are thinking of raising rates.  The USD is not looking too good right now.

BACKDOC:  You know you are in an ASSET BACKED CURRENCY (IQD).  IMO -- I would hate to see someone lose some or all if you exchanged into something that is NOT securitized.     We all have bills and debts that we want to get rid of.  Just realize what you are swapping for.  We are about to enter a new reality.  In the future, it will be country against country as they “team-up” with each other and against each other in the TPP.  If you go against the TPP rules … (like India did – you will get slapped).  The WTO will be ENFORCERS in the future. 


Let me leave you with this thought.

Very soon there will be an agreement between IRAQ and IRAN.  I guess you could say that it’s already started … but wait until you see it.

One more thing … this comes from a UK source.  Apparently Russia is pulling its troops out of Syria.  This “pull-out” will commence tomorrow.  Could this be because Assad and Putin are angry with each other?  Nah.

We believe that Russia will pull out their troops … so  that they can put them back in as “peace-keepers.”

Something is up … based on this pull-out.  I can’t tell ya … you’ll have to figure it out.

Again … from now on … DELTA and I [Frank26] will have to be very careful in what we can share.

Here is our schedule from now until APRIL.

MARCH 15th -- I will be with you at 7PM EST for BIBLE STUDY – I will be presenting it to you.

We will NOT be with you this Wednesday or Thursday.

On FRIDAY – there will NOT be a Team Chat.  I will be speaking in Cleveland.

On the 21st of March (Monday) – I will be with you

On the 22nd of March … AggieDad will be doing your Bible Study

Nothing on that Wednesday or Thursday

On the 28th … the 3 Musketeer’s will be doing the Monday CC.

On the 29th – Aggie will do the Bible Study

On the 4th of April … I will be back for that Monday CC.

We are going to Hawaii with our grandchildren.  We are very excited!

CC ended in prayer.

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